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Operation: End the BLM – The Origins of Corruption

from James White, Northwest Liberty News:

Nevada Rancher, Cliff Gardner, lays out the origins of the systemic corruption within the Department of Interior; specifically the Bureau of Land Management

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1 comment to Operation: End the BLM – The Origins of Corruption

  • Ed_B

    My comment is not about this article but it is about the subject of this article. I’m wondering just why the US Gov owns 80-90% of the land in the western US states. They do not own such a large percentage of ANY eastern state, probably because the people in those states would not tolerate it.

    I’d also like to know just what part of the US Constitution allows the US Gov to own so much state land. I’ve read and re-read this document several times and I’m not seeing it. What I have read is that the US Gov is allowed to own land and buildings that support the legitimate functions of governing the nation. It also allows for US military bases and training areas. But it does not seem to allow for massive holding of what is and should be STATE lands.

    Teddy Roosevelt helped establish the US National Park system. The National Parks are great and are well worth preserving, so I have no complaint about that. But I also do not want the US Gov to abuse this authority and declare huge expanses of land as parks or monuments when a few hundred or thousand acres would get the job done just as well, if not better.

    But there are literally millions of acres of land that are the rightful property of the states in which they are located, yet the states do not own this land. WHY NOT???

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