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A Discussion of The Dollar, Gold and Chinese Liquidity with Paul Mylchresst

by Turd Ferguson, TF Metals Report:

We’ve regularly published Paul Mylchreest’s insightful analysis for about as long as there has been a TFMR. Whether his work is written independently or for his employer, ADM ISI in London, Paul consistently sees things that few others in the investment world notice and he writes with a clarity that everyone can understand. As you might imagine, it was a tremendous pleasure when, earlier this week, we finally had an opportunity to connect for a podcast.

First of all, let me just state that you are definitely going to want to listen to every minute of this discussion. In fact, many of you will likely end up listening to it more than once! Over the course of these forty minutes, Paul and I:

Begin by discussing gold
From there we transition into the close correlation we’ve seen between Comex Digital Gold and the USDJPY
We then discuss how and why this correlation exists
Which leads us to a discussion of the US dollar and its impact on the emerging markets
Paul then explains what a “global dollar shortage” is and how it comes about
Paul speculates that dollar liquidity may be the only remaining market force that the Central Banks cannot control

And from there, the conversation logically circles back around the USDJPY and Comex Digital Gold.

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