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WARNING: Google’s War Against “Truth” & “Fake” News!

from clif high:

Warning to woo-woo! Google aiming at Alt-right has hit woo-woo square in jaw!
All alternative media may be at risk! Be aware of what is going on in your search engine results!

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1 comment to WARNING: Google’s War Against “Truth” & “Fake” News!

  • thinking outside the matrix

    I put in my matrix forecast for 2016-2018 that internet censorship was coming. See at the 11 min 55 sec mark. Eat your heart out web bot. You can figure out what’s the Elite are going to do by seeing how the Elite prioritize their news as well as figure out what is a threat to their control and power. Propaganda is their number one weapon. The internet is neutralizing it. So it does not take web bot super powers to see whats coming next. Pay attention! If all the news sources are repeating the same story with the same tone and using the phrases then the Elite are probably feeding you propaganda

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