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Trump Derangement Syndrome – TRIGGERED!

from Stefan Molyneux:

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4 comments to Trump Derangement Syndrome – TRIGGERED!

  • F16hoser

    There were many reports of illegals being Bused around certain voting districts in Battleground states to vote MULTIPLE TIME’s. Border Agents have testified that thousands of illegal immigrants flood across into America daily. Obama want’s to start a war with Russia over unsubstantiated evidence that he refuses to show us. This is far worse than quibbling over Illegal Voters. The recounts in a few states show that votes were fraudulent for Hillary and were either thrown-out and/or switched back to Trump. Trump received more votes in the recount. How about the warehouse full of Hillary absentee ballots in boxes? How about the fraudulent poll numbers pushed by the MSM that were proven to be biased towards Democratic voters. Trump won in a Landslide if you compare how many Counties he won across America Vs. Hillary winning densely populated Urban areas. To that argument, the Electoral College Works.

  • F16hoser

    Hillary Lies. She privately stated: “She has a Public stance on issues and she has an opposite Private stance.” That alone indicates she Lies publicly to American.

  • F16hoser

    I personally don’t care about Trump’s flaws. I personally don’t care about Hillary’s flaws. I care about the “Movement.” If Trump strays-off the reservation, we’ll come-down hard on him too. Don’t support the man. Support the Movement. Quibbling about Trump Vs. Hillary is irrelevant at this point. In the immortal words of HRC, “At this point, what difference does it make?” This caller want’s to slam Trump over a number of legal Vs. Non-legal Voters. Voter fraud was perpetrated by Baby-Bush when he ran for president. That’s a fact. VOTER FRAUD IS ALIVE AND WELL IN AMERICA. This caller needs to do a little more research on the subject. How does this caller know how Trump thinks Critically? We all think differently because we all filter data differently. This caller knows NOTHING about the dangers of Muslims and Sharia Law. This douche Bag should go live in Germany for a few years. He’ll change his tune quickly. Muslims should move to other Muslim countries. Muslims Lie. Quran say’s they have to Lie until such a time when Sharia Lie can be implemented. This caller can’t hold a candle to Trump. He’s still throwing a temper tantrum over Trump winning the WH. This guy is the Poster Child for “TARD” (Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder)

  • F16hoser

    Stephan, I admire the way you controlled yourself. His points are totally irrelevant at this point in history. America voted. They voted for Trump. The NWO Elite were just put on notice. The caller is trying to live within a system that doesn’t exist anymore and hasn’t for a long time. Democrats and Republicans are two heads on the same monster. Sorry for the ranting. This caller really pissed me off. Stephan, how glasses of Scotch did you drink afterwards???

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