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Keith Neumeyer, the CEO of First Majestic Silver Corp returns to dissect the documented manipulation of the silver market in 2016, and the road ahead. As we post this interview, the stated US debt is on the cusp of $20 Trillion, Bitcoin just surpassed $1,025 yet silver sits around $16. But the hard numbers outlined at US Debt show that the REAL silver price in today’s dollars should be $1,005/ounce. Only the clear and present manipulation of the precious metals is keeping them from reaching Bitcoin’s heights. We also get an update from Keith on Silver One Resources, First Mining Finance and First Majestic Silver.

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118 comments to 2 OF THESE #’s ARE REAL: $20 TRILLION US DEBT, $1,025 BITCOIN, $1,005 SILVER, $9,096 GOLD

  • dan w

    More salt. Monero, the number 5 cryptocurrency in terms of marketcap, has just hit parody with silver. This time last year it was around 45 cents.

    • thinking outside the matrix

      I tried to warn the masses.

      • Eric

        Digging this interview a lot. Very informative. Thanks.

        Keith is the best.

        Bitcoin is salt in the wound. lol. Not to me.

        I’ll consider that as I pickup some shares of Silver One this week and wait for my 100 oz. Johnson Matthey bar to arrive and the US Dollar to die.

        “The sorrow for the dead is the only sorrow from which we refuse to be divorced. Every other wound we seek to heal – every other affliction to forget: but this wound we consider it a duty to keep open – this affliction we cherish and brood over in solitude.” -Washington Irving

        • Eric

          Sean, get a beer. You’ve earned it. I would recommend a Stella Artois belgium style.

          Silver is HONEST money. Told you guys. This is how we win…

      • Carlos

        I agree with you.Great video by the way. All major banks and central banks are developing their own block chain technology. Doug Casey agrees with us. The big draw for people will be to be able to do private transactions as well as avoid bail-ins and negative interest rate charges on deposits, and convert soon to be obsolete notes into something of value outside the bank. The immediate pay-off for the early adopters will be the massive rise in the value of bitcoin and other cripto-currencies early on. It reminds me of the early days of the bubble in 1995 where you could make a fortune speculating on worthless startups in a very short period of time. Indeed they are herding the masses into the cripto-currencies so they can get their cashless society. Just like the internet stocks you will have to bail out once the consolidation starts to occur. There is really are no barriers to entry and there will be a shit load of currencies to pick from. It should prove interesting how the globalists plan on eliminating the competition once there is no cash available. Once it is all electronic they will go to the implanted chip system which has been their plan all along. Your basic mark of the Beast technology completed for you Bible people.

    • Larry from montreal

      Is that a Freudian slip? Parody for parity? Is it equal or does it just seem to be?

  • thinking outside the matrix

    I made this video in 2015. Bitcoin is no accident. The masses will follow once the price rises dramatically.

    • Eric

      Central Banks are not going to hold Bitcoin.

      I was thinking about replacing the Gold crowns in my teeth with Bitcoin fillings. Can you direct me to the nearest dentist that has Bitcoin fillings?

      • thinking outside the matrix

        You are always wrong Eric. You’ve never made a good call. You have no cred on here.

        • Eric

          Oh really? Like what? Perhaps you could be more specific.

          First Majestic Silver (AG) which last quarter had total production of 4.5 million silver equivalent ounces consisting of 3.1 million ounces of silver, 14,452 ounces of gold, 8.0 million pounds of lead and 1.5 million pounds of zinc outperformed the US Dollar price of Bitcoin in 2016.

          Tell me. What is the current fair market VALUE of 1 one Bitcoin?

      • thinking outside the matrix

        Great response. If you can’t put it in your mouth then it’s not of value. Ridiculous!

        • Eric

          Do you know the difference between PRICE and VALUE?

        • Ed_B

          Don’t we hear people proclaiming, “You can’t eat gold!” all the time? As if only that which can be eaten has value. Hardly.

          • glitter 1

            Your comment reminded me of the statement my co-worker said to me and I’ve said it here before: I told my co-worker he should buy Gold.His response was Why, “You Can’t Eat Gold”! No, you have to convert it back to paper currency first then you can spend it on a steak dinner! DUH!
            It was a short time after 2001 where his Lucent stock lost him 100K. You can’t eat stocks either,which also must be converted back to paper currency in order to eat that steak dinner.
            If he had sold his Lucent in 2000/1 and taken that 100K and bought Gold,over the next 10 years he would have increased his holding by 600-700%.Bottom line,you can’t eat what you don’t have!

            • Eric

              “No, you have to convert it back to paper currency first then you can spend it on a steak dinner! DUH!”

              “Bottom line,you can’t eat what you don’t have!”

              Indeed. But just to make it clear. My point wasn’t that you can’t eat Gold or you can’t eat Bitcoin. Or that it has to be able to go in the mouth in order to have value. My point was that central banks are not going to hold Bitcoin as reserves and that Bitcoin is not going to replace Gold because Bitcoin does not have any non-monetary utility whereas Gold and Silver do. They always have and always will. There is no Bitcoin “jewelry” because we live in a real world that requires real assets. You can’t do anything else with Bitcoin besides trade it, spend it, save it, virtual mine it or look at it on a screen.

              Bitcoin has perceived value. Not intrinsic value or utility like Gold, Silver, Copper, Corn, Ethanol, Oil, Uranium, etc. etc.

              • glitter 1

                You and I are on the same page relative to Gold and Silver.

                “Only Gold is Money,everything else is credit” – JP Morgan

                I have to confess,I really don’t know anything/much about BTC except for what is written here and other locations.It never interested me because I see through it,IMO anyway.I don’t trust it and it’s origins.The Masses usually will follow the latest fad(s)/red herring(s).
                BTC may work out serving some use,however IMO the jury is still out,especially if the economy(s) suffer extremes/collapse,which may be under way as seen in Venezuela,India and others.We are being herded towards digital for a reason,some see it coming,others don’t/won’t and still others could care less and see it as advantageous.I mean,if you watched Aaron Russo’s Movie and interview with AJ,how can you not see what is happening.They are destroying currencies to push towards a single World Currency,which they announced in 1988,which should serve to send/cement the message that their plan(s) are decades in the making.This WC will most likely wind up being digital,which should scare the crap out of thinking individuals.
                In the end,I want something physical to hold in my hand and pass on to my children and grandchildren.Too many are relying on their technology,which can be interrupted, to carry them through.
                Here in Central NJ during Hurricane Sandy,cell phones and cable were OOS for over a week,by the third day panic was setting in.No Gas,No Traffic Lights,No Super Markets,No Banks, No Cell Phones.
                In the end Physical will Trump Virtual.You can’t live in a Virtual House,you can’t drive/travel in a virtual car,you can’t eat/live on virtual food.Why/How is Money any different.

