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Europe Proposes Confiscating Gold, Cash, Bitcoin, And Prepaid Cards To Fight “Terrorist Financing”

by Claire Bernish, Activist Post:

Following exceedingly unpopular moves by China and India, the European Commission has now proposed to tighten controls on cash and precious metals — going so far as to allow confiscations of gold and assets — of anyone even believed to be associated with terrorism or terrorists.

These confiscations and strictures around personal wealth would be part of the European Union’s “action plan against terrorist financing,” proposed following the terrorist attacks on Paris in November 2015 — except the impetus to apply the measures came when a truck plowed through a bustling Christmas market in Berlin on December 19, killing 12 people and injuring scores more.

It appears the Commission surreptitiously proposed tighter controls on cash and precious metals after the market attack but in just before the holidays — possibly to avoid an acrimonious backlash.

Reuters reports:

Under the new proposals, customs officials in European Union states can step up checks on cash and prepaid payment cards sent by post or in freight shipments.

But travelers to Europe won’t avoid the clamp down, as the report continues:

Authorities will also be able to seize cash or precious metals carried by suspect individuals entering the EU.

People carrying more than 10,000 euros [slightly over $10,450] in cash already have to declare this at customs when entering the EU. The new rules would allow authorities to seize money below that threshold ‘where there are suspicions of criminal activity,’ the EU executive commission said in a note.

(emphasis added)

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1 comment to Europe Proposes Confiscating Gold, Cash, Bitcoin, And Prepaid Cards To Fight “Terrorist Financing”

  • videoctr

    Attention slaves, all financial escape routes will be managed during this difficult time we are in. The new currency laws are for your own good. The empire will prevail and will designate valid digitally stamped empire currency for your use. Only central- bank-empire-block-chain-currency is valid. It must have the empire stamp on it. It is safe and terrorist-free money. You can sleep well knowing your money is safe with us. Gold and silver no longer will be recognized as money and can no longer be traded or bartered. You will have a limited time to hand in your gold or silver for empire credit. Gold and silver are for industrial use with proper empire permit and annual license fees. This is to defeat terrorism and to make us all safe and to assure continuity of the business of the empire and for it’s citizens to continue to serve the empire.

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