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Hyperinflation & Complete Demise of the US Dollar Coming — John Williams

from Greg Hunter:

Economist John Williams has a dire warning amidst all the record highs in the markets. Williams predicts, “Unless the long term solvency of the U.S. Treasury bonds can be addressed, there’s no hope of avoiding a hyper-inflation and the complete demise of the dollar.”

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3 comments to Hyperinflation & Complete Demise of the US Dollar Coming — John Williams

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    John Williams accomplishes GREAT work in his research and analysis, BUT, he is also the BEST cure for insomnia.

    If I have trouble getting to sleep, I just have to play a long monologue of John speaking, and I’ll doze off in no time.

    (David Morgan is another monotone-drone, but at least he’s interesting to listen to.)

    Sleep well, wake up good. Thanks to John Williams.

    Jim Willie on the other hand, is like fingernails on the chalk board. He’s very interesting, but my ears have a tendency to bleed and my nerves feel like I went thru a tree-chipper.

    Peter Schiff & Mike Maloney are just right. The porridge is not too hot, and not too cold.
    Just like Goldilocks & the 3 bears.

    PS. Sean’s voice is one of the GOOD ones for doing presentations. Bravo Sean!

  • Occulted

    At some point , people have to wake the hell up.
    I think this guy is bloviating.
    But Williams gives us the real stats! Unemployment> 20%, GDP < -5% etc.
    Yeah, trust me I subscribed to his newsletter for 6 months read it religiously.


    The WORLD is owned by Criminally Insane Mega Felon Private Central Bankers.
    They own the FEDERAL RESERVE, Bank of Canada, Bank of England, EURO Bank etc.
    They have thus illegally acquired a wealth that can only be measured in the tens of TRILLIONS.
    Do you know how much that is?
    That is more than most countries and nations' wealth.

    This is acquired via EXTORTION.
    THINK PEOPLE: $10 TRILLION in wealth.
    over 100 years means $100 BILLION in income for 100 years.
    Impossible. Thus EXTORTION.

    So any 'reading' or analysis of the US economy is Garbage, Nonsense, Poisonous Lies.
    You must state what the Rothschilds are GOING TO DO TO THE US ECONOMY via those idiotic metrics that you slavishly follow.

    We are doomed.
    I hope for Divine Intervention to save us from the idiocacy, ignorance, imbellicity and destructive narcissistic naviete of the average childish human being.

    • JMiller

      The GDP according to ShadowStats is about -2%. Not -5%. And I think ShadowStats estimated unemployment rate of 23% is probably too high. More like 15-18%.

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