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NSA Workers Quitting in Increasingly Large Numbers Following Snowden Leaks

from Hang The Bankers:

Employees working for the National Security Agency are leaving their posts in “increasingly large numbers” following the scandal caused by whistleblower Edward Snowden, the NSA’s former director has revealed.

Keith Alexander, who ran the NSA from 2005 to 2014, said during a talk hosted by the University of Maryland’s journalism school on Tuesday that the mass exodus is partly the result of “how the American people see them.” He said much of that is due to Snowden’s leaks, and how they were reported.

He blamed the media for its “sensationalized and enflamed” coverage of the Snowden scandal, which he claims led people to develop a false idea of what the agency and its workers actually do on a daily basis.

“Most American people believe based on the reporting that the NSA is listening to their phone calls and reading their emails,” Alexander said, adding that people would not believe such things if they actually knew the truth.

“…If they understood what’s happening, they’d say [Snowden is] a traitor,” he said, noting that the “real heroes” are the NSA employees working to protect the United States – not Snowden.

He also cited salary as part of the exodus, noting that “of course they’re going to make a ton more money on the outside… why would they stay?”

Meanwhile, a separate former intelligence official told CyberScoop, on condition of anonymity, that morale is also a large problem at the NSA, with “roughly 20 percent of the workforce doing 80 percent of the actual work.”

In 2013, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden became a household name after leaking classified documents detailing the surveillance programs of the US and its allies. He was later granted asylum by Russia, after the US State Department charged him with two counts of violating the Espionage Act of 1917 and theft of government property.

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2 comments to NSA Workers Quitting in Increasingly Large Numbers Following Snowden Leaks

  • willygroper

    guess they only investigate 1 type of penetration & not within the machine itself.


  • Ed_B

    When the comments of a whistle-blower causes such havoc as this, one really should question just WTF they are really doing. Sometimes, people get so wrapped up in what they are doing and how they are doing it that they lose sight of WHY they are doing it and WHETHER they should be doing it at all. Hopefully, there will be some serious soul-searching done once the new administration comes into power at noon on 1/20/17.

    Like most Americans, I want a secure country. Because of this, I want a strong military defending THIS country and not every other country out there, a good US Dept. of Justice that pursues criminal behavior no matter WHO is doing it, and an FBI, CIA, and NSA that are up to the task of handling those who break the laws of our country as well as both foreign and domestic enemies who would do us harm. This does not mean that I want my privacy invaded constantly by ANY government employees any time they think it might be necessary. If they want to do that, then they should be getting warrants from US Federal Judges and not from some FISA rubber-stamp court that approves 99.2% (or whatever the high number is) of the warrant / court order requests on evidence that really should not be sufficient probable cause to grant a warrant or a court order. No, this is NOT too much to ask. In fact, I am not asking. I DEMAND it!

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