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Fear Mongering Planet Nibiru Collision in 2017

from The Daily Bell:

SHOCK CLAIM: Elite preparing for Nibiru apocalypse NEXT YEAR but the rest of us are DOOMED … -Express UK

There’s been a considerable expansion of stories in the media forecasting a collision between earth and the Planet Nibiru. This is of interest to those of us who track elite memes in order to track levels of concern in the general population.

Generally speaking the more fear there is, the more that sudden sociopolitical, economic and military events can rip apart the social fabric. A happy society – certainly a calm culture – is not apt to slide into sudden hysteria. But today’s societies are far from calm.

Partially because of the Internet and also because of elite provocations taking advantage of electronic communications, the world and the West are in a highly suggestible and jittery state. This certainly adds to the prospect of a sudden economic or military collapse.

Will one happen? Well, Russian and Western forces are increasingly facing off in and around Ukraine and Syria. And stock and bond markets are at levels that are hard to justify using any normal yardstick.

The addition of the “fake news” meme we’ve written about regularly now plus the meme put into play this summer, “populism versus globalism” are further adding to overall jumpiness – and serious distrust of normal, social institutions, especially the mainstream media.

Nibiru propaganda – for that is certainly what it is in some sense – buttresses and expands the current paranoia. It’s perfect disinformation in this regard.

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