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Stupid Liberals Can’t Read

from Mark Dice:

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7 comments to Stupid Liberals Can’t Read

  • Eric

    This is why people are powerless. Knowledge is power.

    What books do you read? It’s not a difficult question to answer.

    • Millicent

      Eric, the self-anointed pseudo-intellectual of the SGT site.

      Answer: none of your business… dimwit.


      • Eric

        Obviously you just don’t read Millicent. That’s probably why you can’t form an argument and you have to resort to personal attacks.

        Peter Schiff has been more right than you have.

        Since 2000 the markets have crashed twice while gold has tripled and more. Soon to be a third time. He predicted the 2008 meltdown long before it happened while the fast money traders were saying nobody saw it coming.

        I’m sorry he doesn’t have perfect timing for you since you have to follow others rather than use any kind of critical thinking skills.

  • Ed_B

    Saying “stupid liberals” is repeating yourself. 😉

  • Praxis

    The Wind Up Bird Chronicles, SnowCrash (yet again) and finishing Deadeye Dick. Never actually finished that damn classic.
    Books are for cool people.

  • Praxis

    Merry Crispix Sean and I can’t imagine how many contributors now… All of them.

  • Rdawg

    More accurate to say “don’t” or “won’t” read, rather than “can’t”.

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