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Merry Christmas 2016

Adoration of the Magi – Botticelli, Uffizi Gallery, Florence

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11 comments to Merry Christmas 2016

  • Steelerdude

    Merry Christmas Sean and everyone at SGTreport!
    Also much love to the regular posters to this board!

    May God watch over us and fill our souls with his love!


  • Sam

    Merry Christmas to all, even to the days numbered islamo-marxists currently occupying positions of public trust in Washington.

  • fattyfool

    The Wrinkly Dried-Up Ole Sticks and their ilk ALWAYS depict Jesus Christ as being some skinny “Lamb”, unable to physically defend Himself. Jesus Christ was 6-foot tall, easily able to carry His Cross and was not some skinny lamb-like caricuture fit for Dem Hallelujahs & their Criss-Crossing. Incidentally, none of the current crop of Hallelujahs is self-realised other than being worshipful of Fame, Fortune & Immortality. You know, the more “Gold”, the better The Reclining !

    Humility means Stregth without Showing-Off Strength, the sign of Energy-Creativity being that of Unconditionality. Afterall, how could any Ant drive any Human insane by merely anwering-back? Perhaps Da Purple-Hearted of MacCy, aka The Easily De-Stabilised, could answer this one. Who knows, perhaps because the individual is Ant-like in esence. “Go On Punk, Press Da Button !”

    Jesus Christ was in “A Manger” because Spirituality is never about Materialism. Materialism has only one duty and that is to materialise Love via The Gifting. As such, how come Materialism is able to easily own Humans thereby facilitating Waste & Want to Running Amok? Besides, Humanity innately owns Materialism – and not the other way around. Incidentally, “The 3 Wise Men from The East” were Brahama, Vishnu & Mahesha. Like it, believe it, realise it, or not.

    No wonder “Advanced” Humans need to be mesmerised by some Red-Garmented Fat Ole Man Running Amok with Paedophilic Tendencies to see the next year through. And this Fatty-Fool is able to, somehow but don’t know how, gift freebies to “Advanced Kids”mesmerised by Materialism. You know, “Start ‘Em Young” as “they” say. Is that a Joke or merely Thought Running Hog Wild.

    Be conscious and be aware that when “kids” are Mentalist 101 before their time, they are not only NO longer “kids”/The-Innocent, they are Full of what Da Kibbutzims call, The Bestest, The Mostest and The Greatest. You know, well on the way towards Pillaging & Plundering in order to be Famous, Fortunate & Immortalised. No wonder their Teeth are always Sparkling White in adition to other “Advanced” attributes. “Go On Punk, Press Da Button”.

    For The Unwary of Thought, Snow is White for one reason and that reason is not for “mountaineers” to wait for their “Nepalese Guides” to come down in order that they may then be framed To Conquer some Mountain – in addition to tarnishing Snow/Whiteness with their “Droppings & Dead”, The Duty of Diversity/”Colours” being to realise Collectivity/”White”.

  • Steve_D

    Merry Christmas everyone, keep up the good fight. Love you all.

  • Scott

    I’m not the least bit religious…..couldn’t care less about any “religion” . My wife and I recently celebrated 22 years of marriage and went to Rome and Florence and spent a few hours in the Uffizi gallery. Absolutely beautiful artwork. Loved it!

    • Scott

      Let me add too I was totally disgusted by the sickening opulence of all the “treasures” sitting idle in the Vatican while millions starve on this planet. Fuck religion.

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