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The BBC, which sheltered, protected and covered up Jimmy Savile’s pedophile crimes and child trafficking network for decades, just released a hit piece on the PizzaGate investigation, calling it a “The fake story that shows how conspiracy theories spread“. Meanwhile, paid trolls are out in force calling PizzaGate a “psyop” filled with “fake documents”. So let’s set the record straight here and now: The #PizzaGate investigation has already provided tangible PROOF of a GLOBAL child trafficking and pedophilia network..

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  • willygroper

    good advice here from the phaser.

  • Carlos

    Sadly the B.B.C. is right. There is no proof of any pedophile ring satanically abusing children. All we see are stories that none of us can substantiate. Just like Hitlery and her thousands and thousands of emails proving her crimes. All just stories to distract us from what is really going on. What about the millions of children being abducted by child protective services world wide. That is something you can prove and is done ever single day. Sadly this is child trafficking and the players in the game actually get a cut from this criminal act. The judges and prosecutors actually get a weekly stipend for putting these children in the custody of child protection services who quickly hide the child. Check out lotus justice who is try to do her part to put an end to this shit. How about standing rock. There again you can prove that too. Just go there and watch the crimes happening in real time.

    • knowtoomuch

      Of course the B’nai Brit’h Channel is “right”, Carlos !

      They would never lie to us or misinform us, right ?

      • Carlos

        The art of the con is to mix truth with lies. I have to admit that when the main stream media actually says something truthful it is a bloody miracle. Here is another theory you might want to take a look at.

    • SGT

      Carlos, did you even WATCH the video I produced? It’s all as obvious as the nose on your face.

      • Ed_B

        Perhaps Carlos is like Voldemort and just has a couple of slits for a nose? 😉

      • Carlos

        You didn’t prove anything sadly. Do i think that the satanic criminals at the top of the pyramid are raping and murdering children? Yes i do, but i have no proof of it. Just stories from different sources for years that i have read or heard. Do you have any proof that any of that propaganda is true? If so i would like to see it. Somebody that allegedly hacked into someones server and decided to spread that unlawfully stolen info to the world is proof of nothing. How do we know that these so called benevolent hackers are even hacking anything. We don’t. I prefer to stick to the truth that we can all prove. Go into court every day and see children stolen from mothers and fathers by a criminal cabal called child protective services. Why don’t you do a story on that? Get a hold of this lady. She is fighting the good fight. Thanks

  • Eric

    Mary Delosangeles Mejia born 09/27/00 missing since 05/12/15 from Los Angeles, CA.

    Kailey Hester born 07/23/01 missing since 04/10/16 from Anderson, CA.

  • Stuck

    Hello again Sean.

    Firstly I must commend you in your tenacity in this matter, but I feel you have fallen into a common trap set by the elite and thier mouthpieces.

    Allow me to elaborate a little with what is really just a brief reminder to you and your readers of what you and most of your readers likely already know.

    Arguably the most overlooked, yet crucial, method the so called elite (and their mass communication ‘tools’ such as the BBC and the MSM in general)use to discredit people and shut down arguments / debates (or missdirect even) is the intelligent and incidious use of ‘language’, particularly English (US or UK version).

    Whenever we see a statement (or a headline, or even a rebutal) issued by the so called elite or thier mouthpieces, we must carefully examine and analyse the words they have very carefully chosen to use, including context (indeed, it would be better to examine them ‘forensically’ and holistically in the same way we examine their magazine covers or artworks).

    We must also be very careful, very carefully indeed, to look for clues when standard english has been substituted with ‘Legal English’ (English words whith a completly different meaning in a given context).

    With regards to state controlled MSM such as BBC, and indeed any statement issued by the elitists it is very important to comprehend the statement correctly (‘comprehend’ as in ‘to objectively and actively consider and process’, not ‘understand’ which is ‘to subjectively and passively submit before and stand under the power of’, as we are programmed and conditioned to do by default through years of school and life at the bottom of the power pyramid).

