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Interest Rate Turn?

by Gary Christenson, Deviant Investor:

Interest rates have bottomed and will rise substantially during the next decade.


Interest rates CAN’T rise because rising rates will crash governments, economies, derivatives, equity markets and more.


Consider the chart below for the monthly 10 year T-Note Index of Interest Rates.

Date                         Rate             Rate

Jan. 2000                  6.82%                       High

Nov. 2001                                    4.09%     Low

Apr. 2002                  5.46%                        High

June 2003                                   3.07%      Low

June 2007                 5.32%                        High

Dec. 2008                                    2.04%      Low

Apr. 2010                  4.01%                         High

July 2012                                     1.39%       Low

Dec. 2013                  3.04%                         High

July 2015                                     1.33%        Low

Average drop in interest rates was about 2.5%.

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