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Greg Hunter-Weekly News Wrap-Up 12.2.16- Turkey, Syria, 10 Year Treasury, Trump Picks and Italian Referendum

from Greg Hunter:

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6 comments to Greg Hunter-Weekly News Wrap-Up 12.2.16- Turkey, Syria, 10 Year Treasury, Trump Picks and Italian Referendum

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Trump’s message for Washington & MSM.

    • glitter 1



      How far are you from Eglin Air Force Base/Walton?The reason I ask is that my Nephew is in the Air Force and will be reassigned to Eglin early in 2017.

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        Eglin owns much of the coastline, and I’m about 40-50 miles inland (northerly) from there, it takes me about an hour or more to make it to Eglin.

        Eglin also is also home to a large ELF (Extra Low Frequency) antenna base, similar to those in Alaska, Canada, Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, etc. (probably used as much for “HAARP” operations as much as anything else. The USSA military also has “portable / dedicated SHIPS” with “atmospheric heaters/HAARP” projection-antennas on them. It’s a fascinating topic on its own.

        Put “Google Earth” map/flyover program on your computer, and you’ll be able to fly over the entire county (except for military exempted images) and you can check out the towns and geography all around me. DeFuniak Springs is “my” town (and the county court-house). Cute little town with official population of only 5k. Stay just far enough outside of town to have your own water well, because inside the city-water district, you’ll be paying all those stupid water & sewer bills.
        With the Google fly-over program, you’ll be able to check out what type of geography you’d like to live at. You can also fly over DeFuniak and see the layout, or Google Maps (street view) to see how small & simple the town is to navigate. (only 10 traffic lights, and just one main E/W highway and one main N/S highway. That’s all. No way to get lost around here. It has a cute little “Historical” district that was the “old town” back in the 1800’s, about 400 yards long, with old shoppes lining the street on one side, and the railroad tracks on the other (tracks follow “Interstate 10” from Jacksonville to Houston, Tx. and beyond.

        I recently learned of an “undocumented/unlicensed” 2500-3000 ft long “runway” out in the middle of “no-where/farmland/forest” a few miles N/W of Hwy 331 & Hwy 2. I’d suggest NOT locating any where near that thing. (Obvious drug cartel or local sheriff/judge/military/CIA/etc money machine). Some private planes, up to twin engine models are sometimes seen flying in at treetop levels, around dusk. Rare events, but it does happen several times during the year, or seasons.

        In EVERY place on earth, you NEVER know WHO is involved with hidden things that can get you & your family killed. No matter if it’s the big city, or Bum-Fk-Egypt. Remember the Pike County Ohio incident where 8 family members were executed at 3 or 4 different homes?

        Men, women, and kids who were old enough to talk. Only ones not killed were babies who are useless for investigations.
        (The Rhoden family. There was 3 marijuana growing operations and cock-fighting/gambling operation. The “ring leader” was beaten/bruised and shot 9 times. Another body, single pop to the head and cash money thrown onto the body.) Sounds like a “competitor” didn’t get the pay-off, etc?

        I recall, some sources (Wikileaks?) talking about Billy Graham (church leader) was involved with the Bush Pedophile ring?? You can NEVER trust anybody, especially the people you think are most trustworthy. (and of course, all the bad news about crap that has always existed in the Catholic Church, and MANY other churches too.) People with POWER, or homeless drifters, makes NO difference.

        When the SHTF, it is logical to assume that police & military groups will form well armed gangs, and become a big problem. Roadblocks, house to house robbery, etc.
        Just look at Brazil, Pakistan, Africa, Mexico, Asia, etc. It’s the dark side of human nature.

        Anyway, if you’re gonna be POOR, it’s easier to be poor where the winters are much less difficult and the growing season is long enough for 2 or even 3 crops per year and the RAINFALL is quite reliable. (We did just finish a very unusual 60 day drought.) A great idea to spend $500-800 on a big water tank, fill it up, as well as make it available to capture rain water.

        I love the amazing peace and quiet of my particular area. Even the highway is almost a mile away. Road noise is far away.

        • glitter 1

          My nephew is Special Forces(Air Force Tacp) and has a graduation from his latest training session next week in NC then he and his new wife relocate to Eglin.My Brother is planning to move the NC,where his daughter married and lives now.Nephew just recently reupped for four more years.
          He’s a real good kid(27)this coming Monday.I really worry about him,he’s been to Afghanistan and now could find himself in the middle of The Syrian debacle.I’ve been trying to talk to my Brother/wake him up to the farce that is the armed forces,especially the Army Intelligence and Special forces involvement in the Afghan Drug Trade as described by Katie Griggs:

          It’s about seven hours of testimony,but well worth the listen.She blows off the lid of the wide spread corruption within the armed services and the government.Think “Pizza Gate”

          I’ve been trying to break it to my Brother as fast as I can to get him to see it.There’s allot of pride that goes along with belonging to the armed services,but of course TPTB use that as a means of control.There are good people in the armed services,however there are snares also if one is not aware.

          I have a friend.who use to work for me back in the 80’/90’s,living in the Pan Handle as I understand.I have his e-mail address,but haven’t try to contact him yet.He went through some real issues/problems with his wife/family.Now I understand he lives alone there.

          • Craig Escaped Detroit

            If you contact your old panhandle buddy, be prepared to get mired into other people’s problems and not as much research/good advice. Over the years, I’ve learned that more friendships, often turn out to be more problems, parasitical clinging vines, etc. It’s hard to find a really rewarding friendship. Most people need somebody to listen to all their complaints, sob stories, or lend them a few hundred bucks over and over again, borrow your shit and break it or never return it.

            I wonder how FEW people actually have researched the water aquifer quality, local demographics, crime stats, geography & geology, air traffic, weather patterns for hurricane/tornadoes/lightning strikes? Water district jurisdictional geographical limits, rainfall stats, solar stats, wind genny stats, soil structures, and upwind polluters (nuclear plant locations) etc etc? I’ve done ALL that shit.

            I’ve been to most of the states on the east coast, and really love them, but all my research brought me HERE and bypassed every other area (including the Carolinas that I love).

            I also avoided areas with mineral, oil, or coal resources, as I never want any mining company to either pollute me to death, or to dig out the earth from beneath my feet. (Virginia mountain top mining, or Wyoming, Montana, etc, where they dig massive open-pit mines, or Oklahoma/Texas/Dakota where the fracking wells destroy the water quality, thousands of road trucks, pipelines and local earthquakes. Coal fired power plants with their HUGE ash-pit-ponds, polluted exhaust, mercury, etc.

            Superfund cleanup sites that will never be cleaned up, etc. Doing all that endless research (and military bases are famous for terrible soil and aquifer pollution, etc), I had a very hard time finding an area that avoided almost all of those problems.

            You can communicate with people who may have hidden agendas or just have a lot of “baggage” or scatter brained thinking process, or you can find new friends who won’t drag you down or borrow you money or your stuff, and who will challenge your intellect in a good way.

            Fl dot craig at yandex dot com. That’s me.
            Haters or agitators are not welcome, but intelligent, clever people, who can engage in logical and CALM debates are welcome.

            And since you are shaping your future plans of where to escape to, I offer any information I may have gathered, and recommend this area as one of the very few places with so many GOOD aspects for relocation & retirement in the hard times that are coming out way.

            Low taxes, good growing season, plenty of rainfall, and free from all the pollutions that can or will blanket most parts of our nation.

            • glitter 1

              When I move out of Jersey,regardless of where that takes us,it will result in an immediate 20% increase in my retirement income purchasing power/disposable income.Actually,your criteria is pretty much the same as I’ll be using.

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