    It is crucial that we remain mindful that the elites are ‘wordsmiths’ – masters of using language to at least influence, if not manage, both the thoughts and perceptions within the general population. Managing thoughts and perceptions, and the ability to comprehend in turn leads to control of physical actions, or lack thereof. Examples of this are literally everywhere.

    I could go on with this, but that is not the point here.

    The point is that the BBC is attacking ‘Pizzagate’, not pedophilia, which is proven and recognised in law globally, nor is it directly attacking Satanic Ritual abuse (and other forms of religious or ritual abuse of both adults and children) which is also well proven, documented, and in some countries even recognised in law.

    It may appear ‘all’ is being attacked, but it is not (for the purposes of this example).

    ‘Pizzagate’ is the issue being attacked here, and by association ‘conspiracy theorists’, and ‘fake news’ outlets.

    However, due to the incidious use of language combined with decades of our training, programming, and conditioning in school, college, the workplace, and society in general, most people will react to certain arguments or words in certain predicable ways. It is likely that most people linking ‘Pizzagate’ with ‘Satanic ritual abuse’ (and child abuse by the elite in general) will dismiss all areas, and indeed tune out future revelations as ‘conspiracy theory’, ‘fake news’, or Russian propaganda when presented with more programming alligned ‘news’ and arguments such as that presente by the BBC.

    By attacking ‘Pizzagate’, and actually rightly (factually I believe) stating for example the lack of child victims going to the Police, the ‘wordsmiths’ and manipulators of perception can cause many people to dismiss everything else and anything else associated with this issue.

    Hmmmm. I hope the above is clear, its very difficult for me to break such a comples issue down into just a few words and one or two examples.

    Before I go, always be mindful when ‘legal english’ is being used (once you have learnt to spot it) and ‘contracts’ are being discussed (once you have learned to recognise them). This lack of reconition coupled to conditioning is why many people can not ‘comprehend’ how people such as Hillary Clinton evade prosection. They fail to recognise that many of the elite simply due not ‘submit’ to the laws of the state by entering into contracts and agreements and ‘understanding’ police investigations (which means they actually are ‘above’ many of the laws of the state, but not others such as common law).

    It is extremely complex to ‘comprehend’ this sort of stuff until you have practised it and learnt to recognise it, but it is very easy to spot once your mind has been tuned. It is then easy to see why ‘fixers’ like Jimmy Saville (who even had a TV show called ‘Jim will Fix it’), and serial ‘offenders’ such as the Clintons and others appear to wear teflon suits and continue about thier business unimpeded by state mechanisms and laws that cannot be applied to them.

    Anyway, I will leave it there.

    I hope my words act like sparks and embers to start a few bushfires in the minds of deep thinking men and women (hopefully immediately, but more likely or over the course of weeks, months, and years of smouldering first).

    • willygroper


      nice post.

      look up the word nice…then the entomology…it means ignorant. this very well explains “word majick” applied along with blacks law dictionary.

      apply the trivium. after listening, MM’s parents are complicit.

      while comet is relevant, it’s a red herring that’s going to be used for censorship.
      it’s detracting from podestamolesta & cgi…that’s where the focus should remain. wikileaks has a 100% accurate track record. the smoking gun is in the emails. the rest, will be hard to prove.

      • Stuck


        I am not sure how to take your comment. Are saying that my humble effort to support Sean and other people investigating this matter by trying to explain some very, very complex and esoteric issues, whilst also issuing a warning (whilst also trying my best to keep it simple and short), is ‘nice’, as in ‘ignorant’?

        If that is the case, and you are stating that what I have written is ‘ignorant’ then please explain to me, and anyone else interested how I should have gone about it.

        I would love to know how to present such complex issues in a better way, whilst also being careful to present such information in a way that does not require the reader to have a high level of esoteric or occult knowledge behind them (nor years of experience studying various laws and the lexicons thereof).

