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A Scotsman’s View of Globalism -or- Or How a Guy with Red Hair Becomes President

by David Haggith, The Great Recession Blog:

The following is a guest editorial from one of The Great Recession Blog‘s faithful readers who prefers to simply go by his pseudonym “Auldenemy.” I wanted to share it here because it offers observations from the UK — the first nation to exit the EU — that closely parallel the immigration issues that fueled Donald Trump’s victorious anti-globalist campaign in the US.

Hillary Clinton pushed and pushed Obama into regime change in Libya. What has that achieved? Libya has no coherent government, only tribal factions slugging it out with bullets, torture and blackmail. It has also become the gateway for endless thousands of young, mainly Muslim, African men to make their way to a financially bankrupt Europe. What jobs will mainly non-educated young African men get in Southern Europe where unemployment among the young, indigenous populations of Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal ranges between 39 to 50%? So of course they, then, try to get to Northern Europe, but even Northern Europe has high levels of youth unemployment and huge levels of national debt.

How can these countries provide the poor and war torn of the world with housing and benefits for years if not most of their lives. Of the over 1 million Syrian refugees who made it to Germany last year, only 34,000 are in employment. So even mighty, worker-hungry Germany with its ageing population is subsidising hundreds of thousands of Syrians. Female Muslims are expected to reproduce in high numbers. What exactly is Germany going to look like in a future where its indigenous population is constantly shrinking while its Muslim population is constantly growing?

50% of primary schools in Holland are now made up of Muslim children. The curriculum has had to be dumbed down because many Muslim children — even second and third generation — speak little to none of the language of their adopted country. I myself at one point taught Muslim children in Glasgow who were deemed, ‘Special Needs’ but whom I quickly discovered were in fact struggling at school because they spoke little English. (Some had mothers who spoke not a word of English.)

In a recent survey, 74% of British Muslims wish to be ruled by Sharia Law. The proportion of those wanting this is highest among young, second-and-third-generation Muslim men. So we have many Muslims born in the UK and educated here who identify only with a Stone-Age, female-repressing religion that by its very nature cannot operate by being democratic. And, yet, the media focuses only on Muslims who have integrated into Western society, ignoring completely the majority who do, indeed, live here peacefully but completely despise Western culture.

Trump raised these valid immigration issues, and the neo-liberal establishment of the West and all their fellow rich luvvies like George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Bob Geldoff, etc., went crazy. What was not allowed to be said by anyone in a position of power … was said … and that is why so many Americans, sick and tired of the status-quo, cosy, corrupt set-up between Banksterville, big Corp. world, politicians and the media voted for Trump.

The Polish contribution to UK immigration overrun

Poland loves the EU because it has received endless billions in subsidies (paying for a much better transport system etc) while putting nothing into the EU other than sending its youth unemployment to Britain! Yes, big Corp. world loves cheap Polish labour, but 3 million Poles now living in the UK in a matter of years has contributed to our out of control immigration, in turn causing the worst housing crisis since WWII, over-crowded schools, a bucking NHS (which the BBC blames solely on our aging population but never mentions the fact that we have the highest population in our history, despite our indigenous birth rate shrinking for decades).

If all immigration was stopped tomorrow, the UK will still be the most highly populated country in Europe, per our land mass, by 2050. So how does any country keep sustaining uncontrolled immigration? It is simply impossible. If a country is over run by immigration then at some point it turns into exactly the same shXt holes these poor people are fleeing. How does that make the world a better place?

So non entity, Polish Donald Tusk (by the way known in Poland for corruption and possible involvement in the murder of the ex-president in a suspicious plane crash), struts on the EU stage and has the nerve to threaten this country with trade tariffs. This after Britain, ill-prepared and loathing the thought of another generation lost to an industrial scale war, went to war with Hitler specifically because he had invaded Poland. So much for loyalty!

The insidious invasion of the German superstate

I see NO loyalty in the EU. All I see is a vast, out-of-control, bureaucratic dictatorship mainly run by Germany and an old, unelected alcoholic, Jean Claude Juncker who drivels and rants about a borderless superstate, with one Federal government (which of course will be run mainly by Germany), and an EU Army (welcome to the Fourth Reich!).

The EU should never have grown beyond being a trading alliance. All of Europe was conned! When did Europeans get to vote for a trading alliance to turn itself into a borderless superstate run by Germany??? Is that why my own father, joining up aged only 17, went through five years of seeing death and destruction? Is that why his 27-year-old brother, who loathed the prospect of war and killing but bravely did his duty, joined up and was killed? NO!

And that rapidly increasing barrage of globalization is why Trump is about to be President. I wish it wasn’t Trump but that shows you how desperate folk are getting to be rid of this fake neo-liberalism which has infested the West. Anyone who speaks out against it is, at best, derided as ‘”ignorant.” (The Guardian, The Independent, The BBC, and Channel 4 News have claimed endlessly that Brexit voters are, “uneducated.”) God forbid the “ignorant masses” should be allowed to decide the future of their countries.

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