                • Eric

                  I agree. Physical will Trump Virtual in the end.

                  I see no point in paying cash for bitcoin for as long as I can use the same cash to purchase Physical Silver and Storable Food. All one really needs to know is that it is a scam. Easy to buy, difficult to sell. There are no shortages of sellers of bitcoins. However, the US Dollar is a much larger scam and in this US Dollar denominated economy, bitcoin should function as long as people are willing to accept it for value. Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone in my PHYSICAL life that is so it has no use for me. No reason to complicate things more than they already are. I do not expect the US Dollar to go to zero. Essentially it already has. But I see no reason there will not be a functioning US currency either digital or paper in the US and around the globe. The other 99.9999% of my savings I have and will continue to direct into real PHYSICAL assets like PHYSICAL Gold and PHYSICAL Silver. When the premiums rise too much I may purchase a new vehicle instead.

      • mike

        When you go up to visit the Krell (He likes being surrounded by testicles) in the human wasteland known as the Canada, just go to the dentist..You cant get a btc filling in your teeth but you can get a gold filling for BTC…Or something that looks a little better/ natural? I didnt really think you were a gold tooth hood rat Rapper but who knows. Your just a digital representation here on the comments section.

        There are dentist in the US as well that take BTC now as well….But they dont take silver.

        • mike

          Erica the Rapper..I just had to stoop to meme lol.

          • Eric

            So your girlfriend is a gypsy? Makes a lot of sense.

              • mike

                You need to work on your rhymes if your gonna make it as a gold tooth rapper Those were some terrible rhymes.

                ” The Gold crowns are strong as shit and much stronger than porcelain”
                I see where you’re going with that but you need some better verbiage to bust your rhymes.

                Thats not my Girlfriend silly thats you! A gypsy new new blood Irishman rapper with the gold teeth.

                I had a gold crown on one of my baby teeth when I was a kid..Never understood why they didnt just pull it? It just going to fall out anyway right? No crowns for me because I brush my teeth..Helps a lot. I guess mother Parrots dont teach that to their chicks nowadays?

                • Eric

                  Probably because you come from a long line of inbred idiots.

                  The market will determine the fair value of that soon.

        • Eric

          So one dentist in all of Canada accepts bitcoin.

          That really helps me a lot. I already have a dentist and she’s the best. The Gold crowns are strong as shit and much stronger than porcelain. They’re in the back molars so you can’t even see them. Quite a bit pricier than the porcelain crowns. I think about $300 more each. But I always buy the best so I am never disappointed with them. Especially when it comes to things that go in my body. That’s why I stay far away from your tiddly wink ponzi coin scam. Not even worth my time.

  • thinking outside the matrix

    This is my first video that I made in 2014 demonstrating the true reasons the Elite are not letting Silver rise. Cheap Silver is required for a cheap surveillance society. Nobody every brings this up.

  • fonestar

    Bitcoin is “REAL” and anyone who says otherwise is what is called a “MORON”. I do not like “dollars” and I do not like “credit cards” but I am not going to sit here and say that they are “not real” like some mental reject.

    This will be one of your last chances to get into Bitcoin while its in the four digits. I’d highly recommend SELLING your physical gold & silver and moving into Bitcoin if you have no other funds to free up. Bitcoin will continue to sky-rocket past gold & silver in 2017.

    • Eric

      ba ha ha ha! Bitcoin is real. That’s why you can’t hold it.

      Bitcoin will continue to be the best performing commodity that you can’t do anything with except pay capital gains on.

      What was the Bitcoin to Gold ratio 10 years ago? ZERO!

      • fonestar

        So you are saying that things are invented? And prices can increase relative to one another? I totally agree with you.

      • Eric

        First Majestic Silver FULL Year US DOLLAR performance 2016 = 155%

        Bitcoin FULL Year US DOLLAR performance 2016 = 133%

      • thinking outside the matrix

        Who says you can’t do anything with Bitcoin? You are so foolish (Eric) with your foolish statements. Why would people buy it if they were not able to do anything with it. No you can not hold it. But bc you can not hold something does not mean it does not have any value. Why do people pay amazon to download audible books and music? It’s Just ones and zeros. Isn’t your bank account and 401k just ones and zeros. You need to wise up. Bc you’re stuck on stupid. I feel like I’m debating a leftest bc you have no original thoughts and your points are so easy to refute. It’s like you don’t think fully through your comments. You point out your up %153 in your 1 stupid mining stock. If your 1 mining stock is so great why don’t you put another 10k in it and see if it’s a true hedge against inflation. Who cares about a thousand dollars in one stupid mining stock that went up. So what are you saying mining stocks are the answer? We are talking about true hedges against bad monetary policy. PM are being manipulated so they have not been a good hedge. So people are looking for answers. I hope PM do go up in value but unfortunately as we look around the world governments are attacking PM.

        • Eric

          Audible books and music provide information and entertainment.

          Bitcoin does not unless you just want to just stare at a screen and watch digits go up and down which you can do for free anyways. I never said Bitcoin didn’t have any purpose in the new economy. I just said it’s not worth anything and a waste of time and a total scam. The first 6 million of them were conjured up out of thin air! Presto Chango!

          Please describe the real world non-monetary applications and utility that Bitcoin (the so called commodity) has since my thoughts are so easy to refute. What else can you do with them besides trade them and spend them and virtual mine them? Anything in the real world because you seem pretty stuck in the matrix still.

          I’ll leave you with what Jim Sinclair said since he’s a helluva lot smarter than you and you have your bitcoin tunnel vision on high and are just getting angry and emotional…

          Dear G,

          Bitcoin is a virtual game that is being made look better than gold or silver, to sell the concept of a world wide virtual currency.

          It should change its name to “Nintendo Virtual Foolishness,” as it’s purpose is to win the hearts and minds of a public.

          After that to construct a “Dollar Index Bit Coin” backed by tickets to Mars from Space Inc. with a picture of Elon Musk.

          There is no computer game that can not be hacked, and there never will be.



        • Eric

          Hey did you just compare bitcoin to my bank account? lol. I thought we were talking about honest money here not fake currency or virtual nintendo tech stocks.

          If I had an extra 10k lying around, I would love to buy more First Majestic Silver right now. But I have others I like also and never put too much into any one position. The only 2 very large positions I have are in PHYSICAL Gold and Silver. The mining shares are for speculation.