        I will be very interested indeed to see how an attempt to support, assist, inform, and warn someone investigating these subjects areas should be done. Seriously, I am not being sarcastic, I would love to see how it should be done.

        If I have missinterpreted your comment, and you were not saying that my best efforts to break this subject down and help other people was ‘ignorant’, but was actually a ‘nice’ attempt as in the commonly used context and meaning ‘not bad’, then I thankyou for your support.

        Dont take offence if I dont reply to you again.

        • willygroper

          It was a compliment on your concise post.

          i merely added a comment regarding the manipulation/perversion of language by tptb.

          nice post was offensive?

          • Stuck


            Thanks for clearing that up, and thanks for your support.

            Sorry for the misinterpretation on my part.

            Over on my youtube channel I am often attacked in very sophisticated ways using language and the meanings of words in various contexts as weapons, which i was for some time unable to recognise as such. I now tend to be on the defensive and perhaps look for an attack when non actually occured (an example of the results of conditioning on my part).

            Anyway, knowing what the etymology of the word ‘nice’ was, and your direction for me to look at that, I thought you were saying my post was foolish or ignorant. I therefore hope I can be forgiven for going on the defence.

            Finally, thanks for introducing the term ‘word majik’ on this thread. We are all of course under the spell of various forms of word majik (as in the spell contained within the ‘spelling’ of and use of words in rhymes or sentances)to a greater or lesser extent. I did not want to go too ‘occult’ in my humble explaination above, but this is something every person seeking truth, and especially every student of propaganda needs to aware of.

            Thought and therefore perception control is a major component of news broadcasting, and of course ‘news casting’ (casting the spell of majik in words) should be at the front of peoples minds when looking at MSM reports or statements.

            I am glad you brought it up. Thanks.

            All the best to you.

            • willygroper


              brain fart on my part…after your post, i REALIZED i realized i used the word NICE, so i certainly understand the ambiguity. so after having found the true meaning of nice (knew about kid), got a bud in India that sent me this link, which may help us all. these rodents of questionable heritage are sneaky which is why i threw in blacks law! e.g. recess doesn’t mean break, it means “offer.”


              pretty easy to see thru history why the first thing they destroy is language. look no further than NA’s & now even worse texting.

              tptb are ramping up the tension…you see it everywhere. people with differences must agree to disagree without hostility/ad homs if a compromise cannot be met by showing fact. it is the facts that must override beLIEfs, as they are merely opinions…usually set in concrete.

  • Phil Downunder

    The BBC debunking Pizzagate???

    Would that be the SAME BBC which reported the collapse of WTC7 21 mins earlier than it was actually demolished??

    Foreknowledge, anyone??

    This is NOT POSSIBLE without foreknowledge of the event.

    Which means that the BBC is complicit. Why are we not surprised?

    And then they “lost the line” to New York after someone realised the stuff up!!

  • Paula

    Great comments with really good information! For my two-cents, in agreement with “Stuck”, since PizzaGate IS what’s being debunked by the MSM, let’s start simply calling it what it is, and drop the PizzaGate rhetoric. We all get it…Pizza shop owners ARE involved and the word “pizza” IS a pedophile code-word, but it’s pedophilia, child kidnapping & murder, within santanic ritualistic rings of deranged humans” which happen to be in positions of great power & privilege;people who design our educational systems, food & drug poisons, start wars under false pretenses which ultimately kill & mame millions of innocent people to usurp sovereign countries. In short THEY ARE TERRORISTS!

  • glitter 1

    You just have to remember one very very important point when it comes to TPTB and their support/control mechanism(s),”When all else fails,LIE”

    Case(s) in point,Hillary lied,the DNC lied,Every CMSM outlet lied,all of the polls lied,much of the RNC lied.The only thing that didn’t lie was Wiki Leaks.It’s revelations are truth and are damning.

    The only defense the guilty has is to launch a LIES OFFENSIVE. Right out of the Saul Alinsky play book.

