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Fake News, Criminalized

from The Daily Bell:

MI6 Chief Says Fake News And Online Propaganda Are A Threat To Democracy … The chief of MI6 has said he is deeply concerned by the threat posed by rival countries attempting to undermine democracy through propaganda and cyberattacks. –Buzzfeed

The next step in attacking the alternative media is to criminalize it.

Right now the alternative media is under attack in Europe for “hate speech” and (potentially) terrorism. In the US, the alternative media is being accused of presenting Russian propaganda. Earlier today, this approach was taken up by British intel (see above).

In the US, there are Congressional attempts underway to provide funds for law enforcement to investigate alternative news sites as supporters of Russian propaganda. But so far there have been no major statements from US federal law enforcement officials. Now, however, we have one from Britain – as the head of MI6 has spoken up.

Since Western alternative media is simply an outgrowth – an expression – of discontent with the current system, those producing it cannot ultimately be seen as tools of Russian propaganda. However, alternative media is proving deeply disconcerting to the larger Western power structure. For this reason, suspicions of Russian propaganda merely provide a justification for investigation. One an investigation has been pursued, it may not stop until something – anything – is found that can be construed as criminal or at least problematic.

In this way alternative media can be first criminalized and then hounded. Or so the plan goes …


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3 comments to Fake News, Criminalized

  • thinking outside the matrix

    This was predicted in my matrix forecast for 2016-2018 Part 1. See the 12 min mark in my video. About 75% of my predictions have come true. Webot ain’t got nothing on me. I’m selling my videos for $0. Hope you can afford it, lol. God bless you all.

  • anon


    HERE is what the Western “elites” and their bought-and-paid-for MSM DON’T WANT YOU OR ANYONE ELSE TO FIGURE OUT ABOUT WHAT THEY CALL “FAKE” NEWS, OR, HOW IT IS ~ DIRECTLY ~ RELATED TO THE SO-CALLED “FEDERAL” “RESERVE” (BIS/IMF/World Bank/ECB/”Federal” “Reserve” SWIFT payment system):

    It’s NOT “Russian” propaganda: It’s the TRUTH, being put in front of you, by the so-called “alt” (alternative, free speech) media. The REAL PROPAGANDA, from ABCNNBCBSFOXNEWS is “JEW”-ISH PROPAGANDA! The Western “elite” “Jews” (Socialists/COMMUNISTS/FASCISTS) who OWN THE MSM, are calling the (“alt” media) TRUTH ~ “Russian” “propaganda” ~ because it debunks their ENDLESS LIES. I’LL SHOUT IT (AGAIN) FROM THE ROOFTOP: THE ENTIRETY OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION, HAS BEEN COMPLETELY HIJACKED BY SELF-PROCLAIMED (“elite”) “JEWS”! WAKE UP!

    THE FINAL DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA: JFK’S 1961 Prophecy EXPOSES Obummer, SHill-ary, the ‘District’ of Criminals, the Pope, Vatican ‘City’, the Rothschilds, the ‘City’ of London & the NWO/JWO (“Jew” World Order)

    Read ALL the comments. Click on the links. Read/view/listen to ALL content.

    • anon

      ALL RIGGED-MARKET PROFITS TO THE “JEW”-ISH “ELITES” ~ AND ALL EXPENSES AND LOSSES ~ SOCIALIZED ~ TO THE MASSES. Call it COMMUN-ISM, or call CRONY-CAPITALISM (“CRAP-ITALISM”) ~ whatever “-ism” you wish to use to describe it: Ultimately, it’s the SAME “-ism”: FASCISM.

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