        • mike

          That’s a good term for the Eric..Stuck on stupid lol.I am been arguing with him forever about what gives anything value. He doesn’t understand that it is humans beings ultimately aka the Market that gives anything value. He thinks in the absence of Humans his gold is worth something. BTC is far more durable than gold or Silver. Far more divisible, fungible,Spendable, store of value etc… It can not be destroyed. If the net goes down when it is up again you are gtg. It can be lost but how many treasure ships have gone down to be lost forever?..How many bank Robberies were there and how many stage coaches were robbed? How many people buried their treasure only to be lost in time forever?

          Then “IT” goes and uses Fiat every chance he gets to purchase the garbage that goes in its belly and in its safe. The entire time saying IT is against the TPTB,Jews, Rithchilds etc etc then empowering them everyday by using their script?

          Just ignore IT, the one that cant be named. It is a powerful troll force for the Banksters and everything Evil here on SGTREPORT COMMENT SECTION. It is against the one true Bankster destroyer and savior of mankind..BTC!

          • Eric

            “Stuck on stupid lol.I am been arguing…”

            haha! Case in point.

            fungible – of goods contracted for without an individual specimen being specified) able to replace or be replaced by another identical item; mutually interchangeable. Bitcoin is not fungible and it is not any more durable than air.

            Gold retrieved from an ocean floor 1000 years later is still Gold. It doesn’t rust.

            mike is a drunkard stuck in his “muck.”

      • Ed_B

        Holy cow @Eric… are you saying that bitcoin isn’t worth the paper it’s not printed on? 😉

        • Eric

          I think I’ve made myself clear Ed.

          This case is closed.

          • mike

            Ohh BTC started moving again…$1115..

            I remember the olden days in my recommendation to buy at $340..Seemed like a lot of $$$ and normally I dont recommend anyone buy anything. The Market is crazy and there is no reliable information about anything.We all know it is People aka the Market that gives anything value. It was easy to see the mining stocks were all hype with zero fundamentals bolstering the price. Not to mention I watched a video on a very large hedge fund that was circling Mining stocks. They were going in heavy and riding out on the wave of buying they would create. I tried to warn the Eric and the Krell. I think they thought I was kidding and just started calling me stupid and posted links to really stupid parrots.
            In those days AG was at $18.40 at its all time TOP and I called it. The Eric was pushing that poison? Just bragging away how everyone was stupid lol.I am not sure where he gets his information, he seems to have a slight grip on reality but his information is only about 10% complete. It most certainly is not reliable.
            Can BTC go down..Sure.
            Will PMs and mining stocks go down? ..Absolutely, to all time lows this year barring a dollar collapse, there are no buyers only what is left of the wave riders. It is the market and buyers that give something value. People buy based on perception of value.

            • Eric

              “It was easy to see the mining stocks were all hype with zero fundamentals bolstering the price.”

              Reason #4 to never take anything mike says seriously.

              “Today silver is invaluable to solder and brazing alloys, batteries, dentistry, glass coatings, LED chips, medicine, nuclear reactors, photography, photovoltaic (or solar) energy, RFID chips (for tracking parcels or shipments worldwide), semiconductors, touch screens, water purification, wood preservatives and many other industrial uses. Washington-based industry group the Silver Institute calls it “the indispensable metal”


              BTC is invaluable to which industrial uses mike???

              The rest of mike’s comment is just the usual diarrhea out of his mouth and complete horseshit.

              Physical Silver is not an over-hyped up digital dollar denominated trade.

              First Majestic Silver outperformed BTC in 2016 by 22%!!!

              • mike

                The market determines value…No one is buying therefor the value is what it is today. When people perceive value in PMs and miners they will rise because of perceived intrinsic value. Nothing is under priced or overpriced. Nothing rises without perception of value.
                That is why you would be far more accurate if you took some psychology courses.
                Everything of value is just in your mind. Trick is to know when others perceive value.
                Right now people perceive the BTC as having lots of value. Its fundamental such as rarety, ease of use, Circumvent Gubberments , banks and middle men are a few reasons why it has perceived value.
                Ag is down 50% from your call to buy for you fellow SGTers…Remember? SGT even did a vid and bought at 16 and change..Then the Eric was all over it. I remember. Next time make your call before it hits all time highs. Mining stocks are horrible because there are no fundamentals behind them..How hard is that to understand? PMs are not rare and in unlimited supply, cost per OZ is practically nothing. BTC is RARE and limited and up to 50% of the worlds computing power is directed solely at mining them. The cost per BTC far exceeds Silver cost per oz and I imagine gold as well.

                Thats great Silver has industrial uses, so does Iron and so many different metals.

                Dear baby Jesus,

                I am praying to you today to remove the Tard from the Eric entity with your power of compulsion.


                • Eric

                  “The market determines value…No one is buying therefor the value is what it is today.”

                  Reason #5 – The market actually determines PRICE and FAIR VALUE. But mike likes to buy things after they are already FAIR VALUE because he has no foresight and doesn’t know how markets function or are manipulated. He also has done ZERO research into the Gold and Silver markets and geopolitics and knows absolutely nothing about economics.

                  He lives in a pure digital world. Not the real world. Therefore he will be locked out of his wealth at some date in the future soon while I will be laughing at him.

                  foresight – the ability to predict or the action of predicting what will happen or be needed in the future.

                  Strange how I picked up shares of First Majestic Silver at $2.40 which far outperformed BTC last year. That was after they did the deal with Silvercrest which makes my average cost paid for the First Majestic shares I hold $0.00.

                  But mike doesn’t remember things the way they actually happen. Just the way they are in his demented world.

                  Did you sell all your Silver to buy more BTC yet mike? I’ve only been telling you to do that for the past 6 months. Last thing I heard you were buying was Silver coins so stop complaining about the price dumbshit.

                • mike

                  Thats good Eric just keep repeating what I said like the parrot you are and maybe it will sink in.
                  The market determines value..Silver and gold would be heading to the moon this very instance if there were buyers of consequence out the like hedge funds. Key word buyers..Sure Silver is used in manufacturing but there is more silver produced than industry needs. The price would totally collapse if not for individuals. You see money needs to go into something in order for it to rise in value. Money is only going to go into something if that money aka people behind the money perceive value unless they are just stupid.
                  Will it happen for PMS? I think so if the dollar dies. Will the dollar die? Not if people perceive it has value…There’s the problem and why it hasn’t died yet, simple perception. I know these simple concepts are far above your pay grade but just keep repeating that simple line, its easy for a parrot. The question is does the parrot understand what it’s repeating?? Who knows but in your case it’s worth a shot…The market determines value,The market determines value,The market determines value,The market determines value,The market determines value.

