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Trump Is Clearly Preparing for Civil War

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

“What we used to talk about that is coming, is no longer coming, it is already here”

Steve Quayle

About nine months ago, Steve Quayle, on my radio show, made the above observation. In the time since that show, I am reminded, almost daily about how correct Steve was when he made that statement on my show. The day of decision is here. The proverbial line in the sand has been drawn. You are either an activist or a victim. You are either a globalist or a nationalist. You are either a Christian or not. If you are saved, then you may go forward with courage because your destiny is already assured. Unquestionably the hour of decision is here and the fence that many of you have sitting on has turned to splinters and you will soon be forced off of the fence of indecision.

Two of Obama’s Nominee’s Tell You What Is Coming

General “Mad Dog” Mattis, is General Patton, metaphorically reincarnated. From my perspective as a student of history, Patton was America’s greatest battlefield commander, hands down. As much as the political and military leadership would have liked to permanently have sidelined Patton, they needed him to win. Patton would rip through enemy defenses at rate that amazed our enemies and allies, but then he would turn around and bluntly tell the truth and embarrass our military and political leadership. However, he was so indispensable that our leadership kept bringing him back to the battlefield. This was the pattern for Patton, beginning in North Africa and continuing through the end of the war. Many feel that Patton saved the war in Europe with his rescue mission to Bastogne, in the critical Battle of the Bulge. After the war, Patton spoke of kicking the Russians backside as he spoke of the Soviets as the next greatest threat to America. When he would not shut up, he was assassinated. The Cold War with Russia commenced in earnest in the year of his death.

To some extent Patton’s biography, although a little less colorful, is the modern day version of General Mattis. Quietly forced out of the military by Obama, Mattis knows how to fight and win. He demonstrated time and time again, that he was willing to make the necessary sacrifices to achieve victory. He is gruff and uncouth, like Patton, and he is a winner that commanded tremendous respect from his subordinates, both officers and enlisted personnel. I applauded Mattis’ nomination of Defense Secretary because America is in crisis and he is what we need at this critical time.

General Kelly, another Trump nominee, is a little more polished, from a public relations perspective, than Mattis, but nonetheless he’s accomplished as a commander who accepts nothing but victory. Finally, the military will be in good hands, if Trump assumes the Presidency. Like Mattis, Kelly is feared and highly respected by the troops he has commanded. Both Generals are charismatic and very skilled leaders.

Why do I feel this analysis of these two great Generals is needed? The nomination of these two Generals by Trump, demonstrates what Trump thinks is coming. What is coming is a civil war in which the American military is likely to bifurcate. Trump needs military staff within his administration who will be able to lead and more importantly, convince military units to join with Trump in upcoming confrontations. And the recent turn of events point to the fact that this monumental confrontation is very close at hand.

One final comment along this line of thinking: As many long-time readers of The Common Sense Show will remember, I have written extensively about UWEX 16. This is Jade Helm 16 and what are they practicing for? As I demonstrated in previous articles, that through the publication of the Biz Op ads for people to play the role of American Guerrilla chieftains in an upcoming civil conflict, something very serious is coming. Clearly, someone in the Obama administration believes that large portions of the American military are going to go rogue and stand with the people. The drill took place on four military bases in Texas and included the use of foreign troops. They were practicing for what is coming and what I am about to reveal in the following paragraphs.

The Positioning of Assets for the Coming Civil War

Paul Martin of Revolution Radio, shared with me that 4,000 troops from Ft. Carson were deployed near the Russian border 48 hours ago. Along with the troops, 1,600 tanks were also deployed. That would constitute another 6,400 combat troops. In addition, to support a combat operation with an average ratio of six support troops to every fighting man, that is another 24,000 troops. If you are keeping score, that is a of 34,400 combat troops have been thrust into Eastern Europe ostensibly being prepared to fight Russia.

From my sources, I have learned that the requisite aircover has been deployed as well as well a battle group of ships. Although submarine maneuvers are kept very secret, one has to assume they are being positioned as well.

The surface meaning seems to indicate that my post-election prediction that Obama was going to try and start World War III before leaving office, is coming true. However, there is much more to this story than meets the eye. In addition to deploying troops to the Russian border in order to provoke Putin into reacting, Obama is effectively removing combat troops that from the United States who would be choosing up sides in the upcoming civil conflict. Among the reasons that I believe that Mattis and Kelly were nominated was for the purpose of securing the use of combat troops in the upcoming civil war. Obama is dispatching these troops so they cannot be used domestically. And who will Obama use for his military in the upcoming conflict? He will use the foreign assets that are here and the DHS. DHS? Don’t you remember that nearly four years ago, many in our nation were shocked when DHS appropriated 2700 armored vehicles and 2.2 billion rounds of ammunition? This is more ammunition than is being used in Afghanistan. At the time, we used to ask, who is DHS going to war with? We now know the answer.

Continuity of Government

Paul Martin likes to repeat the mantra, “when the civil conflict (i.e. Continuity of Government) is about to begin, where you are at, is where you will stay”. Paul’s primary source of intelligence has made this statement repeatedly. I have heard the same, now we both know why.

Paul has received a tip that details how establishment will curtail movement among potential dissidents. There is a device, with EMP-type of properties that will disable all cars 2004 and newer. The same technology will also disable all communications.

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9 comments to Trump Is Clearly Preparing for Civil War

  • Dave Hodges is clearly a disinformation agent. Or a raving lunatic. Hard to tell the difference sometimes.

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    His intro sends the same message as that of a jihadist. Lines in sand, with us or again us, salvation assured, all inner the name of liberty. Contemptible.

  • Ed_B

    Yes, DH IS a nut-case and of that there can be no doubt. Trump was not the one who helped militarize the police in America. He is not the one who fanned the flames of racial discontent.
    He is not the one who procured over 2 BILLION rounds of ammo for agencies such as the Social Security Administration, The National Parks Service, and other federal agencies that are NOT on the firing lines in America these days. Obozo did all that, not Trump. If anything, Trump is likely to un-do a lot of this crap. But we will all have to wait and see what Trump actually does once he is actually in office, which he now is not. Whether or not we like Trump, let’s at least wait until we have some facts to go on before getting hysterical over what he does or does not do.

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    Well his choices of inner circle billionaires, Goldman bankers, promises of more spending for the military and infrastructure, sounds like more of the same crap to me. Has mass hysteria, through the protest vote against the elites, blinded everyone on these sites to the enemy at the gate, i.e. big govt?

    • KRELL427

      I think the US military could become a lot stronger while spending less money with the right person in charge. Right now the military is one giant slush fund feeding a few insider companies who care little about providing anything of value in return. The military industrial complex is all about stealing money out of the system.

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