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by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

While the American mainstream media is still obsessed with the ambiguous phenomena of ‘Fake News’ a new ‘Fake’ trend is spreading throughout the land of the free. Fake Hate Crimes are surging right now following the 2016 Presidential Election which saw outsider Donald Trump pull off an upset against Hillary Clinton. In fact they have been trending upward for quite some time now and over the last 12 months they have gone to a new level.

Muslim On A Plane

This is the most recent example taking place Today (Wednesday). Breitbart reports that, “A viral video of a man escorted from a Delta Airlines flight supposedly for speaking in Arabic is the work of Adam Saleh, a popular YouTube prankster with a history of admittedly fake videos and intentionally provocative antics on airplanes”.

His claims are being heavily disputed now especially now that many of his previous videos are being reviewed. In recently discovered tweets it appears that Adam Saleh believes that the Boston Marathon bombers were innocent.

And just like that #BoycottDelta trend disappears. Perhaps coz HoaXing Adam has an affinity to terrorists & advocates for the #BostonBomber?

Muslim In Michigan

On Wednesday Heat Street reported that Police in Michigan are now saying that an alleged attack on a female Muslim was completely made up.

The alleged attack was originally reported by The Michigan Daily, “A female student was approached by a man between 5:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Friday and told if she did not remove her hijab, he would set her on fire with a lighter, according to a University of Michigan Division of Public Safety and Security crime alert released Saturday morning.”

The Heat Street article notes that “Police in Ann Arbor have determined that the “hate crime” never happened. After conducting multiple interviews and reviewing surveillance footage, investigators found “numerous inconsistencies” in the alleged victim’s statements, which led them to conclude that she made it all up.”

News of this Fake Hate Crime comes only days after a Muslim woman in New York City did the same thing.

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