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We Are Watching The Long Game To Total Censorship Play Out

by Melissa Dykes, Activist Post:

In this video, Melissa Dykes of Truthstream Media explains the totally Orwellian clampdown on speech. She gives an excellent breakdown of how the “fake news’ psyop is being used to normalize the idea of censoring free speech. “Maybe we should just start titling our videos something totally random and innocuous like, ‘Puppies frolicking in a daisy field’ or ‘Look at this cute cat named Bob!’ or ‘I like cheese’… Thoughts?

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1 comment to We Are Watching The Long Game To Total Censorship Play Out

  • anon

    The “alternative” media has ALREADY become rather watered-down in my opinion. Maybe because too many in the so-called “alternative” media fear the Western International Central Bankers (who call themselves “Jews”), as well as the “JEW”-ISH groups BEHIND them.

    First, the so-called “alternative” media needs to become an ACTUAL ALTERNATIVE to the ENDLESS “JEW”-ISH LIES, of the MSM (Mainstream Media). Second, the then ACTUAL ALTERNATIVE MEDIA will have to figure out how to continue to get its message out to people, either in some sort of highly-encrypted tech-savvy way, or do so in an OFF-LINE manner. No matter how draconian the thought police become, there is ALWAYS a way to continue to get the truth out.

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