                • Eric

                  mike, it’s too bad you can’t increase your satoshis by lying and fabricating stories. You could buy all kinds of patio furniture.

                  You don’t even know what a market is. Let alone the fair value of 1 bitcoin or 1 ounce of Silver.

                  Still waiting for you to show me where the large stockpiles of above ground Silver are.

                  Why don’t you go dig around in your muck. Maybe you’ll find it there.

  • mike

    In order to manipulate the BTC pricing market you have to do it with real BTC. You cant just make paper BTC. Since so few people are into BTC, probably 1% of the 1% it has tons of room to grow. Not to mention it is super easy to use and spend.
    PMs on the other hand are manipulated by so many different hands its impossible to get the real story.
    PMs will go up when the dollar crashes but BTC will dwarf any PM gains in purchasing power since they already international and easy to spend.

    • fonestar

      Don’t waste your breath or fingertips, these people are retarded. Just be thankful that you have a “real” brain in your head.

      • Howard Roark

        Nothing more pathetic than talking to your alt(fonemikestar) to give the appearance of “consensus”…an imaginary bitCON “friend”

    • Eric

      The PRICE of Silver is manipulated. That’s why it is so cheap and undervalued. Physical Silver still holds it’s value better than any digital asset over the long term.

      Once the RMB gets devalued, the Chinese will no longer need to run into Bitcoin and the price should crash 80%. I mean again.

      • thinking outside the matrix

        You’re always wrong. You need to go home. You’re are an embarrassment to yourself. Poor track record.

        • Eric

          Not an argument. Come back when you get some proof.

          • thinking outside the matrix

            I’m up 400%. Eric get a clue stop watching Mike Maloney Videos. At least Mike Maloney admits he owns Bitcoins.

            • Eric

              Up 400% in what terms and time frame? Anyone can be vague.

              Don’t forget to cash out your winnings for something real.

              • thinking outside the matrix

                What time frame? 2015, I put my mouth where my money is. You troll for a living. Bitcoin was in the $200+ for much of 2015. Price was being suppressed down. Let the evidence speak for itself.

                • KRELL427

                  I’m happy you sold your chick car, now you should be able to afford a real car.

                • Eric


                  “What time frame?” Up 400% over 8 years? 2 years? You didn’t specify the time frame or the currency denomination. Just proves how Bitcoin is not money, not a currency, but a commodity that has no real world application or utility. Do you have to walk everywhere now?

                  Krell, you check out the latest from Simon? Some good stuff in there.

                • KRELL427

                  Yes I saw it yesterday.

            • KRELL427

              I’m up 400%. Good for you. Your also too stupid to realize you are supporting enslavement as you follow the carrot into the trap. Your crypto trail tattoo makes collecting taxes a breeze.

              • Eric

                You only have to pay taxes when you sell for a profit.

                That’s why I like real tangible wealth. You only have to buy. And never sell.

              • thinking outside the matrix

                What’s the alternative? Keep my fiat dollars? Go into manipulated precious metals? Give me a solution then we can talk. What I’m doing is working. What your doing isn’t so I’ll let you keep your own advice. You’re a man without solutions.

                • Eric

                  I don’t know your individual situation. Gold and Silver work great for preserving my wealth over the long term and have for quite some time.

                  The manipulation means the price is suppressed when the value is multiples higher in terms of price. Digital assets can be manipulated forever. Physical assets cannot.

                  It’s not about Gold. It’s about the US Dollar.

                  Got a years worth of food, water, toilet paper, etc. stored up for you and your family?

              • mike

                Krell it is you that is supporting the salve system by supporting the banking system. There will be a cashless society like it or not but there is still a choice. You can either circumvent your sickening most unclean and vile Canadian gubberment and Banks by using BTC or Continue Buying PMs with the sickening fake maple leaf worthless Cannuck currency…Choice is up to you and looks like you have the Stockholm syndrome and will continue to support your enslavement.

                This is pretty good vid..What the Bill Thinks of BTC..He doesn’t attack it directly but skirts it in support of the Banks and Bankers like you. He doesn’t like the anonymity of BTC and argues our as Americans embarrassment and shame Eric’s stupid opinion. Nice to see Bill Gates an Eric in agreement. Knew Eric was a bankster troll and apparently you as well..An international coalition of Anti-human Slavers, The Eric and Krell. I think at some point it is possible even for a brainwashed Cannuck to see the light. It will of course be too late.

                • Eric

                  are you drunk?

                • KRELL427

                  Eric, what would you expect from a guy who probably had his fudge packed into his brain as a child and still suffers the traumatic effects . Mike, how do you come up with the shit that spews out of your mouth. Do you have any friends? I doubt it. You even voted Hillary and lost. Bix and Jeff Berwick even believe CIA is behind Bitcoin and still support it.

                • dan w

                  Let’s see what Bix has to say about bitcoin today.

                • Eric

                  I still think I’ll hang onto my cash.

                  Cash is still king. Accepted everywhere.

            • Howard Roark

              “I’m up 400%.”…really, like a stock option that you can’t sell? Where’s the liquidity and fungibility of bitCON demonstrated???

              NO WHERE, because it doesn’t exist other than whacking off to “price” gains on an exchange website…FAG

              • Eric

                That just proves how it’s just a hyped up tech stock. What does bitcoin produce? Nothing.

                Thought this was a pretty good video for any market traders. I don’t really wack off to price gains and get emotional about it. Just lock in profits. Can you do that with bitcoin? Seems kind of easy to buy, and difficult to sell at a higher price.

    • Howard Roark

      “BTC will dwarf any PM gains in purchasing power since they already international and easy to spend.”

      Yeah, as long as you limit your purchases to….hahahahahahahahaha

      So much for liquidity….lulz

      • Eric

        Howard, I suppose if you’re going to create something out of nothing, hype it up, and try to sell it to the unsuspecting goyim, you might as well start with a nice round number like 6 million. It’s worked before. Seems to be working again.

        Some people just can’t get past their initial brain washing.

        BTC will go the way of the dodo bird. Hopefully sooner than later. Then we can get back to reality.

      • mike

        Real money denier..The Eric stands proud in ignorance.
        Lets do a deal, Ill pay you $10.00 for 1 of your crappy MREs + Shipping.

        Send me your BTC address and you’ll have the $$$ in a flash, No banks, No Middlemen and NO GUBBERMENTS! …In fact, no one’s gottsta know :)It will be our little secret!

