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3 comments to TRUMP TO COLLAPSE DOLLAR | Jeff Berwick

  • Steelerdude

    I remember when I could buy bitcoin between 4 and 5 dollars and as I made myself into
    a deer in headlights, yeah, I froze…I am really not sold on bitcoin but you can see that
    the world is looking for something other than paper backed by nothing…
    If I could have made some money on worthless dollars and take that gain and invest in
    gold and silver, that would have been great….

    So I am reaching out to the board here and asking if we look past bitcoin as the end of
    all currencies, is the next level, is the next step, physical gold and silver?

    I would love some input….is this the bottom to back up the truck to silver and gold or would
    you wait and see what the trump admin can do with this world in turmoil?

    comments are welcome…

  • Windrunner58

    I too bought Bitcoin a while back. I believe in it, it is not overkill to diversify your portfolio of “Safety”. I, however, under pressure from my wife sold it when it hit $900 Canadian. She was less confident of it. To see it now over $1300.00 is frustrating ((I owned 26.5 BTC) but I believe it will come down again as it seems to always do. If it plummets to say $500.00 I will jump in again as I have funds to do so at present. I do not believe BTC should be treated like a stock where you get in, get out and play again. But I am not sure it is only going to head north. There will always be drops, especially since most BTC is owned by a few big players. It is fascinating, but watch it wisely. I believe it will grow to greater heights when the US & Canada suffer from all this money printing. And it IS coming, it is just a matter of…..when

    Gold & Silver – I personally hold in my possession sufficient amounts of both to survive anything that may occur. You know, short of gunfire. So weapons, also part of any plan. When I initially got involved in metals, silver was higher than today, so I never even look at my silver. It is there for… I bought gold when it was much lower than today (in Canadian $$), and I don’t look at it either.

    WHEN the SHTF, if you hold BTC, G&S, guns and storable goods, you will be miles ahead of your neighbours.

    Trump – he will not crash the dollar. The bankers will. No government that borrows from a private source (FED) makes that decision. They MAY use Trump as an excuse, but it will be the bankers. So….I suggest you find out who the banker in your area is, and focus on him/her when this all falls!!!

  • Eric

    As I have made my thoughts obvious about Bitcoin, I shall do so once again.

    I could have hopped on the Bitcoin train back in 2010 when a trusted source said it would do well. However, as I have no interest in more fiat $$$$ I chose to continue stacking real physical wealth in the form of Gold, Silver, food, ammunition, etc.

    As of right now it looks like the metals are starting to take off as the usual year end tax selling/positioning takes place. We could of course see another smack down if a panic takes place.

    I still have absolutely no desire for digital currencies/commodities no matter how well they perform in U.S. Dollar terms. I would rather buy the miners at this point or stack more real wealth.

    If you have a need for Bitcoin in your life and know others that use it, perhaps it would be good to hold some on a hard drive that is backed up somewhere and slowly ease into them as it will surely crash again after reaching new highs, just like many other digital assets perform.

    Every time I went to buy Bitcoin I thought why would I want this when I can buy Silver instead? For those that like seeing prices rise or have regrets, no matter what it is, be prepared for the trend to reverse and go the other way. You should never buy anything unless you’re willing to buy more if the price falls 40%.

    Buying more Gold soon. No interest in Bitcoin whatsoever.

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