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Silver Price Manipulation Continues In 2016

by Turd Ferguson, TF Metals Report:

Well, it appears that things have stabilized following this year’s post-FOMC massive gold and silver price raid. The only thing that remains to be seen is whether price can rebound somewhat into year end and hold onto a positive 2016.

So we wait and watch…seriously, what else can we do? It has now been proven and admitted that teams of traders at The Bullion Banks actively collude to manage and manipulate price. (See here: And it’s obvious that The Criminals are still at it when you examine the silver chart over the past 90 days. Three massive raids have been staged to inflict devastating, technical damage.

The first (for $1.09) took place on October 4 and it was designed to take out the 100-day moving average.
The second (for $1.36) took place on November 11 and it was designed to take out the 200-day moving average.
The smash on Thursday (for $1.26) was designed to take out the 500-day or 100-week moving average.

Combined, those three days total $3.71 in losses. JUST THOSE THREE DAYS ALONE.

Now consider that price closed at $18.87 on Monday, October 3 and it trades as I type at $16.07. So, let’s do some math while consulting the calendar.

Over the past 53 trading days, the Comex price of “silver” has fallen by $2.80/ounce. However, as noted above, price fell by $3.71 in just three days of massive and staged Cartel Bank raids. This means that for the other 50 days, price is actually UP 91¢.

Let’s pause here and think about that for a few minutes….

At the end of the day, it’s getting increasingly difficult to work up the anger and frustration that used to flow so freely through my fingertips and into my MacBook. Instead, now that the world KNOWS beyond a shadow of a doubt that digital gold and silver prices are wholly manipulated and suppressed by a group of collusive, racketeering Bullion Banks, it’s just a matter of time before the entire Paper Derivative Pricing Scheme implodes in spectacular fashion. The only sensible response for anyone reading this is to use this knowledge to your advantage and then patiently wait out the process.

I, for one, will simply continue to dollar-cost average physical metal into my stack at a price which is entirely unrelated to true physical supply and demand. So long as The Banks keep playing their paper games, I’ll just keep on stacking in preparation for what is to come.

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1 comment to Silver Price Manipulation Continues In 2016

  • jskauai

    Not for nothing but did anyone listen to this …

    I like Brent Cook and I respect his opinions. What is it with the “Turd”? He totally screws up this interview with Brent. His paid subs ask some questions and Turd acts like he doesn’t know anything about these companies. One of his paid members ask about Avino Silver (ASM). They are going to reopen the Bralorne gold mine in Canada. Turd acts like he doesn’t know how to pronounce Bralorne and also confuses Brent into thinking that this is Avino minerals which Brent of course doesn’t know anything about it because there is no Avino minerals! Then another paid member asks about Americas Silver (USAPF) and again Turd act like he never heard of this company. This is a redesigned company which used to be Scorpio Silver and now has new management team and is worthy of consideration. But the Turd fumbles it so badly that he gets Brent to say that he is wary of companies that use “America” or American symbols as a hype to promote their company. After that what was total hilarious was the Turd declaring that he has purchased stock in Pan “America”n silver! One of the best responses from Brent was about Gold Mining Inc. which was Brazil resources. Again Turd seems to know very little about this company even though just a short while ago he had Marin Katusa on his site pumping this. Brent being respectful nicely states that this company is a long shot betting on much higher gold prices but it has a very big promotional budget behind it. So with what I saw in this podcast with Brent it should put up some red flags to those who are willing to pay for the Turds information, buyer be ware!

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