        Oh wait never mind, your an artard….Hmm how am I going to get 1/2 oz of silver to you? Do you think Fedex will do the 1/2 oz of silver COD?

        One of these days I pray the power of Christ compels the tard out of you…In the mean time you’re just doing Satan’s work supporting the banks, The Rothchilds, The Jews, TPTB etc etc.

        • Eric

          “No one’s gottsta know” Right. That’s why every transaction is recorded on the blockchain.

          BTC does not = $$$

          Why would I want to sell my emergency food to you? You should have planned ahead of time.

          I have a better idea. Why don’t you sell your 1/2 oz of Silver and buy more bitcoin. Try to get all of them.

  • Eric

    Have you ever noticed that the current bitcoin inflation rate of 4% is more than TWICE that of the official CPI broadest measure of consumer price inflation year over year change for goods and services published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)?

    I just think that is interesting. Should be different when the next halving occurrs in 3 and 1/2 years.

  • Troy

    I talked to my bankster… the same bankster that told me silver was going to crash when it was in the $40’s. He said this year “2017”, silver is “really gonna run”…I said you mean prices will go higher, he said, yes, silver will rise quite a bit this year. Don’t know if he has a clue what he’s talking about, but who knows?

    • Eric

      Silver doesn’t change. The world around it does.

    • Millicent

      Ah, the smell of hopium begins to emanate from the PM crack pipes…
      Somebody told someone that Silver was going to take off… Now there’s a good reason to go all in and bet the farm on PM’s.

      2017… Fertile ground for the PM / imminent collapse pumpers.
      PM’s to the Moon, Real Soon! WWIII, get ready!

      I know, it’s those sneaky Jooos that are behind it!

      • Eric

        Didn’t bet the farm but pretty all in.

        Silver was still up over 13% in US Dollars last year. How did your portfolio perform last year Millicent?

        Computer games can be hacked. Physical PRECIOUS metals cannot.

        • mike

          Yeah but Silver is down 200% from only 5 years ago. Not only did Silver NOT protect from inflation the past 5 years but lost 2/3rds of it’s purchasing power. That is a terrible record considering the amount of Money creation and debt in the last 5 years.

          Im not getting into an argument with you about PMs..I think they have their place. Will the manipulation ever stop? I really dont think so. If Silver was rare the manipulation would have broke long ago in the form of real shortages. There has never in the history of mankind been a real physical shortage of Silver. Since we know close to a billion OZs are mined every year and more can be produced as the Market calls for it, the rarity of PMs compared to BTC is completely nonexistent.

          If in just the last 10 years 1/5th of that silver went towards investment that is 2 billion ozs in above ground ready for the melting pot refined silver..Now multiply that by 100 and that is a minimum amount refined above ground Silver. Probably not even close to real amount of what exists refined and above ground that is just whats in the USA. The massive stockpiles of silver are held by millions of individuals such as yourself under their bed or in their safe..Some even buried the stuff.

          I dont know if ultimately BTC will win out over all cryptos in the future. For now the market has chosen BTC. It is the Market that determines money not fiat and that applies to PMs with a fiat value assigned.
          If you have PMs as money the US Gubberment has the exclusive constitutional right to regulate its value. It also means you do not own Silver and Gold, it is on loan to you from the government and at any time can demand all your PMs. A quick look at your gold money account or CC records with alert them to the majority of your holdings. So there is no such thing as honest money only free Market chosen money and that currently is BTC. PMs would always be manipulated and a fiat currency even if we went back to a 100% gold standard.

          • Eric

            If you are referring to US Dollar price, how can something be down 200%?

            mike, do you know what cycles are? Do you know how markets work? Do you know the difference between a bear market and a bull market? A commodity market and a stock market? Did you just start investing 5 years ago? I thought you said you were “very wealthy?”

            Silver doesn’t lose purchasing power. Fiat currencies and digital assets do.

            It’s not down in terms of every other fiat currency in the world.

            I stopped reading after your first few lines since you are totally clueless.

            • mike

              Lets see im up 1000% on BTC and down 2/3rds on Silver in just 5 years. So it doesn’t take a genius to see which one has out performed the other. 13% rise in something that has lost so much purchasing power already is nothing considering it has a long way to go just to get back to the price 5 years ago and that doesn’t include the loss if inflation.
              I am referring to it as purchasing power. The only true way to measure the value of money. Mu BTC can purchase as much goods and services as $1015.
              My PMs can not purchase a thing therefore are not money and have ZERO purchasing power.

              Lets get back to my estimated above ground supplies of refined, fabricated Silver. 1% of the US owns PMs. I would say a minimum average holding on the low side for people is 10k oz of silver. I would ay that is average and not very much, easily obtained by the PM people. So that would mean in the US alone hid away under beds is at least 3 billion ozs. World wide with the touted 1-2% of worldwide pop owns PMs. we will just say the poor people that have PMs have only a tiny amount of 2000 ozs average each of silver. most likely average 10k ozs of silver but we will estimate on a really poor scale so 2k. So your looking at 140 billion ozs. But since it is only 1% they are usually well off people and I would say the real low average is 15k ozs of silver. That is really not much everyone I know with silver has anywhere from 20k to 100k ozs of silver and they are all regular people.. SO worldwide if 1% owns PMs you looking at at least 105 TRILLION ozs out there. That is all refined. There is Sooooooo Much silver out there. There is only going to be 21 million total BTC..21 million total vs 105 Trillion oz and increasing Silver?

              • Eric

                Let’s see, that’s impossible since you didn’t buy it until the price already crashed 80% in 2014. The most you could be up is maybe 400-500% and that is only in US Dollar terms. God forbid you would ever measure the VALUE of something in anything besides the US Dollar PRICE!

                $48 X .3333 = $16. So you waited until Silver went to $48 and then bought a whole bunch? Way to go. No wonder you don’t know how markets work. Buy high. Sell low. Do no research. Guess. Get scared out. That’s the mike way. What did you save your life savings in before that? Popsicle sticks?

                BTC is not legal tender. You owe capital gains taxes on your “profit.” So you really don’t have the full amount of $1015 and even if you did, that’s only if you use them all right now before the price crashes again. But I digress.

                If your PMS cannot purchase anything then why haven’t you sold them all and why do you continue to buy them? That seems very dumb. But I know who I am talking to here. Not the smartest bulb in the chandelier are you? If you would like to throw money away mike, feel free to throw quarters in the street. I’m sure somebody will pick them up and spend them. Oh but metals aren’t money. lol.

