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Republican Elector Slams “Coup D’etat” Attempt to “Overturn a Fair and Legal Election”

by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars:

A Republican elector who has been bombarded with irate letters, emails and phone calls from Hillary Clinton voters has slammed the left’s efforts at influencing electors as a “coup d’etat” attempt to “overturn a fair and legal election”.

Alan Braun, a Republican elector from Des Moines, Iowa, blasted the move as a partisan ploy and refused to be affected by it.

“What the Hamilton Electors are suggesting amounts to a coup d’etat to overturn a fair and legal election. I refuse to co-operate with them,” he tweeted.

Braun has been keeping track of the number of letters he has received from leftists as part of the organized campaign to convince, and in some cases intimidate, electors out of voting for Trump. Numerous others have complained about receiving death threats.

On one day, Braun recieved no less than 58 letters and a FedEx package. Yesterday, he received a staggering 96 letters.

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