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Japan Recognizes First Thyroid Cancer Case As Fukushima Related, Offers Compensation

by Whitney Webb, Activist Post:

Even though Fukushima was the worst environmental disaster to have taken place in the last 30 years, you probably haven’t heard much about it. After the Tohoku earthquake in eastern Japan and subsequent tsunami, one of the cooling systems at Fukushima’s Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) nuclear power plant failed. The result was a devastating triple reactor meltdown that led to the evacuation of over half a million people and the creation of a 20-kilometer exclusion zone.

Ever since the disaster, TEPCO as well as the Japanese government have consistently tried to downplay the disaster’s impacts nationally and globally. The collusion was so blatant that even TEPCO’s company president, Naomi Hirose, admitted that a “cover-up” had taken place.

Now, that is set to change. On Friday, Japan’s health ministry concluded that another worker, diagnosed with thyroid cancer three years ago, developed his illness due to radiation exposure during his time working for TEPCO. The man had worked at several nuclear power plants with the company between 1992 and 2012 and was present at the Fukushima plant during the disaster. The radiation present in the man’s body was found to be about 150 millisieverts, with 140 of which were believed to be a result of the 2011 disaster. This marks the first time that a former worker with thyroid cancer has won the right to work-related compensation as many other similar cases were previously rejected by the Japanese government.

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1 comment to Japan Recognizes First Thyroid Cancer Case As Fukushima Related, Offers Compensation

  • Mr Cause

    The truth will be and is. Until the truth is proclaimed, a solution to the problem will evade mankind.

    God promised He would not flood the world again. But He said nothing about burning it to a crisp.

    This reality has it’s purpose. Perhaps you still don’t get it. Your going to die. You’re a dead person walking. The only things unknown at this time is when, where and how. Know this and be courageous. Living life to the fullest.

    I’m saying this to whomever would listen. Get that straight in your head. You either are with His Majesty, The King, Jesus Christ, the man crucified and whom His Father resurrected Him to the Head of the House. First born. He is Lord of All. He is the Tree of Life. He is our Father. He is Israel. Are you a member of that Tree?

    All this you see and hear around you is satan’s way of trying to deceive you. When you die, it will be behind you. Are you going to look back like Lot’s wife or Rest?

    If you are truly His Child, and I doubt that you are, you hear what i am saying. You see all the pretenders around you. The Tares. Hold to the Truth. There is hope in you. Keep looking forward to His Kingdom, which is the Promised Land. A new body!

    Merry Christmas. Jesus is the True free gift. If He didn’t choose to lay down His Life, He would have never died. He chose the way out of this hell world purposely to get your attention. Accept Him with Joy and Thanksgiving. In Humility, not one that would be offended. Bow your head and worship Him in Truth.

    Mr C

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