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Financial Meltdown Around The Corner? – Jim Rickards’ 2017 Outlook

from Kitco NEWS:

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3 comments to Financial Meltdown Around The Corner? – Jim Rickards’ 2017 Outlook

  • Iguana green

    Rickards suggests one keeps 10 percent Gold. What?
    Gonna need more than that pal.

    • Eric

      Jim Willie suggests 10% in Gold and 90% in Silver which is aggressive but smart and strategic. Others on his team have said 20% Gold 80% Silver.

      Doug Casey has always said half in Gold.

      I agree with him.

      Half in Gold. Another 35-40% in Silver. The rest in cash and equities.

      Obviously it depends on your age, individual situation, income, etc.

      But IMO these are long term goals one should set for themselves.

      I haven’t checked lately, but I’m probably still around 50% Gold 40% Silver 5% Platinum & Palladium and 5% Silver Producers and Exploration equities. I plan on adding to my equities a lot in 2 weeks and maybe pickup a 100 gram Gold bar.

      • mike

        Of course you believe and agree with the ass clown moron Casey…Your a parrot nothing more and Casey has been wrong 100% for 4o years.

        Jesus Penis you’re an idiot lemming.

        Here is your mental midget Casey 36 years ago spewing you old tired garbage.

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