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2017 Prediction-Whole Bottom Will Fall Out-Charles Nenner

from Greg Hunter:

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    • Sayldog

      Another guy that expects us to believe that our nation has been blessed since it has been supporting the nation/state of Israel. Since it’s inception we have been blessed with the removal of all things Jesus from the civic domain, radical feminism, LGBTQ extremism, socialist/communist academia, radical Islam, ever more divisive racism, the loss of any semblance of sound money along with ever increasing debt, loss of a free press, entertainment media that fosters and glorifies violence/sex/debauchery, the destruction of the family unit, a body politic infected with international lobbies, the loss of a manufacturing base, a surveillance/police state, and overall loss of liberty and freedoms.
      I don’t know how many more blessings we can stand.
      Maybe it’s just coincidence.
      Maybe it’s because we, in spite of the Word of God instructing us to do otherwise, have gotten real cozy with an entire nation of people who deny Christ Jesus (at best).


    Sayldog, well said I concur!

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