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Power Outage & the Silent Solution | David Sidoo

from Reluctant Preppers:

Preparedness-minded families are striving to increase their self-reliance and independence, including off-grid living, solar and wind power, and having at-the-ready standby emergency devices like radios, lanterns, and more.

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1 comment to Power Outage & the Silent Solution | David Sidoo

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Sad to discover that this was MOSTLY just a long talk about “investment opportunities of Lithium” and how useful it is for batteries, industry, etc.

    I’ll give you what you need to know. SILENT Energy solution is called SOLAR PANELS.
    The most efficient way to STORE that energy, is brand new 6vdc, Golf cart batteries (wired in series for the proper voltage for your inverter).

    If you’re stuck using the 12v R/V marine batteries, keep in mind the 12v batteries use much thinner lead plates and will not live for as many years.

    The amount of Kilowatt hours of useable electricity from “Lead-acid” type batteries, is the best “BANG for your BUCK”. Lithium is more “energy dense” (fits in a smaller package), but for an equal amount of usable power, the cost of Lithium batteries is about 400% more money.

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