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How Dakota Access Pipeline Profiteering Rewrote Law & Screwed Us All

from Underground Reporter:

As with every project sewing corporate profits to politicians with the thread of government approval, the Dakota Access Pipeline didn’t come to fruition as a simple sign-on-the-dotted-line business arrangement.

Mobilizing militarized police to a prayer gathering and deploying of mercenaries to sic vicious dogs on unarmed Native Americans attempting to protect land and water from sullying by Big Oil and Gas, for all intents and purposes, appeared at best disproportionately excessive.

But on closer inspection, as ReverbPress reported, the nearly inscrutable web of corporate and political interests backing the project — and the years of cunning forethought they undertook to ensure its implementation — make the Dakota Access Pipeline one of the more devious usurpations of fundamental rights to date.

As intended from inception, Energy Transfer Partners’ hydrocarbon gem opened floodgates for Big Oil’s unrefined crude to effect a mass exodus to nations far and wide.

Put simply, the legislative legerdemain allowing ETP’s export of unrefined crude to foreign nations also permits any other oil and gas company with any pipeline project to repeat the process — and the possibility of tantalizing profits virtually guarantees the violence wrought upon water protectors of the Standing Rock Sioux will visit other Native American nations and residents unfortunately positioned in future pipelines’ paths.

So, how did this happen? In part, through bait-and-switch by semantic deception.

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