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Silver could be over $10000 an ounce in 2 months if everyone invested

from Silver Warrior:

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5 comments to Silver could be over $10000 an ounce in 2 months if everyone invested

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Yes, it can go up like crazy if the other 99.5% wake up. Fat chance!

    Not until the “Black Pineapple Suppository of truth” hits them where it hurts will they understand that pain is coming.

    Even if it takes another year or so, my gut is telling me to “top up everything”.

    Some nations have been experiencing pre-crash, slow motion train wrecks, and still don’t fully grasp what’s needed for survival. Look at Venezuela, Greece, Spain, China. They’ve got a variety of suffering and signs, yet they still don’t get it. Venezuela is deeply into it, and they cannot ignore it. I think a lot more of them are starting to grow some gardens.

    But Cyprus got no warnings. India went full retard, but they’ve had warnings, capital controls, gold restrictions, etc.

    Plenty of NEW laws, new restrictions, government propaganda about so many dots that don’t yet seem like dots. The warning signs are abundant in Canada, UK, Europe, USA, Australia, Japan, & China.

    Be ready, or be Compost.

    Jan 1st is when the NEW “farm drug laws” go into effect and you can NO longer buy the off the shelf anti-biotics without a veterinarian prescription !!! (of course you knew that, yes?)

    (I consider this to be ANOTHER DOT.)

    Run out and buy that stuff QUICKLY. (as if your LIFE, or the lives of people you love may depend upon it.) And buy a “Nurse’s Drug Guide” (just a few bucks for used ones on Amazon), and you’ll see what drugs, doses, etc for all events.)

    Most anti-biotic treatments, call for about 1 gram per day (divided into 3 or 4 doses per day), for about 10 days.
    The “farm supply” antibiotics, (Oxy-tetracycline, formerly known as “Terrmycin), you can buy the 10 gram bag of powder (advertised for chickens, etc), for about $9. That’s enough for ONE person’s treatment.

    There are OTHER things too. BUT, I think you may STILL be able to buy “FISH MEDS” on Ebay from Asia. But I’m NOT sure about this.

    I just bought a few items today, including a couple of “cow pills” (bolus), each one contains 32 grams of what the human doctors would call “Bactrim”, for just $2.50 each. It’s a big SOLID pill, about as big as 1/2 of a cigar. For emergency human use, I’d have to CRUSH it, and weigh it on a sensitive scale (or physically divide it into 32 equal sized piles), and then each “1 gram pile”, I’d have to divide that into 3 smaller doses for somebody to take it 3 times per day, to add up to a total of ONE gram per day.

    That COW PILL has enough (sulfa based antibiotic), to treat 3 people for 10 days each…all for just $2.50 (I wonder if this drug may also work for poultry?)

    I also bought some garden seeds on that trip. Some POLE beans and Pole Peas (so I can plant them along the fence and let them climb, or use them in the “3 sisters method”. You can do that with “Bush beans”.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Typo alert.
    Here’s the original mistake=

    You <> do that with “Bush beans”.

    It SHOULD say “you CANNOT do that with Bush beans”.
    (past my bedtime).

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Oh CRAP.

    I just made ANOTHER mistake about my mistake. I “highlighted” it with by surrounding it with symbols that the website interprets as HTML code signals and deleted the world in the brackets.

    Here is the REAL correction.
    (this is the typo…. I meant to type “can’t”, but missed the apostrophe & the “T”.)
    You -“can”- do that with “Bush beans”.

    It SHOULD say…… “you CANNOT do that with Bush beans”.
    (it is past my bedtime).

  • Mr Cause

    It appears crystal clear to me the market price of silver(and of course gold) is manipulated and controlled with “paper”, which really isn’t even paper any more, it’s just 1s and 0s.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine there is a fixed amount of Silver on this planet and at some point the physical reality is going to force the virtual reality to the ground.

    If you’re still not convinced of such things, you could try this. Go put you a virtual reality head set on and then climb up and stand on the edge of your roof. Now, make sure you have something lovely to view when you take the next step.

    Yep, it’s going to be something like that. That Oh shit moment is coming and if you don’t have any silver, it’s because your walking around in a virtual reality completely and totally deluded. When the goggles get removed, that’s going to be like when Christ (or the Truth) returns. Some are going to be jumping for joy, others are going to be introduced to hell.

    But don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe silver could save you any more then carrying a gun. The only way anyone will ever be saved is by believing into His Majesty. And that my friend is not something any of us can pretend our way into.

    Mr C

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