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Group Calls for Kissinger’s Arrest in Oslo

by James Corbett, The International Forecaster:

Heinz Alfred “Henry” Kissinger may not be the devil himself, but he sure acts like his emissary. Seemingly everywhere there is death, destruction, carnage, criminality and cover up, you can bet old man Kissinger won’t be far behind. Bush needs a trusted ally to run the 9/11 cover up commission? Henry Kissinger is his first choice.

The drug money front known as HSBC needs some expert advice on fleeing the country? They turn to Henry Kissinger. Rockefeller needs someone inside the Nixon administration to break through the Great Wall and begin the neo-colonization of China? Only Kissinger could go to China.

The Yom Kippur War? You better believe Kissinger was there at its inception. Need a nice soundbite on the construction of the New World Order for your fake news outlet? Kissinger’s your man.

It would be like some game that you could whip out at a party if it wasn’t all so perverse: How many degrees of separation are there between any major tragedy of the past half century and Henry Kissinger?

Which is why the Nobel Institute’s decision to honor Kissinger (along with the equally horrendous globalist conspirator Zbigniew Brzezinski) at the first ever Nobel Peace Prize Forum in Oslo this Sunday is so ludicrous that one has to imagine that they’re merely trolling the public. That feeling is confirmed when we discover that the topic that these two distinguished guests will addressing at that forum is (drum roll please): “The United States and World Peace After The Presidential Election.”

Yes, you read that right. The Nobel Institute has invited an unindicted war criminal and an arch-schemer for American imperial domination to talk about the United States and world peace. This would seem like an absolutely inexplicable outrage on behalf of an organization that is supposedly dedicated to the furthering of the peace cause, except (as my dedicated listeners are already well aware) the (Ig)Nobel Peace Prize has (dis)honored many a war criminal in the past, Kissinger included.

Thankfully, the outrage has not gone entirely unnoticed. Nobel Peace Prize Watch (yes, that’s a thing) has issued a formal request to the Norwegian Director of Public Prosecutions to arrest Kissinger while he’s in Oslo. The letter, which should be read for its ample documentary evidence alone, begins by noting:

“The discrepancy between the world of Kissinger and the peace by global disarmament and cooperation, the demilitarized ‘fraternity of nations’ ideas, the Nobel committee was supposed to promote, is so glaring that it defies comment. The same applies to the University of Oslo. We wish to draw your attention to Kissinger ́s comprehensive, unparalleled record of serious international crimes and the need for prosecutorial action.”

They then lay out a case for the arrest of Kissinger that includes:

-His participation in Operation Condor, the coordinated kidnapping, torture, murder and “disappearing” of political dissidents by the death squads of Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia.

-His participation in multiple atrocities during the Vietnam War, including his insistence on dropping a 15,000 pound BLU-82 bomb — the largest conventional explosive weapon in the U.S. arsenal at the time — on Koh Tang island.

-His role in coordinating the patently illegal bombing of Laos and Cambodia during the Vietnam War.

-His role in giving the US’ blessing to the brutal and illegal invasion and occupation of East Timor by East Timor.

It’s a sick testament to his reign of terror that such a list only partly encapsulates Kissinger’s true bloodthirstiness. To capture the true depths of depravity, you might want to revisit Episode 106 of my podcast or read about “Henry Kissinger’s 1974 Plan for Food Control Genocide,” in which Herr Kissinger ruminates on the age old question: “Would food be considered an instrument of national power? … Is the U.S. prepared to accept food rationing to help people who can’t/won’t control their population growth?”

Needless to say, the case for the arrest and trial of Henry Kissinger for war crimes and crimes against humanity has been made many times over by journalists, researchers and activists over the years.

Some will be tempted to give in to their cynicism on this matter. “Oh,” they’ll say, “what does it matter? The criminals run the courts anyway, he’ll never face true justice for his crimes.” Indeed, it isn’t hard to point out any number of times when equally reprehensible criminals have evaded justice despite the attempts of various organizations to have them arrested:

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