                I think I’ll listen to Keith and Sean and the rest of the people who actually have a clue when it comes to Silver supply instead of read your garbage. You talk out of your ass and your pathological lying is still out of hand. Have you consulted any professional psychiatric help yet? Ask them if they accept bitcoins. lol.

                • mike

                  Your right Sean does have a Clue and purchased 1.79 BTC.
                  BTC fair value is at least 1 million in today’s dollars purchasing power. So Sean will be very well off if he just hangs onto and doesn’t spent it at 10k.

                  The Gubberment declared Paper as legal tender and before that they declared PMs as money and regulated its value so it has always been manipulated. The Market determined BTC as money for the first time in the last 400 years. That is what technology has brought us, true freedom. Before that it was always gubberment fiat that determined legal tender whether tulips , paper or a gold standard.

                  So please listen to Sean and get yourself at least 1 BTC. I know your pretty hard headed some would even say absolutely ignorant, Gay, Jewish, Bangkok ladyboy like, stupid even retarded about he BTC..Not me just hard headed.The future is not going to stop for you. When the dollar blows up and you cant buy a chicken for a grain or Silver because the person with the chicken has no idea what silver is in the first place or if its even real you’ll have micro fractions of your BTC that will spend easily.

                  You are really precious I mean it truly..”BTC is not legal tender” ah hahahahaha.

                • Eric


                  How did you come to the conclusion that fair value of BTC is 1 million dollars? Did you throw darts at a board?

                  I keep telling you “government” = mind control. There is no THE government. There is only government. In other words, your mind control. If you would like to talk about a corporation, that is different.

                  Gold and Silver were money way before your brain went squishy. They will still be money long afterwards.

                  I have no interest, need, or desire to invest in your ponzi scheme called bitcoin. When the dollar “blows up” you will have to determine a different way of valuing bitcoin. No more looking at the dollar price. By then, you’ll be saying “WHY DIDN”T I SELL ALL MY BITCOINS?” haha. No idea what Silver is. You really are a dumbshit. Everyone has heard of Silver. Still haven’t seen one “we accept bitcoin” sign in all of los angeles.

                • mike

                  Why not? You said you’ll listen to Sean and he has more than one BTC?

                  Got to stop fighting the future and what the free market determined money. So far gubberments fiat is terrible at picking money and none of it worked long..Tulip bulbs omg seriously? Then PMs ah hahahaha too common to be money and far too much exist and then Paper ah hahahaha..All legal tender at one point. It is great the gubberent does not recognize BTC as money. That is its selling point besides the fact it can not be manipulated, it circumvents all gubberments, Banks, Middleman. It is the first money on earth since the beginning of civilization that doesn’t have its valued regulated and controlled by a gubberment. You should be jumping all over it? That is what is confusing about you. You post all sorts of gubberment conspiracy stuff then say BTC is not recognized as “Legal” tender lol. Then you go out and support the big banks by using credit cards and a bank account and the dollar? Anyway tried to tell ya BTC is the Anti-Currency and is the only true free money on earth. I really feel sad for you that you are the problem and spit on the solution. Almost heart breaking someone could be so stupid? You want to think that all people can think and understand the most basic concepts..Then you meet an Eric and reality set in that there are just a lot of really dumb people out there, some would say. Not me I just think your hard headed and want to live in a society without innovation. The kind of society if you cut yourself shaving its a death sentence.

                • Eric

                  The first 6 million bitcoins were created out of nothing with no real labor or capital. Bitcoin is a ponzi scheme designed to siphon off both your labor and your capital.

                  Nuff said.

                  Visa and Mastercard is accepted everywhere. Still haven’t seen one “we accept bitcoin” sign.

                  Gold is money because it is plentiful not because it is scarce.


    • Ed_B

      One would have to question the validity of anything that comes out of a bankster’s mouth. Their track record, as a group, is not very good in that area. But there’s always room for the exceptional individual out there. Maybe he is one of these?

      But… this DOES bring up an interesting point. Going completely nuts here, what would those on here who actually own silver do IF silver were to go up to, say, $500 an oz? Buy / sell / hold / hedge, what?

      • KRELL427

        Ed, If the gold silver ratio were to drop below about 15 to 1 I would convert some silver into gold providing anyone would part with their gold. Other than that I would probably be waiting for a huge asset revaluation and see if there is an opportunity to buy up some income producing properties. Precious metals once accumulated in physical form will be very hard to let go of regardless of fiat price.

        • Eric

          I can think of a million other things I would rather part with than honest money like Silver or Gold.

          I thought fonemikestar was going to buy my golf clubs but he flaked out I guess. :-/

  • Kakistocracy

    The last person who was a true, credible threat to the ROTHSCHILD

    (How can a European Jewish Family profit from issuing currency by a separate country? )

    Answer: Extortion.

    Deep State Criminal Ownership of the FEDwas Congressman Louis T. McFadden:

    The Federal Reserve-A Corrupt Institution

    “Mr. Chairman, we have in this Country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks, hereinafter called the Fed. The Fed has cheated the Government of these United States and the people of the United States out of enough money to pay the Nation’s debt. The depredations and iniquities of the Fed has cost enough money to pay the National debt several times over.

    “This evil institution has impoverished and ruined the people of these United States, has bankrupted itself, and has practically bankrupted our Government. It has done this through the defects of the law under which it operates, through the maladministration of that law by the Fed and through the corrupt practices of the moneyed vultures who control it.

    “Some people who think that the Federal Reserve Banks United States Government institutions. They are private monopolies which prey upon the people of these United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers; foreign and domestic speculators and swindlers; and rich and predatory money lender. In that dark crew of financial pirates there are those who would cut a man’s throat to get a dollar out of his pocket; there are those who send money into states to buy votes to control our legislatures; there are those who maintain International propaganda for the purpose of deceiving us into granting of new concessions which will permit them to cover up their past misdeeds and set again in motion their gigantic train of crime”

    As you might expect, there were several attempts on McFadden’s life, the last of which succeeded with him being poisoned at a public banquet.

    Trump ?

    He is bought and paid for already.
    His alleged “daughter” is a TRANS-GENDERED male to female.
    But you people have too many emotions tied up in this matter to discuss it as adults with cold hard dispassionate examination of the facts:

    • KRELL427

      Kakistocracy , you and your Jungle Surfer crack head tuff talk bullshit. Give us a fuckin break. What have you done about it? What makes you so high and mighty? Don’t lump everyone in the same category. Many people are awake. You keep regurgitating the same crap.

  • Kakistocracy

    Will you Americans WAKE UP?

