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WARNING: The Bond Bubble is Now BURSTING… Total Collapse Coming SOON. HOLD GOLD. — Michael Pento

from Greg Hunter:

There is a record bubble in bonds, and money manager Michael Pento warns, “Where’s the 10-year Treasury right now? It was 1.3%, and now it’s around 2.6%. We’re going to 4% on the 10-year Treasury. That, by definition, is an absolute bursting of the bond bubble.

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8 comments to WARNING: The Bond Bubble is Now BURSTING… Total Collapse Coming SOON. HOLD GOLD. — Michael Pento

  • lastmanstanding

    Having listened to nearly everyone under the sun over the past 8 years, finally someone who imo puts it all together in 34 minutes.

    Once again, it will remain to be seen if he will be right, but his reasoning is very compelling.

  • Eric

    Haven’t listened to this yet but Michael has always been right on IMO.

    Watching the bond market is all one needs to do to see how ridiculous the situation has gotten. The 10 year Treasury moves up over 100 basis points since July and the Fed raises rates 25 basis points in December so they can still try to look credible.

    With Bonds selling off and interest rates moving higher, stock market will struggle, real estate will struggle, Gold will shine as the debt explodes higher. How people can’t see this at this point is way beyond me. It’s pretty freaking obvious if they look but they don’t. Too distracted with the fake news.

  • willygroper

    this is really worth a listen.

    makes sense of the plans according to the glowbull warming narrative.

    moving from a capital production/consumption model to an energy based economy of the much talked about carbon credits…cow farts n all.

    imo, maybe DT bought us 4 more years, but if ol yellen raises rates 3-4 more times in 2017, it’s clear to me, she’s engineering more chaos.

    after listening to this, it appears pm’s will be rendered useless.

  • glitter 1

    “glitter 1
    November 20, 2016 at 6:49 pm · Reply

    I’m going to make your day here in front of all these witnesses.Yes I did make a call/prediction way back on Feb 15 about where gold and silver would be by the end of December. I’ve explained the rational behind it in terms even you could understand,so I would go through it again.I’m here now saying the chances of that transpiring have gone from 90/95% probability to maybe 10%.Only because Obama doesn’t leave office until Jan 20 and there is still time this year for a creative destructive event to occur,but most likely will now carry over into 2017.

    All because of divine intervention in which Donald Trump over came/achieved the seemingly impossible by defeating Hillary.Obama was about to hand over the reins of his police state and Middle East wars for Hillary to move forward on.But, all that changed after midnight on 11/9 when it was obvious the tide was shifting against Hillary,right at the same time all of the market futures were crashing with gold and silver exploding upward.Yes the end of the year market crash/melt down was commencing while Hillary was leading.When the election results was reversing and it was obvious that Trump was going to pull off a stunning upset,the markets/gold and silver all reversed and we all know how it went later on that day.

    Yes, because of Trump’s stunning upset,The Boys had to change plans and go to plan “B”,which we’ve been witnessing ever since.Nothing has changed,there is still going to be a global financial conflagration,the start of which, will most likely move from now into 2017.
    Probability no $3500oz gold,no $100oz silver this December.Just think how that large entity who took out that large call option for December is going to feel.Sucks to be them,right!

    No Hillary as president,no escalation/war with Putin,no global economic crash in 2016,the NWO may have to move their goal posts out a little further,most likely into 2017.However,the Bond Market is sending a big message.have you been watching Milli? Do you even know/understand what a Bond sell off of the magnitude seen since the election results portends in the near future?The fuse has been lit.”


    Lindsey William’s latest:”The NWO Elite lost their attempts at keeping DT out of the WH.Their Plan(s) have suffered a major set back, for now.”

    However,”Economic Mother Nature”will prevail, as Andy Hoffman has stated on numerous occasions. Yes, the Bond Market is telegraphing what is happening/what is to come in the near future.

    At this point the Broader Stock Markets are being “Stuffed”/Window Dressed into year’s end,just as Michael Pinto points out.The first half of 2017 will most likely be very different than today/end of 2016.

    Here’s a good recent interview piece with Brother John F:We Are Being Herded Into the Chute for Financial Slaughter”

  • JMiller

    I liked Michael Pento up until now. However Michael Pento was mistaken about a couple of things in this interview. The average investor is not down about 10% in bonds and they have not given up everything that was made in stocks in a 50/50 stock and bond portfolio.

    For example as of 12/20/16 the YTD return for the Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Fund is up 1.71% while the Vanguard Total Stock Market Fund is up 14.14%. The largest bond funds are up YTD also.

    In the past three months the Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Fund is down only 3.45% while the Vanguard Total Stock Market Fund is up 7.14%.

    Also Japan has not really been a huge seller of U.S. Treasuries as Pento stated. Japan’s holdings of Treasuries declined by less than 20 billion in the last 12 months.

  • Trespass Unwanted

    YTD up is only that for any participant until they want to get out.
    According to the recent Richards article, the banks act as agent if there’s a seller, they look for a buyer.

    How much is a YTD when someone wants out and no one wants in?
    that 1.71% up won’t have any meaning if no one is willing to pay the asking price that was the 1.71% up.

    If that article is any incling, where banks used to be able to move $50 million (dollars) in minutes and now it takes days and weeks, how many minutes is in a day? How many minutes is in a week?

    Where’s your value now, when not only is the item to be sold requiring someone to take your place, but the time it takes to sell diminishes it’s perceived value.

    Like those celebs that sell a multi million dollar home and two years later, it’s darn near half price before someone bites and takes it off their hands.

    Those that are in, rather those that are still in, are caught by the illusion that they can still get out with what they have, until they try to exit right now and find out what days and weeks really feel like.

    That’s my opinion.

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