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Silver and Gold – Tips for Talking to Friends and Family About Precious Metals

from Silver Fortune:

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1 comment to Silver and Gold – Tips for Talking to Friends and Family About Precious Metals

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    It’s always good to successfully educate more sheeple about how to see what’s coming and how to protect themselves from dieing because of the crash that cannot be avoided.

    But sadly, as long as the DOW keeps going up, and the PM’s remain “stagnant”, it’s hard for the sheeple to wake up.

    When the SS checks quit coming, when the last of the pensions have collapsed, when the DOW is losing a thousand points each week, and PM’s have doubled, tripled, and then gone up by 5X or more, as well as the grocery store prices have tripled and/or the shelves are EMPTY,……THAT’s when the majority of them will be wanting answers.

    But it will be too late for them. There will be some percentage of them, who will be in denial & “shell shocked” all the way to the grave.

    The day will come, when I will be HAPPY that I don’t have any relatives living within 300 miles of my home. I am already happy that I live in a rural area where almost everybody’s home is more than 200 feet (or more) from the nearest neighbor. The population density is very low here. I feel sorry for all the tens of millions of people who are living in cities and suburbs, where houses are no more than 10-40ft apart, or living in apartments or condos, trailer parks.

    If you want to play “Santa & Savior” to a few “worthy” people/families, then I’d suggest putting together a few of those 5 gallon plastic buckets, (perhaps we should think of it as a “Venezuela care package”)…and fill it with as many calories (rice, beans, some dry sauce/gravy mixes, drink mixes, spices/flavorings), and perhaps about 20 silver dimes… then when you give it away, it may be enough to help 2 people, to survive, for a month or two on the food inside.

    With one of those “swimming pool” foam noodles, they can attach it to the top of the EMPTY bucket, put a “liner in it” before the foam noodle, and use it as a portable toilet. Don’t forget a package of the super dense, double rolls or toilet paper (what goes IN, must go OUT.)
    A few bars of bath soap, etc. That’s because there will be MILLIONS of people who never stocked up on a damn thing, and they’ll run out of everything in the first MONTH.

    I’m thinking you could put together a really great “5 gallon bucket life saver” (and some extra goodies) for about $20-30. To really make it worthy & possible to SAVE a life, you should “boost” it with an “emergency garden seeds” system, and a pamphlet about gardening, food preservation/dehydration, etc.

    Even with a few cheap bottles of “alcohol based” hand sanitizer, ($1 to $1.50 each), not just for cleaning hands, BUT, each one contains enough “alcohol-FUEL”, to warm up about 8 cans of soup, beans, etc.

    You can burn this stuff indoors because it does NOT give off any smoke or toxic fumes.
    (military fuel tabs, and camping supply solid fuel tabs, often are the type that gives off some CYANIDE fumes as a by-product of combustion- the “Hexamine” types.) You can make a “can warming stove” with an empty food can, and some “sheet metal cutters”, and a pair of pliers. It really works.

    The alcohol is the “food type” (ethanol), so yes, it can be swallowed (and the stuff is either 62%=124 proof, or 70%=140 proof, strong.) When the SHTF, a lot of people will be desperate for booze.
    Many mouth washes, are 20%=40 proof booze. So even if you live in a “dry county”, you can still find these products locally.

    You can print out (and make copies) of some good stuff you “googled” for them!!
    Hey, you ARE dealing with sheeple who are clueless on SO many topics, you’ll need to give them instructions on how to survive, gardening, water, and even how to use “fire cooking” and NOT burn down the house. Keep in mind, that so many common people have no sense.

    We will be tying to help “idiots” to survive. (but just the ones we love).
    After this is over, the world wide average “survival I.Q.” will be much higher than it is today.

    How to make a SOLAR oven for FREE with things around the house.
    Save and purify water, rain water, beach, etc.
    Growing veggies in winter (cold frames, hoop house, etc.)
    compost, etc
    Survival techniques. Survival gardening.

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