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Independent news pioneer says mainstream media has been faking the news for decades

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:

What is happening right now with the so-called “mainstream media,” like the Washington Post faking news stories to push a political agenda, is not new, says Natural News founder/editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.

Adams is an independent media pioneer who began Natural News more than a decade ago, and has grown the site into a top-tier destination for news and information about alternative health, clean food, naturopathic medicine and holistic approaches to wellness.

So, if you just now realized that the entire mainstream media publishes nothing but fake news, you might want to wake up and realize something even bigger: They’ve been faking the news for decades.

What really happened in Oklahoma City? 9/11? JFK assassination? The media lied to you about elements of all these historic events.

In this video, Adams explains that the establishment press has long been able to control the narrative – political, cultural, social – because it has never been challenged. The only place “news” could be obtained was from the legacy media outlets like the Post and The New York Times, or the broadcast news networks.

Just recently, in fact, Adams pointed out that the Post, citing a previously unheard of organization whose “members” were completely anonymous, claimed that Natural News and a couple of hundred other news and information sites and blogs were merely propaganda puppets for the Russian government – an effort the Post claimed was aimed at keeping Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton out of the Oval Office, and helping GOP nominee Donald J. Trump to win it.

“We know that they’re faking the news; I mean it’s obvious at this point,” Adams said.

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1 comment to Independent news pioneer says mainstream media has been faking the news for decades

  • anon

    “Independent news pioneer says mainstream media has been faking the news for decades”?

    Of course the MSM (Mainstream Media) has been FAKING the “news” for decades! They’ve been doing it since (AT LEAST) Nov. 22, 1963. I think it’s safe to say, however, that their FAKING of the “news” started long before then.

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