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Has The “Conspiracies” Trigger Word Finally Run Its Course?

by Bernie Suarez, The Sleuth Journal:

Hollywood calls it jumping the shark, it’s that moment when all has been done and peak has been obtained. The point when the beginning of the end has just begun. The journey of the word “conspiracies” and the phrase “conspiracy theory” has reached its glory days. The trigger word worked for a while. For long we were led to believe that if someone was accused of being a conspiracy theorist they were automatically wrong and automatically lunatic. Not proven wrong or proven lunatic, but simply wrong and lunatic. Remember those days?

Yes, I’m aware this thinking still exists today, but didn’t it lose some of its intensity over the last few years? Thankfully, the percentage of humanity that reasons this way is slowly and progressively diminishing. How do I know? All of us are hardwired for survival. That’s right, regardless of what your experience and personal views and opinions may be, all of us are naturally inclined toward survival. We naturally detect danger and run away from it to protect ourselves from that danger.

Because of this, I believe those who still believe mainstream media news, must confront their own vulnerability. If they believe government, then they believe what they are being told. They are being told that ISIS is everywhere. That ISIS is mighty and they will soon be showing up in your city to blow you up unless government can save you.

Mainstream media believers will internalize this narrative and their brains will process this information as if it were actually true and real. Their perception of their world now is actually physiologically influenced by this artificial narrative. The artificial narrative should be examined only in terms of what desired result it is intended to induce.

Seeing the connection between the (artificial mainstream media engineered) narrative and the resulting physical manifestations witnessed and physically observed by humanity is the essence of the global awakening of humanity we are all anticipating.

This connecting of the dots is the consciousness shift that humanity is in the process of. With the connecting of the dots comes the realization that humanity is one species. We have various expressions and ideas, we use our upper brains to cognitively and intellectually work out solutions to problem.

Connecting the dots allows us to see that this ability to strategize using multiple universal languages made us (humans) the dominant animal on the planet. The dominant trait knew no end however. A very small percentage of the species unfortunately fantasizes about killing off the rest of the species and enjoying their own selfish lives at the expense of most of their own species. Connecting the dots allows us to see that this essentially uncontrolled greed and hatred ultimately became what we know today as the global elite, or controlling class, or government, or the powers that be.

This controlling segment however, has now exhausted their grand global psychological strategy for taking over the world by waging endless war on terror. Humanity has watched them repeat the same script over and over. Repeated strategies against humanity with predictable politically motivated reactions to supposed un-orchestrated random events.

Herein lies the breakpoint. For those still believing mainstream media news, their minds and the essence of who they are is challenged with every story. Deep down you realize the mainstream media narrative is getting more and more difficult to not only believe but to actively justify. One must be focused on not responding to challenges. One must be committed to dodging and ducking any facts that are presented that contradict the stated government narrative, all the while believing whatever plausible government narrative the mainstream media puts out.

The mainstream media believers thus find themselves having to patch (or ignore) a lot of mental ‘rational’ holes. So whether it’s 9/11’s explosion and fire proof passports, or whether it’s JFK’s magic bullet, or Iraq’s WMD’s, the Bin Laden death hoax, or the recent ISIS creation, those hypnotized on mainstream media news have to go fast asleep and pay no mind or keep working overtime to rationalize these government narratives.

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