    • Eric

      My Dad is just happier than a clam that Pelosi is sticking around.

      These idiots are destroying themselves.

      But I like this guy so far…

      • Ed_B


        Marines LOVE a guy with a nickname like that. It looks as if he will do a great job. I hope that people will be less critical of people doing big jobs in this country. No one is perfect. No one. Given that, if he is mostly good at running the DOD, he will be in a position to help keep our country both safe and strong. The Navy tends to look down on Marines, so it will be good to see the Pentagon Admirals calling him “sir”. 😀

    • Ed_B


      “When all else fails,LIE”

      That’s not all they do. In fact, it would surprise me greatly if these cretins did not lie just for practice, so when something REALLY important comes along, they will be able to lie with completely straight faces. That’s hard to do when one lies on rare occasion.

      • glitter 1


        First they called themselves Liberals then Progressives,let’s just cut the crap and call a spade a spade,they are Communists and it’s a mental disorder without remedy.Just like the Kamikazes,just like the Jihadists,just like the Nazis,just like the Communists.All of those have in their plan/agenda to kill all those who resist/fail to conform to their ideology.Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn had/have in their plans to imprison up to 30 million(1960/70’s) in re-education camps,with 20-25 million requiring death,just like the 66 million the Bolcheviques/Stalin murdered,just like the 45-50 million Mao murdered, just like Pol Pot murdered 8 million,How many millions did Hitler/Mussolini murder.

        Yes, these mentally ill sociopaths/psychopaths will never back down/off,they may just shift,stand back in the shadows,but never change or go away.History has proved who/what these people are.Just as Marx was a lazy,slacker,mooch who never labored a day in his life.These “Enlightened Intellectuals”(So Called) make up the majority of the Parasites in society with their mentally enslaved masses used as fodder,the “useful idiots” as Lenin called them.

        Just like cancer,Hep C,HIV,disease that lays hidden/eating away,but never dormant.Always there,never going away until the immune system eventually succumbs.

        McCarthy was right.The Government was full of Commies,they just changed their handle to Liberal then Progressive,it’s time to call a spade a spade.The only difference between a Socialist(read:Bernie Sanders/Pelosi/Dems) and a Communist is the Socialist smiles at you while he/she’s lying/robbing you while thrusting in the knife, where a Communist just comes at you and thrusting the knife in/turning it then robs you.

        End Rant

        • Ed_B


          No argument from me. I’ve been calling these mother-cluckers “commies” all my life. I do that because that is what they are. Liberal, progressive, socialist, communist, Marxist… all nasty thorny branches on the same ugly little POS tree and there’s not jack’s worth of difference among them other than the time frame over which they hope to achieve their goals of dominating others.

          Agree further that this frame of “mind” is not curable. But, it IS treatable. The Chinese have found a treatment that works every time that should be applied to each and every one of these people. One round to the back of the head… BLAM! No recidivism at all. Cheap too once the interminable strings of lawyers are shooed away. One trial. One appeal. One sentence. Immediate implementation after the appeal. None of this fiddle-f***ing around for 20-25 years at the public’s expense. Not only is this screwing around on the citizen’s dime a bad idea but we simply cannot afford it any more.

  • susan

    Listen from 41:30 if you haven’t got time for the whole interview, although it’s a goodie:

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Nothing to see here, move along.

  • Stuck

    Sean, I know you are aware of this but as you are holding this story on your front page I thought I would copy & paste some of what was discussed about the more recent ‘lone gunman’ issue being cover for what is know as a ‘DEEP CLEAN OPERATION’ for the benefit of your readers.

    From my experience I can offer an informed opinion that there is indeed MUCH more to this ‘lone gunman’ at Comet issue than meets the eye. My informed opinion would suggest that a professional ‘deep clean operation’ has just been carried out over at the ‘restaurant’.

    This is a MAJOR development in the ‘Pizzagate’ scandal and one which has been hidden in plain sight as a lone gunman incident.

