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Stocks Too High? Bullishness Higher Than 2000 & 2007 | McAlvany Commentary

from McAlvany Financial:

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1 comment to Stocks Too High? Bullishness Higher Than 2000 & 2007 | McAlvany Commentary

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I like how they refer to it as “Bullishness”.

    I think they just misspelled it a bit, they forgot it needs three more letters. “s” and “h” and “t”.

    Then it would be spelled correctly. Bull SH i T sness”
    The DOW is smoking METH. The “investors” are smoking METH. The METH is smoking METH.

    NYC had better make all the Wall Street sidewalks from TEMPURPEDIC Foam mattresses, because when people wake up on some Monday morning, and the DOW is back down to the four thousand point level (lost 16,000 points over night), there’s gonna be a lot of splattered sidewalks next to all those hi-rise buildings.

    The homeless bums are gonna be the ones who are best at surviving on the streets, BUT, hey, those bums rely on WORKING people to hand out some cash money. SO, when the working people have nothing to give, those bums are not exactly growing any gardens on empty lots.

    The day may come, when having any GOLD TEEF in your MOUWF will get you killed by the “Baseball Bat & Pliers Street Gangs”.

    In the earliest days of the crash & starvations, it is the ambulance crews, coroners, and undertakers who will be putting those pliers to good use on all the dead bodies. But as things get worse, everybody who finds a dead body, will be going for the pliers as fast as you can say: “toothless”.

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