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PizzaGate is just the tip of the ICEBERG — Ole Dammegard


International researcher, lecturer and truth teller Ole Dammegard returns to SGT report to shine light on the New World Order criminal syndicate – and Ole says that based on his decades of research, the DC pedo ring known now as PizzaGate is merely the tip of the iceberg of a massive “Satanic network” that stretches all across the globe. Ole could use your support, please visit his website to donate!

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29 comments to PizzaGate is just the tip of the ICEBERG — Ole Dammegard

    • glitter 1

      So, what’s your take?

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        I take it as a hoax.

        I did entertain thoughts of Jim Willie’s “Scheiss dollars”, but looking at the .pdf files of said documents, I noticed that the document did not contain any “OMB” document identifier numbers as required by Federal laws contained in the “paperwork reduction act” etc etc.

        You’ll find those OMB numbers at the border of all legit documents & can access documents by its OMB number.

        (OMB= office of management & budget)

      • Eric

        No idea. Just found it and can’t even find the original link I found it at anymore. So it’s probably nothing but I found this…

        Like the 100 continental a lot. But I think I’ll continue going by what the coinage act of 1792 defines as a “dollar” or “unit.” 371 and 4/16 grains of pure Silver.

        These monster boxes are heavy though.

        • Ed_B

          That they are, Bro, which is why a sensible person also has some much more valuable per oz. gold. That can be picked up quickly in the event that a fast exit is needed. Many lbs. of silver cannot. But both are nice to have because we never know which possible future scenario will occur. Just don’t forget the other two precious metals… brass and lead.

    • wauhoo

      Jim Willie’s “Scheiss Dollar”???

      • Ed_B

        Yeah, that was his name for the US$ turning to crap and not being worth anything.

        As with most things, the US$ is good ’til it isn’t. Unless magic is employed at some point, to make spending more than we earn and making up the difference with borrowing and printing fresh fiat sustainable, yeah, the US$ will become worthless instead of simply becoming worth less and less ala inflation. So far, so good though. Also like a lot of things, this will happen VERY slowly and then suddenly. Got PMs? Got preps? We’re gonna need BOTH.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I’m also reminded of the NORFED situation. The gov’t did not appreciate the ‘Norfed’ warehouse receipts redeemable for gold or silver.

    • Ed_B

      Lol, why would they? Gold and silver are REAL money that, if allowed to run free, would show what crap our unbacked fiat paper “money” has become. They do that by buying less and less gold and silver. Since gold and silver prices are tracked very publicly, everyone would know how bad fiat paper really is. Many more would begin swapping fiat paper for gold and silver, demand would spike, and the loss of perceived “value” in fiat paper would accelerate. This is all about managing time and expectations to delay the inevitable as long as possible. But, the piper MUST be paid, as they say, and he WILL be. Those who hold gold and silver when that happens will retain some wealth that allows them to eat, keep warm and dry, and go about the business of living. Those who do not will simply be flat broke… and who knows how they are going to live? My guess is that many of them won’t. As some say, “We can explain it to them but we cannot understand it for them”.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    some very highly rated handguns about $250-300 (new). (EAA Witness corp.)

    • Ed_B

      EAA Witness 9PS is a fine weapon, IMO. I bought one last year from CDNN Sports for $279. It has the fit and finish of a MUCH more expensive pistol. These are made by Tanfoglio in Italy and are at least as good a gun as a Beretta, if not better, and for much less fiat. The models made in Turkey? Not so much. They are cheap and look it. The Italian versions are sweet.

      16+1 of 9 mm is a lot of firepower, which is just what one needs in a combat situation, where multiple moving attackers may be involved. Only problem I have had with my Witness is that it is a little fussy about the kind of ammo I use. The feed ramp could use a polish, so I will get some emery paper and a wood dowel to take care of that issue. Until then, it feeds ball ammo just fine.

      But JHPs, which are what one SHOULD use in a gunfight, feeds well at times but not at others. One needs to experiment with various ammo brands until one that is reliable is found. Those not willing to do this should stick with ball ammo all the time. Just realize that the stopping power of these rounds is not optimal.

      A weapon that doesn’t go BANG! every time one pulls the trigger can get a fella killed, so take whatever steps are needed to make sure that what you have for weapons will work when it is needed. As with many other forms of prepping, finding out what works BEFORE it is needed is definitely required.

      So far, I have tried the Federal 147 gr sub-sonic JHPs, which deliver fantastic performance WHEN they decide to feed properly. The Remington 124 gr Golden Saber JHPs feed better than the Federal ammo but still jam from time to time. Others are available and will be tried but polishing the feed ramp is the 1st order of business. Once that is done, all JHPs may work just fine. We’ll see.

