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The EU Grows Its Horns of Control and War

by Phil Butler, New Eastern Outlook:

Elmar Brok is an unknown quantity to many, but one of the most powerful figures in Europe at the same time. The current Chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs, he is also one of the shadowy elites wielding massive power. His role as former Senior Vice President for Media Development for the massive media conglomerate Bertelsmann resonates sharply today. Last week’s EU Parliamentary votes on a resolution on the “EU strategic communication”, and on the so-called “EU Army” resolution bear Brock’s emblem. What you are about to read will reveal two horns of a well planned strategy of divisiveness in Brussels.

I was once again amazed when I first read the reports on this “EU Counterpropaganda” machine being considered by Brussels. But, even before this press release from the EU, our research teams keyed on the concerns of Margarita Simonyan, Editor-in-chief of RT and Rossiya Segodnya via myriad social and traditional media outlets. So, last Monday when the European Parliament voted in favor of the resolution on countering Russian media outlets like Sputnik news agency and RT broadcasting, I was disheartened we in independent media had not acted sooner. The final vote for “censoring” unwanted messages was 304 in favor the document, 179 voted against and 208 abstaining. For those unfamiliar with the resolution, it was Elmar Bock who ushered in this congealed media monstrosity in the making. The wording of the early document drafts is telling of deeper intent:

“The European Parliament … acknowledges that Russia is using in an aggressive manner, a wide range of tools and instruments for the columns, including special foundations (Russki Mir), multi-language TV channels (Russia Today, RIA Novosti), news agencies (Sputnik), social and religious groups (including the Orthodox Church), social media, and trolls on the Internet, in order to make Western values into question, in Europe, to win domestic support and to bring in the countries of the Eastern neighborhood of the EU the impression that as were their state structures prior to the resolution.“

Russian President Vladimir Putin condemned the EU Parliamentary decisions but expressed moderation with his hope that common sense would prevail. Despite Mr. Putin’s guarded optimism though, signs the EU is censoring dissenting views are already on the wall according to Italian journalist Giulietto Chiesa, who told Sputnik :

“The Reporters Without Borders (RSF) organization, which said it would not give interviews to the Russian media group Rossiya Segodnya, is violating a code of ethics.”

It is disturbing indeed finding out years of planning has gone in to the creation of these initiatives, and by the likes of those nicknamed “Mr. Bertelsmann”, and etc. In addition, and of even more concern is the second “horn” of a potential European beast.

While in Athens last week I was contacted to discuss the perils of the EU defense union that MPs voted in last Tuesday in Strasbourg with RT TV’s Rory Suchet. His points, and those of citizens RT was interviewing on the streets, were mirrored in demonstrations at the time of my visit to Athens over further austerity for Greeks. But costs and hardships of citizens aside, the Brok Manifestos, if I may call them that, foretell of a far more deadly reality.

Brok, who is also the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the European Endowment for Democracy (EED), was a key figure I portrayed in a much earlier report on this EU Counter-Propaganda arm. Now that the vote in the EU Parliament is secured, a range of experts are discussing the implications. One such expert, Ukip MEP Mike Hookem thinks the legislation will put an end to freedom of speech, and perhaps even usher in a kind of martial law – and possibly an end to the Brexit as well. Hookem was quoted by the Sunday Express as saying:

“It is an attack on free speech and because its from a place like this an attack on those who will pause the EU project.“

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