    I have my doubts.
    WE NEED TO STOP ALL DEBT-based currency.
    Federal Reserve
    Bank of Canada
    Bank of England
    Bank of Japan
    Bank of Spain


    NOTE: The Rothschild money and ill-gotten wealth since 1697 MUST BE RETURNED TO THE PEOPLE !
    This amount is greater than $500 TRILLION.
    Rothschilds OWN half the world through their three centuries of CENTRAL BANK OWNERSHIP!

    Jews are NOT a semitic people.
    Only the Muslims from that area are.
    So even, Anti-Semitism is a lie, just like everything about their TRIBE-Chosen-culture.
    All lies.
    Especially CURRENCY.

    CURRENCY: Debt owed to a European Jewish Family.
    But idiots will cry rayciss, because they are disgusting spineless jellyfish COWARDS who will not face up to the truth: AMERICA IS OWNED BY THE FEDERAL RESERVE OWNERS.

    LOOK you idiots, wake up:

    Every last cent must be returned !


    For example, you idiots continue to support a ruinous and barbaric Military Industrial Complex that LOST over $10 TRILLION dollars.
    And you idiots have how many people on FOOD STAMPS? Infrastructure problems?
    No clean drinking water? Inadequate health insurance?
    Support the troops?! F*cking idiots.
    Hope and Change version 2.0 with Trump right?
    F*cking idiots.
    How many times does the monkey have to pull the frakin lever before it realizes there is no banana? You are idiots who don’t learn.
    Wake the hell up you idiots.
    You have been played by the ROTHSCHILDS who now want to move to a CASHLESS society.

    And still you idiots have no idea what really is happening and who is responsible.

    You Americans are like HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS.
    Pathetic and very painful to watch just how easily manipulated you idiots are.

    • mike

      You need to wake up and get yourself some BTC before it’s too late. The Jews want you to buy gold and silver from them, they sell the diamonds as well. They hate the BTC because no one can control it.
      Eric seems to think the CIA is behind BTC with no proof except some youtube links to space cadets. BTC shines too bright and hurts the Goblin Eric’s eyes so he has to go back into his hole and hold his silver coins..About the only thing you can do with it.
      He even said he has not seen “We take BTC” signs then he actually points out some 8oz silver statue thing you can buy from JMBULLION…GUESS WHAT JMBULLION TAKES BTC AND GIVES BANK WIRE PRICE IF YOU USE IT >>>BUT THEY DONT TAKE SILVER!! I like the Retard SGTREPORT wouldn’t be the same without it, the retard that is.
      Where exactly are you from? The EU land? Canada, Australia or let me guess the Midwest US?..Eric is that you goobing out on the Rothchild BS again? Trying the ole reverse psychology?

      • Eric

        Pretty sure a precious metals dealer accepts precious metals. There is simply no reason to get any bitcoin for most people when fiat banker notes work just fine. It’s just an added step to the process that is unnecessary.

        Currencies don’t have wild volatility like bitcoin does. It’s really not a currency, not really a commodity since it has no utility, and definitely not money since it’s only been around for 8 years and won’t last past 2140 at the absolute latest. It’s just an overhyped up ponzi scheme that trades like a hot tech stock… up and down up and down. Obviously you can increase your fiat with it as long as you can find a sucker willing to pay a ridiculous price for digits on a screen.

        Simply put most people don’t need to drink starbucks every day or buy junk from all the time. And if they do, there are other forms of payment that work just fine. I hope you’re this loud and obnoxious when the BTC price crashes the next time around. Very funny.

        No one can control BTC. lol. The Chinese are controlling the price right now.

      • Kakistocracy


        The Jews want you to buy gold and silver from them, they sell the diamonds as well. They hate the BTC because no one can control it.


        The imbecililty and corruption of the American heart never ceases to amaze me.
        Once a great country full of freedom loving and indepedent thinking BRAVE men and women, now a country best represented as a HIGH SCHOOL.
        You are all acting like HIGH SCHOOL students.

        Wake the hell up.
        You are are our own worst enemy.
        Bitcoin is an NSA/CIA/Mossad plot.
        Are you really that f*cking stupid to think otherwise ?

        You Americans have been destroying and raping other countries in the name of Greater Israel while you idiots were busy updating your FecesBook profile and sending out tweets to your fellow twits about masturbating to each other’s instagrams and what you ate last night at AppleBee’s.

        You Americans are so brainwashed you could not see the TRUTH if it stabbed you in the eye.
        Do you deserve this fate ?
        No of course not.
        But you earned it by doing the Rothschild and Zionist’s Jews commands.
        My country is little better but in the end no different than yours.

        Wake up you idiots.
        We have been played.


        CAN YOU WAKE UP ?

        • AgShaman

          Perhaps you should seek out a website of much less informed humans. Most here know the score on many levels and they are now bothered with seeking and exercising solutions to the problem. Kudos to you for trying to wake people up. Yes, I am an American and probably deserve your contempt for not finding a way to destroy the parasites that are destroying the world.

          Sorry I never figured out how to get it done.


          • Kakistocracy


            Perhaps you should seek out a website of much less informed humans. Most here know the score on many levels and they are now bothered with seeking and exercising solutions to the problem. Kudos to you for trying to wake people up. Yes, I am an American and probably deserve your contempt for not finding a way to destroy the parasites that are destroying the world.

            Sorry I never figured out how to get it done.

            You need not say sorry.

            All you blind Americans need to do is WAKE THE HELL UP!

            How can you wake up ?

            By swallowing your ego, before it swallows you.
            That means , the following:

            by US politicians, media, medical people and in particular BANKERS.
            If you can admit your error (I had to) then you can UN learn and LEARN what is needed.

            Can you swallow your ego ?
            Can you admit that you have been duped ?

            I had to come to terms with being fooled about many things, most especially the nature of the Federal Reserve and other Rothschild owned central banks of the world.

            Ag is Argentum.
            Argentum when used in Colloidal Silver is the greatest
            antibiotic agent, antiviral agent, antifungal agent.

            Colloidal Silver is also the best skin regenerative agent in the world.
            Do you know what medical staff put in the eyes of newly born infants ?

            So, AgShaman, you are not so far off.
            You need to WAKE UP , everyone else!

  • AgShaman

    I had a big long missive in my brainbox…intent on ripping into the miners for not building some sort of consortium to push back against the banksters.

    I’ll save my vitriol…somewhat

    I think alot of these mining companies are captured/infiltrated by the Pilgrims.

    There goal is dupe the suckers that want to dabble in stocks. I won’t bother explaining the scam as I’m sure most people know about the brokerage house short game.