    Let me elaborate – Typically, when the PTB require a ‘deep clean’ involving the destruction and removal of any and all evidence of an event/occurance/’crime’ then something will be staged to justify the closure (from public view at the very least) of the site of the operation. If the site cannot be completely hidden from public view (as in this event) then it is common for the scene managers to move people back as far as posible with a cover story, ie such a site is a ‘hazard to health or safety’ such as a gas leak or a chemical spill. Alternatively the site/scene can be restricted to officals only, as in this ‘lone gunman’ case because it is a ‘crime scene’.

    Basically, anything approprite which allows prying eyes to be kept well back will be used.

    This also justifies and gives cover for the movement of large numbers of people into and out of the scene, plus thier equipment. However it especially provides cover for the removal of many items, often hidden in ‘evidence’ bags (or ‘contaiminated waste’ containers if it was a chemical spill, etc).

    The situation of the shooter over at comet appears contrived, so much so that my instinct tells me it is just an excuse to cover what could indeed have been a big ‘deep clean operation’ to sterilise the entire building forensically.

    A crime scene needs to be processed and ‘evidence’ removed so it is ideal cover for the ‘clean up’ team to remove whatever they see fit.

    I wont explain how such things are done, but I assure you they are done.

    I suspect that whatever ‘evidence’ for anything ‘pizzagate’ related or otherwise has now been ‘cleaned’ by some of the ‘official pesonnel’ attending this ‘crime scene’ to ostensibly investigate the ‘lone gunman’ incident.

    This is important on ANOTHER LEVEL TOO because it causes serious problems for anyone now seeking an official investigation, or even just a search of that place because future investigators will NEVER find anything even resembling useful forensic evidence. It is now likely that Comet is ‘sterile’.

    This sort of stuff goes on often under the noses of good people and loyal Police and Military personnel who are not tuned in to what is afoot. They cannot be blamed (in the most part). It is even sometimes aided by unsuspecting personal who genually think they really are processing a scene and recovering evidence for investigation (or clearing away ‘contaminated waste’), only for that evidence to get lost in the system, or otherwise made unavailable to the courts.

    Of course, I have no way whatsoever of knowing for sure that a ‘clean up’ really has taken place under the cover of this ‘incident’. I can only speculate and offer opinion, but my experience (which is considerable) and my ‘gut’ are telling me that this is what has just just gone down, hidden in plain sight.

    Finally, AND THIS FINAL POINT IS VERY IMPORTANT TOO, it may be that now the ‘clean up’ has been done and any and all forensic evidence removed (and the scene made sterile), the local law enforcement will actually investigate some pizzagate claims. This will be encouraged by the PTB in order to discredit ‘conspiracy theorists’ by showing that pizzagate was indeed just ‘fake news’ as they said it was. The complete absence of any forensic evidence being found will be said to ‘prove’ this.

    Therefore be prepared for more attacks on ‘fake news’ in general as a result of this. Its a multi-pronged attack seeking to discredit any references to a global network of child rapists and satanic ritual abusers of children by the so called ‘elite’.

    Tracks are being covered now, and they are using the best people available to do this, either knowingly or not.

    Anyway, I’ve said way too much and likely put my head on a block just by mentioning this.

    May God protect the truth tellers, as we must all continue to stand tall in front of this evil and shine lights into the darkest of places.

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      Good commentary about the possible “Deep cleaning operations”.

      ATTENTION to all concerned watchmen and honorable citizens!

      I suspect that all “child related” operations by the “Walnut Pasta Gang” has most likely been MOVED to new locations as the entire street of “Comet Ding Dong” is getting WAY too much scrutiny.

      We can all be sure, that there are plenty of “back up” or new locations, and probably even another “Lexicon” of coded language that will (or has already) come into play, AND that operations will be laying low for a period of time.

      Strings are being pulled behind the scenes to cover tracks and protect top pedophiles and
      satano-philes from being unmasked/prosecuted and bringing down the entire spider-web.

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