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PIZZAGATE PEDO CRIMES ARE GLOBAL: The Darkest Secrets Revealed – Ole Dammegard & Carine Hutsebaut


My friend Ole Dammegard and child trafficking researcher and author Carine Hutsebaut join me to discuss the global pedophilia and child trafficking epidemic. Carine’s work in this area has been ongoing for 30 years, and neither she or Ole are surprised by the Pizzagate Podesta email revelations, it’s just “standard operating procedure” in nations all over the world, Ole says. Visit Ole’s site at – and please donate a few bucks to Ole via Paypal using his e-mail: [email protected]

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11 comments to PIZZAGATE PEDO CRIMES ARE GLOBAL: The Darkest Secrets Revealed – Ole Dammegard & Carine Hutsebaut

  • Andy

    Many thanks Sean for keeping the spotlight on this subject. Those of us willing to shine the light into these dark corners are warriors of the spirit. I think there is value in bringing this subject into consciousness, because this is how things change incrementally. If enough people can hold enough witness to such crimes, we will eventually be victorious over this evil. Even if we don’t protest in the streets or yell our voices, just the fact of adding your awareness to the larger collective consciousness, is helpful. This is a spiritual undertaking, no doubt.

  • Larry from Montreal

    My friends won’t believe me when I tell them that their idiot boxes are lying to them about false news etc. I can’t believe that people still watch TV.

  • willygroper

    CTM had Elaine Willman on last night.

    you cannot believe the web of infiltration thru the indian casinos & the radicals being imported, using the BLM. think of whalemart running ma & pa’s out of biz.

    indian courts too, are seizing children.

    Rev. 2:9

  • Stuck

    Hello again Sean.

    Firstly, I would like to thank you for continuing to expose this evil when many of your peers are now backing away from this, perhaps in fear as they discover just how evil this stuff really is, and perhaps more specifically, how ‘high’ up the pyramid of power this goes.

    Now, for the benefit of your readers, I would like to make a couple of points.

    Talking from my knowledge of this issue (albeit many years old) I will state that Carine is correct (to a point only) in one of her most contentious statements in this interview. There are indeed some people who involve themselves in child rape, child torture, and child murder (we all need to stop using the PC term ‘child abuse’ and call it what it is) just because they are simply degenerate people, as opposed to being ‘satanists’ or ‘occultists’. She is therefore correct in her statement, but only to a point.

    Carine, as knowledgable as she may be, needs to recognise that there is indeed another level beyond that of the casual pedophile who simply rapes children because they enjoy it.

    That level is of course what we refer to as the ‘satanic’ level, which is concerned with ‘spiritual’ energy, and the exploitation/corruption/use/sacrifice of this energy for personal reasons or as an offering to any number of the various dieties representing satan (ie Baal, Moloch, etc).

    At this level there are considerable ritualistic (and therefore spiritualy energetic) elements to the rape, torture, and destruction of children. The people involved in this, are to the best of my knowledge, ‘true belivers’ and not simply hiding behind a costume or ritual.

    In other words, there most certainly is a spiritual warfare element to the rape and murder of children, and this should not be overlooked or ignored.

    Leaving out the Mind ‘Kontrol’ element of the sexual, physical, and psychological torture of children (because this is a subject in itself) I want to highlight one major issue which is often overlooked when ‘fresh chicken’ is required, that is ‘babies’. By the way, I was told once that ‘chicken’ comes from the resemblance of a baby to a prepared chicken when their legs are folded backwards and crossed, like a chicken ready for the pot.

    The issue I need to highlight is that of where many of the fresh children, particularly babies come from.

    It is clear to any serious researcher that there is a global demand for very young children, particularly babies. Various satanic and ‘religious’ groups, cults, etc who use ancient (and well documented) methods to harvest this energy from children, aka ‘innocents’ (in the past simply refered to as a ‘virgin’). These people require a regular new supply of the very youngest, and therefore most ‘innocent’ of children.

    Traditionally, wars (Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria comes to mind as recent examples), plus humanitarian disaters (Haiti comes to mind as a recent example), provide opportunities to obtain children. Incest and the use of forced ‘breeders’ provided another avenue of supply. This is likely to be the case today, but I wish to highlight here only one of these very important sources of supply.

    That is the ‘breeding’ of children specifically for supply into ‘satanic’ networks.

    In the past I was told of several cases where a female child who had come to the end of her useful life within a network, ie has reached puberty, was retained inside the group to become a ‘breeder’.

    This child would be made pregnant (she will never leave a house/building if she is
    clearly still underage) and that baby would be taken from her at birth by the group. No person outside the group would have any knowledge of the pregnancy or birth. The birth may or may not be used as part of any ritual.

    It is likely a ‘breeder’ will have many pregnancies and births, all hidden from public view until she reaches a certain age, after which she may be ‘allowed’ to reside elsewhere as a slave/forced prostitute. Often a male victim will be forced to live with the breeder, sometimes as ‘husband’ or sometimes as a handler/pimp. This is both for control but also in order to create some form of sham cover if the network is in suberbia and the house is visited often by ‘friends’ or ‘relatives’.

    OK, I dont want to go with this, it sickens me to bring it all up, but my point is this: in every town and city, likely all over the world, there will be a network of ritual child rapists who rely upon the produce of forced ‘breeders’ to supply babies into their ritualistic network.

    This has gone on for so long and is so well practiced, that it could be happening on YOUR street today and you would not know unless you were part of the group.

    Finally, and this is a truely horific subject to broach upon, albeit very briefly. Cannibalism.

    Cannibalism does go on and is actually on the increase (the elite love to predictively programme this in the movies and on TV, ie from ‘The Road’ to ‘The Walking Dead’ and encourage non-obvious canabilistic practices such as eating a placenta for the ‘health’ benefits, or using foetal cells in medicine).

    It is very difficult to find physical evidence of cannibalism, and even when it is found, the remains are rarely if ever described as ‘leftovers from a meal of human flesh’, but ‘parts of a dismembered body’.

    FOR THE RECORD: To people who may find what I have described as being a threat to them, or suspect that I may have knowledge which could be a threat to them, I would like to state that I am no threat to anyone past or present.
    My knowledge of this matter is from over 20 years ago. I can not reference any files, I do not know, and more to the point have never known, any names or personal details. Nor can I identify any individuals or networks – past or present. I do not pose any direct threat to any individual or group, past or present, in any way shape or form. The information I post here is simply my personal interpretation and opinnion for the benefit of SGTReport followers.

    May God protect the innocents, and may God protect those seeking to shine a light into the darkest of places.

  • Stuck


    Just caught your interview on the Hagmann & Hagmann Report.
    OUTSTANDING stuff. You were on fire my friend. Allow me to place the link below for the benefit of other readers (Sean comes on at c.35mins guys):

  • AgShaman

    Well done Sean in tackling this subject head on and refusing to let it get memory-holed by the enemy

    I feel like these demons believe that they can steal/eat the spirit force of children if they can perform these horrific acts before children reach a certain age. My guess is 12 is the cut-off age and the children that are younger than this represent “lifeforce targets” for these evil creatures

  • Eric

    In 2014 it was reported that over 100,000 child in America, a year, were victims of sex trafficking, and those numbers are low because many of the victims are silenced because they are still enslaved. According to some reports, there are 100,000 to 300,000 underage girls being sold for sex in America each year. Those numbers do not represent the overall totals when those not considered minors are included.

  • Occult

    Pedophilia is very real and very demonic.
    However, “PIZZA-GATE” is a Psyop to create a reason to introduce GLOBAL INTERNET CENSORSHIP.
    Don’t fall for it:

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