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The Elite Just Sent A Message To Russia

from X22Report:

Episode 1156b.

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2 comments to The Elite Just Sent A Message To Russia

  • Mac

    hey we see u can edit and make sound so good.

    But Trump IS the elite.

    What is wrong with you? Lost your insights?
    Alex Jones and Max Keiser fawn over Trump as though Trump IS the answer. No way Jose!
    Trump IS the 1 percent. It is a bait and switch. When you and Jones and Keiser wake it will be too late I fear!

    Sameful, you all being sucked in. You are missing the truth, and just dreaming, I fear.

    • KRELL427

      He is a one percent wealth wise, doesn’t mean he is invited or would even attend Bohemian Grove or participated in their many fudge packer conventions.

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