    Good interview and thanks

    • glitter 1


      “I think alot of these mining companies are captured/infiltrated by the Pilgrims.”

      Nailed it!

      Just like Henry Ford bought up/owned all the resources need to build his cars,so too the Elite/Industrialists/Pilgrims own/control the mines in order to supply cheap metals for/to their industries.

      Thank you Charles Savoie!

      • AgShaman

        glitter 1,

        Yes, thank you Charles Savoie

        If you could get all the “Cra-merikwans” to pull out and turn away from the stock market and go all in on physical precious metals. Real supply and demand fundamentals would come back. Added to that dynamic, how would dotguv come up with the justification for the outlaw/confiscation of original money without causing a ****storm?

        Humans have the power to constuct other systems for commerce outside the realm of the parasite shylocks that have us locked in their tractor beam. All they need is to realize the necessity to break free and the courage within themselves to act on it.

  • Kakistocracy

    Only GOLD (Aurum) and SILVER (Argentum) offer TRUE VALUE. Intrinsic Value at that!

    Did you hear that right ?

    I said F*cking INTRINSIC F*CKING VALUE !

    Look up the medical benefits of:

    Colloidal Silver
    Colloidal Gold
    Monotomic Gold

    Didn’t know that did you , you ignorant Americans ?
    Well, you have been brainwashed very intensely.
    So don’t feel too bad.
    But now you know the truth.

    What are you going to do about it?

    Search engines here: (PRIVACY BASED, never use Google)

  • Kakistocracy

    Only with Aurum and Argentum is there NO COUNTERPARTY RISK.

    Let me say that again:

    Only with Aurum and Argentum is there NO COUNTERPARTY RISK.

    And again:

    Only with Aurum and Argentum is there NO COUNTERPARTY RISK.

    And again:

    Only with Aurum and Argentum is there NO COUNTERPARTY RISK.

    Understand what this means, and you will understand EVERYTHING ABOUT FINANCE.

  • Kakistocracy

    Don’t worry about that.

    All you require is the following:

    1) Swallow your ego, and admit you have been duped (as I have been)
    2) Grow COURAGE. And seek solutions and tell everyone else.

    You do those two things WHILE remembering the grief cycle:
    1 Denial
    2 Anger
    3 Bargaining (Depression)
    4 Depression (Bargaining)
    5 Acceptance.

    Remember the grief cycle when contemplating TRANS-GENDERISM!

  • Troy

    How many people on this site have their homes/property paid off? Please be honest.

    • oneno


      But, found out a few years ago that I don’t own anything. The legal fiction NAME is owner of all that property. Problem is that that NAME is Crown Property. It called the NAME GAME FRAUD!

      At least I’m not in debt! But in this weather, cannot shelter in the wild without shelter, fuel, food. The authorities claim ownership of everything. They have the standing armies!

    • glitter 1


      “How many people on this site have their homes/property paid off? Please be honest”

      I paid off my bank mortgage at 50,that was thirteen years ago.However,I learned/knew at a very young age that as long as there is a thing called local property taxes,you will never own your own home.Yes, my mortgage is paid off,but I now continue to pay rent to the local municipality for the privilege of living in the house I built and paid for.

      We Americans have come a long way and forgotten many things since our “Freeman” ancestors left Europe to escape the very thing that enslaves us all once again.

    • Eric

      Not even close. Got 13 more years left but most of you guys have some years on me.

      Got equity technically and plenty of reserves in coin and bar form to cover all debt and then some as well as decent passive income still.

      Don’t really see the point in paying off the mortgage just yet. It’s going down slowly and that’s good enough. Refinanced twice. At 3.25% fixed, I’d rather focus on building wealth and walking away from this place if I ever had to. Hopefully won’t. In the meantime I’ll just keep making the payment and watching a little more go toward the principal each month.

      • glitter 1

        The best that any of us can do is to work within their system to the best/greatest extent possible. I’ve always been a saver and worked at staying out of/limiting debt as much as possible.Many/most will not deny themselves anything and will go into debt to obtain it.We all know those types.I’ve used debt,but I’ve used it to my benefit and when I could eliminate it I did.The wife and I have always practiced deferred gratification,no new cars,no expensive vacations,no fancy expensive house furnishings,etc.My four siblings are in debt up to their eyeballs.two declared bankruptcy,even though they all had new cars,vacations and fancy furnishings in their homes before they lost them.Some people require a life time to learn,while others learn/get it early on.

  • oneno

    Bitcoin is of no use if half a day worth of attempts (today) to make a USD $15 payment fails!

  • Troy

    I know it sucks to pay Property Tax, but city and county need to money for road maintenance, lights, signs, plowing, sand and salting, etc. I pay around $1400 per year property tax, I don’t mind that as long as they take care of my county road. Beat riding a wagon to town like they did in the old days. I can get to town in 7 minutes, in the old days it would take an hour or more. If you think about it hard, we do have it pretty good. I just watch “Coal Miners Daughter” last night…those people worked there asses off, and had very little. I am grateful for what I have.

    • Eric

      I am grateful for what I have too which is more than most people. I pay almost 3 times that in “property” tax and probably have just a fraction of the land that you do. But it’s the price I pay to never see the temperature drop below 45 degrees, have cheap produce, and live in a city with so much royalty. Lots of “princesses” here that will need a King to rule over them. 😉

      • Troy

        That would be nice to see temps that don’t get lower than 45 degrees. I’m from Minnesota, and we see some brutal cold temps. Today it was 3 or 4 degrees with wind chills of 30 below in the daytime! Then is the summer we get the high humidity and mosquitos….but we do have some nice weather here and there.

        • Eric

          Yeah I’m from there too. Hear about it every day.

          That’s why I stay in Southern California. 😉

          I miss a lot of things back home but not enough to go back to freezing my butt off.

          As bad as it is here, it’s better. At least for now. Plenty of problems, but can’t complain about the weather very often.

    • glitter 1

      “I pay around $1400 per year property tax”

      I pay close to that monthly,but it’s Jersey,the highest taxed(everything)state in the country.That’s why when we get the chance to exit NJ we will get a raise cause anywhere we go the taxes will be much lower.In the meantime we are able to pay it and we do have it pretty good compared to many, allot of conveniences and semi rural.In Jersey we have what is called Abbett Districts,what that entails is our higher Property taxes are spread out to support low income areas/cities:
      So we have to help pay for towns that can’t support themselves,Socialism at it’s best.It’s killing the state.NJ is in the top ten states where people are leaving in droves.It’s a shame since the state has much to offer,but it’s too expensive tax wise to live any more.

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