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The People of Germany Turn on The Elites’ Puppet, Angela Merkel, as Anger Rises – Nathan McDonald

by Nathan McDonald, Sprott Money:

Outrage and anger – this is a subject that we see over and over again as of lately. These emotions are what gave rise to BREXIT, they are what gave rise to the victory of Donald Trump and they are exactly why Germany and France are next on the list to be toppled and set free by liberty lovers.

The globalist puppets who have been installed around the world are either falling in rapid succession, or they are being replaced as each election comes and goes. Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, is one of the next puppets that I see falling, as I have written about many times recently.

The recent terrorist attack in Germany by a refugee while people were out simply attempting to enjoy their holidays and do some Christmas shopping for their families and friends is not going to help her odds of being re-elected in any way, shape or form.

The people are turning on her rapidly, even the police force, which up until recently supported Ms. Merkel, are beginning to publicly express their outrage at the system that is allowing these terrorists to slip through the cracks.

Germany has admitted that mistakes are being made in their screening process and terrorists are taking advantage of these errors. Given the increased amount of attacks we have seen in the past year alone, this is plain to see.

This shameful scenario that we now find ourselves in is the beginning of the end of globalization, as people are beginning to see the folly of its ways and how it has destroyed our security and economies, while only enriching those at the top.

People are waking up at a startling pace, as the global elites’ plans are crumbling to pieces and people become sick and tired of having this bogus system forcefully imposed on us, without our permission.

The protests are erupting in Germany over this recent action and the blame is being placed on Angela Merkel. This may mark the end of her career in Germany. I predict that she is going to get crushed in the coming elections and another global puppet is going to be dethroned. Just wait and see.

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