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The Silver Riggers are now Playing with Fire, Here’s Why…

by Wealth Watchman, The Wealth Watchman:

A Deadly Game

Hello brothers, in this Clarion Call, we take aim at recent events in silver, and then hone on brand-spanking new market events that will weigh HEAVILY on precious metal riggers into 2017. Things like:

-The recent Deutsche Bank settlement, and why it’s crucial for the authorities.

-Why the confession by the banks, and the daily evidence of emails at the silver fix, is the “Wikileaks dump” of precious metals we’ve been waiting for.

ee notes, and why it affected their gold market.

-The decision of Indian officials to confiscate gold acquired in certain circumstances, and why this is incredibly good news for silver.

-Janet Yellen’s recent decision to raise interest rates, and what effect this will have on silver and gold prices.

-Why the market riggers are in such a dangerous place, if they continue aggressively prosecuting lower silver prices.

–Why India’s recent silver imports were the highest in 6 months, and where we go from here in 2017.

-Where silver has become a real value play in India, relative to gold.

-Why Yellen’s actions just proved Donald Trump correct about the Federal Reserve.

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