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“Trickle-Down Poverty”: The Coming Cashless Society Is Making People Desperate

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

Forget about tax policies and left-right politics with the coming era of Trump.

The real trend for the direction of the economy is in the rapidly-accelerating transition to a cashless society.

This vicious move by the top of the pyramid to eliminate physical currency is a drastic step towards the near-total control of society.

Already, plastic cards and electronic payments have taken over the trend of many point-of-sale purchases, not to mention the majority of online sales, which are now very significant.

However, cash remains a major part of spending, and an important part of the individual’s daily economic life.

Nonetheless, the cashless grid is setting in, and its consequences are coming down on society.

Sean of SGT Report talks with David on the dire repercussions of the cash-smackdown that is taking place within the U.S. and across the global economy.

They argue that the promise of electronic currency cutting down on crime, etc. is all just “smoke and mirrors” – and ultimately has nothing to do with reducing criminal activity and fraud, but rather with transferring wealth and power to the Deep State and the elite shareholders.

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