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Russian Ambassador to Turkey Murdered on Camera by Turkish ‘Ex’ Cop, Putin Ally Suspects NATO Security Service Connection to Assassination

from Rogue Money:

So we have an assassin yelling in Turkish and Arabic with threats of retribution for Aleppo while giving the one finger jihadi salute. I think that senior Turkish security official is trying to throw the Russian wolfhound off the scent. I also think the trail will lead to the FSA/Nusra jihadis currently enjoying the benevolence of the West and the Turks. As Putin said, “The killers will feel it.” I can hear my old friend, master sergeant Al Rivers in that booming rebel voice of his, “The shit’s on, good buddy!”

Those expecting this assassination to be another Gavrilo Princip spark of the type that ignited the European powder keg and World War One 103 years ago are going to be disappointed — Putin and Erdogan have both affirmed the killer’s goal was to destroy Turkish-Russian detente. Since last November if not earlier, Putin has thus far deftly evaded ‘let’s you and him fight’ schemes to embroil Russia in direct combat with the Turks, despite the Turkish offensive toward Al-Bab and Ankara’s illegal under international law seizure of a ‘buffer zone’ to block a Kurdish state in northern Syria (which also secures supply lines for the so-called ‘moderate’ rebels opposed to Assad if not ISIS from getting cut off by the Kurds).

The real blowback from this killing, we suspect will come next year, when President-elect Donald J. Trump takes office. In a tweeted response to the slaying, Trump hinted at the need for ‘new thinking’ — which we interpret to mean reevaluating whether an increasingly unstable, Islamized and ISIS/PKK-violence plagued Turkey ought to remain in NATO. Despite the barely concealed sick neocon glee and endorsement of takfirists’ celebrations of Ambassador Karlov’s death, if a rogue Turkish cop can shoot a Russian ambassador in the back next time it may be the turn of an American or German diplomat. The hubris of Atlanticists who will be increasingly unmasked as globalists that they’ll never pay a political price for their support of keeping an increasingly neo-Ottoman Turkey in NATO and backing a pathetic, spineless Merkel/EU(SSR) policy of allowing the Sultan to blackmail Europe with mass migration is badly mistaken.

At the same time, the efforts of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn to open back channel diplomacy with the Turks prior to joining the Administration as White House National Security Adviser have resulted in Flynn advocating the extradition of CIA asset Muslim cleric Fetullah Gulen to Turkey for his alleged role in the mid-July putsch and other crimes. It remains likely that Erdogan, true to character, will exploit Amb. Karlov’s murder to continue purging the Turkish police and security services, while maximizing Ankara’s bargaining position between Washington and Moscow.

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