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The mainstream media lies about vaccines just like they lied about Donald Trump

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:

One of the “mainstream” media’s narratives since President-elect Donald J. Trump “unexpectedly” defeated their chosen candidate, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, has been that the former was aided by “fake news” supplied to hundreds of legitimate news websites (including this one) by the Russian government.

That massive lie has since been exposed as fake news in and of itself, as Natural News founder/editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, noted this week when he pointed out that the Washington Post, which originally published the story, has now backed away from the allegations.

“In other words, the same Washington Post that relied heavily on the discredited fake news group ‘PropOrNot’ as its primary source for the story is now admitting PropOrNot can’t be trusted at all,” Adams wrote.

That raises a legitimate question, then: If the vaunted Washington Post allows itself to be this easily duped by a phony group of pretend “experts,” how can anyone trust anything the paper publishes?

We have pointed out time and again that the media lies big time when it comes to coverage of this issue, and this is the very same mainstream media that lied early and often about the new president-elect.

In fact, how can you trust anything the so-called mainstream media says about other important topics – like vaccines?

The issue of vaccines and Trump’s candidacy crossed paths early in the primary season. During the first debate, Trump expressed intelligent questions and skepticism over the current vaccine schedule pushed by mainstream medicine and Big Pharma after receiving a “gotcha” question from the CNN moderator. While stating that he was generally in favor of vaccines in principle, he also explained, “But I want smaller doses over a longer period of time.”

It just so happens that the two physicians in the 17-candidate field of GOP contenders agreed in principle with Trump.

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