      I have also noticed that some of the magazines for the Witness pistols hold the ammo at a more shallow angle than others. The shallow angle tends to jam a bit more than the steeper angle. I am wondering whether or not a small spacer under the front of the magazine spring or its floor plate would help raise the front of the ammo for better feeding. Perhaps a piece or two of thin cardboard or construction paper would do it. It probably would not take much to be of help. The magazines that have the reddish-orange follower seem to work better than the ones with the black follower. The pistol came with 2 of the red-orange type mags while additional mags I bought on-line elsewhere have the black follower. Given a choice between these two, I would choose the red-orange type mags.

      Overall, though, the Italian made Witness pistols are a lot of bang for the buck and I would recommend them to most anyone wanting a good semi-auto pistol for home defense purposes. Those with really small hands probably won’t like the Witness pistols because they are full sized guns that work best for those with medium to large hands.

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        Have some experience with the all steel Tanfoglio/EAA, and I may acquire one of the “poly frame” models at some point.

        Also, another good “Bang for the buck” is the Bersa Thunder (380) medium/compact frame, inline (single column) magazines feed extremely well. Fits the smaller hands well, looks like a PPK. But it’s still not a compact carry (CCW) type. There are plenty of very good, very small guns out there, and the way the barrels tip down at the rear (up at the front) during the cycle,really positions it to feed the incoming round very well.

        As for magazine/ammo problems? Yes, I’ve seen it before. I’ve done a few little “mods” myself. Like you said, tilting the follower to give a better uplift at the bullet-nose. Grinding the magazine feed lips, even re-bending or straightening them so they don’t hinder the cartridge sliding into the breach.

        22LR’s are very touchy. I’ve had to use needle nose pliers to form the lips, and then gently grind with a Dremel tool, and even “chamferred” the front-inside of the magazine, to act as a “mini-feed ramp” to help guide the bullet’s nose out of the clip, and onto the feed ramp. (I had discovered that SOME rounds, were dragging their noses in the front of the magazine and not going forward as they should, and that’s where it really helped to make the front lip of the magazine like a mini-feed ramp to prevent noses from sticking there.)

        I was able to do a bunch of little mods (all very touchy), to get 2 different magazine to hold an extra round, and feed well, in a Taurus PT22 (tip up barrel mini 22LR auto).

        Years ago, I picked up a brand new Dan Wesson 357 blue, with both a 6″ & 8″, all for less than $200. It’s awesomely easy to hit things, even with the 6″ on it.

        That reminds me, I want to get a replica Remington 44 revolver for black powder. May come in handy to have something that never needs brass shells?
        Too bad nobody makes a double action, Stainless black powder revolver. And a SS black powder revolver RIFLE would be nice. In the same 44 caliber to use the same balls or conicals.

        In all my experiences, I’ve never had a good revolver jam up, but I’ve had failures in just about every kind of auto (including a Browning HiPower). I liked the Browning HP very much, but it was only 13+1. It fit smaller hands very well too.

        I’ve shot 2 guns that were painful. A 25 auto “Baby Browning” is so small, it really twists in your hand and hurts a bit to shoot, and the other, was a mini 380 acp that also recoiled enough to hurt the “thumb-web”, but it was small enough to put inside your winter glove and slide your hand in there too. (AMT 380 “backup”). As small as any 25 auto, almost TOO small.(stainless)

  • KRELL427

    Pizzagate and the BEAST System – Fritz Springmeier

  • knowtoomuch

    You should listen to other interviews Ole Dammegard did on the jews ; you probably wouldn’t believe your ears !

    This guy is really good !

  • knowtoomuch

    This would be a nice start 😉

    Open your eyes folks !

  • Occult

    Ole has done some good work in the past.

    I’m sorry to say but this is a DECEPTION, a Honey Trap contaminated with a poison pill.
    Only naive fools believe that John Podesta used the email address: [email protected].
    You people really are stupid if you think he actually uses an email like that.
    Everything these DEMONS do is calculated to the nth degree.

    This will be a ruse and fake setup to ensure that we will have draconian internet legislation. These demons control all the levers of power. Why do you naive ignorant people continue to be so naive and ignorant ?

    Because you keep thinking with your emotions.

    Child rape and child torture is rampant and pervasive in the upper echelons of the Illuminati Rothschild Cabal. But this particular event is probably manufactured to protect the real crimes that are being perpetrated against innocent children.

    And people keep on falling for it.
    For example, you fools: Hillary Clinton died weeks ago.
    But you people will never wake up.
    You people don’t want to wake up.

    Because your belief systems have been given to you by your Zionist masters.
    So sad, so very sad.

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