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IF Barack Obama Leaves Office, He’ll Slink Away Covered In The Blood Of The Innocent – Will Leave Behind Legacy Of Terrorism, Death And Destruction After 8 Years In Office

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

While Logging In Thousands Of Hours On The Golf Course Courtesy Of The US Taxpayer

While the dying mainstream media will call the proven fact that the United States is arming terrorists in Syria and elsewhere around the world ‘fake news’, the fact that Hawaii Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, herself a United States Veteran, recently submitted the STOP ARMING TERRORISTS ACT to US Congress proves to us the MSM is wrong again.

And while incoming US president Donald Trump has promised to stop the decades old practice of the US overthrowing dictatorial regimes (which led to the US either imposing their own dictators or leaving a massive vacuum of power that has led to the rise of the Islamic state terrorists who are waging jihad against America and the west), Barack Obama leaves office in just over 3 weeks covered in the blood of the innocent, leaving a legacy of death, destruction and terrorism in his wake.

Winning the Nobel Peace prize in his first year in office for doing absolutely nothing, the mass graves of hundreds of tortured civilians recently discovered who were subjected to brutal torture by Obama-funded terrorists in Syria has his blood-covered name all over it.

Many bodies missing body parts with gunshot wounds to the head, would these brutal massacres have been able to have been carried out by terrorists without the ‘blood money’ and support sent to them by the US?

As Congresswoman Gabbard told us, if ANY US resident were attempting to give terrorists money or weaponry like Obama has, they’d immediately be arrested and thrown away for the rest of their lives for giving assistance to those who’ve vowed to destroy us.

Why is Obama allowed to give terrorists the kind of support that would land US residents in prison forever and is the fact that he’s providing aid and comfort to terrorists MORE proof that they are preparing to ‘bring down America’ and impose a terroristic, sharia-style-law in America if the globalists are successful at keeping Donald Trump out of office? And meanwhile, by back in August of 2015, Obama had already logged in 1,100 hours of golf on the taxpayers dime.

If Obama does indeed leave office in just weeks, he’ll be leaving office completely covered in the blood of innocent Syrians as well as the blood of Americans who have been killed by the ‘trojan horse terrorists’ he’s allowed into America on his watch. How many more ‘Obama-terrorists’ are there in America? 8 years of ‘Obama wars’ accomplished by arming terrorists, no matter how ‘moderate’ they might be, has led to a world much less safe in 2016 than it was 8 years ago.

Even Jewish Rabbi Levi Shemtov compared Obama to the terrorists who are slaughtering people in Syria, the Middle East and around the world during a ceremony in front of the White House on Christmas day.

How do we have a president here in America who won a Nobel Prize for Peace soon after entering office turn into someone who seemingly so eagerly brings ‘massive death and destruction’ to the world? All of the death and destruction Obama’s brought to the world is absolutely more proof that the ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ is a total sham.

According to ‘Prop or Not’, Obama’s government closely follows ANP so since we have their ear, we have to ask them: WHY do you folks so love spilling the blood of the innocent? Are you all totally insane or just psychopaths who love death, destruction and terror? And why would you ARM THE TERRORISTS who want to kill us all? Are you folks stupid or are you preparing the ‘terrorists who hate us’ for jihad against America and the West? We have to ‘call it’ as we ‘see it’.

And with the government now seemingly preparing to go to war against the truth tellers with the globalists orwellian nightmare coming more into focus recently with the ‘Obama Ministry of Truth‘ coming to fruition, is there anybody who really believes the globalists will allow Trump to get into office in weeks? Arming Trump with the tools necessary to completely shut down their propaganda machine, the lying mainstream media (and the ‘propaganda of death’ they endlessly push) as Susan Duclos pointed out in her new ANP story, will they allow the MSM hate and death machine to ‘go away’ via Trump taking them down?

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  • Ed_B

    “IF Barack Obama Leaves Office, He’ll Slink Away Covered In The Blood Of The Innocent – Will Leave Behind Legacy Of Terrorism, Death And Destruction After 8 Years In Office”

    Sure, but he and his spin meisters are already in high gear, braying about what a great job he has done. I guess that’s easy to do when one is divorced from reality. 🙁

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