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About Silver… Can You Help Me Out?

by David Morgan, Silver-investor:

At the risk of sounding defensive, I wish to address a recent letter we received through our Free E-Letter Service. This letter was addressed to me on January 4, 2017. From my perspective it seems that this was someone who was unwilling to take responsibility for their own actions. It is my considered opinion that many people have been taught a victim mentality, which means they have little to no control over their own lives and everything that “happens” to them is because of something beyond their control. Here is the letter…

Dear David Morgan,

I have been following your videos on YouTube since 2010.
Not only have I been following you but others like: Mike Maloney, SGTReport,drutter, etc.

I invested into Silver between 2010 and August 2011…..needless to say, I have been hurtholding this Metal.

If I would have been a little more open minded, I would have gone ALL IN on Bitcoin.
Had I done so, i would not be going to the FOOD BANK on a weekly basis as I am now.

Care to help me out?

My initial thought is he could not have been following me very closely or with any real conviction since 2010, because I have been responsible for placing into the public domain, so that everyone who decides to invest in silver can read – and heed -– The Ten Rules of Silver Investing.

These rules are found in “The Global-Investor Book of Investing Rules,” which includes tactics, strategies and insights relied on by 150 of the world’s most respected financial experts. They are revealed in a concise, digestible form. In order to be a successful silver investor it is imperative that you stay current with what is happening in the market and with the most current investment strategies.

Going straight to the last and most important, Rule 10, page 303 in the book shown:

10. More than 10 percent is too much of a good thing.

No matter how good the market looks-or how worried you are about the future of civilized society-you must always remember that silver should make up only a small portion of a well-diversified portfolio. I recommend committing no more than 10 percent of the average portfolio to silver-regardless of how strong you feel about the potential of the metals markets.

As printed in The Book of Investing Rules pages 301-303

Later I increased this to twenty percent as I correctly forecast the first incursion into Iraq and stated publically in San Francisco at a major investment conference, that the allocation could be increased to 20 percent.

Again, let us question if the author of the letter to me really spent time seriously looking into my work. Secondly, and this is a “touchy area” for both me and the public at large, which means those who are paid members get all our research and look at my specific trades. Had this individual been a premium member he would know…

I put a SELL at the TOP OF THE SILVER MARKET in 2011!!

That is correct. Had this person really been following TheMorgan Report closely, then he would have had access to the fact that we were selling at the top and not buying. The reason this issue is “touchy” is what I call the “Internet mentality”, which is an imaginary place where those connected folks are supposed to get everything and anything they wish for absolutely free. My sell recommendation was designed for our members to sell all speculative positions, all leveraged positions, and hold their core positions with a hedge in place.

Bear in mind, that in many of the interviews that I was doing as the silver market really accelerated in early 2011 I publically cautioned – again and again – that if you had to buy silver at a price above $30 USD please –DO NOT BUY ALL YOU WANT. I encouraged people to wait and see, as the market was getting overheated, overbought, and too frothy. Further, my experience was that the COMEX would start to increase margin requirements to “cool” the silver market. Indeed, this did take place just as anticipated.

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1 comment to About Silver… Can You Help Me Out?

  • Stefan

    No David, No one who has invested in the precious metals is going to validate you. All you news letter writers have been screaming from the roof tops Gold and Silver to the MOON!!!! Wheeee. Back in 2010 or 11, I posted on a wall everyone’s predictions for Gold and it was even hedged to include a 2 year window. Higher Prices were all over the map for the immediate term and a 2 year hedge. Every name in the business threw their 2 cents worth of prediction into the ring.

    Ya know what?

    Every one of you gurus was dead wrong!!! Yes David, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!

    The truth is, none of you know your butt from your elbow, and that includes your sage, no more than 10% allocation advice. You guys like to claim how you made the correct call, all the time, and everyone who listens is so much better off for listening to your crap.

    Here is the real deal. A blind squirrel finds a nut occasionally. Even, the head blind squirrel, Bo Baloney, is going to log a win one of these days. We all know, from a market perspective, nothing is real, and yet folks should consider you reliable? Really!? How are you any different than any one else giving advice? You’re no different.

    Another fact we all know, is this unsustainable monetary trajectory we are on, is beginning to wear thin and cracks are everywhere. Now, in a most likely case of unbelievable irony, as this fiat madness crumbles down, and the metals make their history validated move, all you gurus will be taking victory laps, and making more claims.

    Here is a question for you David, How are you going to answer all the pissed off clients who might feel they missed the opportunity of a lifetime by limiting their exposure to 10%? LOL

    It is, and always has been, Fear vs Greed, and you do not know anything more or are any more insightful than anyone else. But you and all the other Gurus did excite the masses and personal decisions were made. I think it is you who does not want to bear any responsibility. Personally, my wife and I, are 100% invested in Precious Metals and that is our decision. As for the individual who wrote to you, he has a point. Rather than, be a weasel, man up David and admit your time line prognostications are invalid, but encourage the man with the truth about supply, demand, and energy concerning the metals. And, for the thousandth time explain why holding the metals is still a good idea.

    Anything less than that and you are just a scared little weasel, shirking your past writings. Nobody was right, but metal is still the average guy’s best bet.

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