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‘Populism Vs. Globalism’ – a Meme That Doesn’t Exist in Reality

from The Daily Bell:

A Dark Age for European Democracy? … How the Political Center Will Fare in 2017 … On November 17, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and U.S. President Barack Obama published an article in the German magazine WirtschaftsWoche, outlining their countries’ shared commitments to the values of individual freedom, democracy, and the rule of law; collective defense through the NATO alliance; and international cooperation on issues from refugee policy to climate change mitigation. –Foreign Affairs

The  “populism versus globalism” meme continues to provide eerily scripted analyses of the West’s sociopolitical perspectives. It is playing its part in justifying the removal of freedom around the world.

When we first analyzed this meme in mid-summer, here, we expected it to become a dominant one and it has. Everything has fallen into place almost flawlessly.

Brexit, Trump, Renzi – the political developments represented by these names can be seen as credible … as “blowback” against globalism.

And yet … one can, as well, argue that we are simply spectators watching an elaborately produced cinematic event, the very predictability of which raises doubts.

As does the predictable media coverage.

As such, Foreign Affairs magazine – the preeminent globalist magazine in the US – mourns what is taking place. Thus, the article’s title, “A Dark Age for European Democracy.”

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