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Deutsche Bank Not The Russians Attempted To Stop The Brexit Vote – Part Two

This is a three-part series laying out one man’s attempt to see justice done in the United Kingdom.

Part one – investigates Deutsche Bank and precious metals price rigging.

by Mark Anthony Taylor and Katherine Frisk, The International Reporter:

Nobody believed that the United Kingdom would be able to pull it off and win the “leave vote” in the Brexit referendum. Because, quite simply, nobody in the western world has any confidence in the democratic system anymore or that their votes actually count for anything.

Between voter rigging, corruption, rampant pedophilia and bought and paid for politicians, governments are no longer representative of the people who supposedly vote to put them in power but rather to those behind the scenes who are fascist corporatists posing as capitalists.

Or as Martin Shultz of the EU very clearly stated soon after the Brexit leave vote won: “the crowds do not decide their fate!” The man was in a state of shock. No European Parliamentarian is elected, they are selected by the major banks and handful of corporations. That the British people actually got away with challenging the system was beyond their comprehension.

If you were in any doubt before, by now make it should be absolutely clear that the voting system merely pays lip service to keep western populations in line believing that they actually have any say in their own governance. But in spite of all odds and most “leave” voters going to the polls in a very gloomy frame of mind believing that no matter what they did, the UK would remain in the EU, they won! To the EU’s shock and horror, especially Martin Shultz where contrary to he sentiments, the crowds actually did decide their fate for once.

The machinations of what goes on behind the curtain is never disclosed in the public arena, and certainly not in what we have come to know as “Fake News,” all the big names in publishing, including Reuters who these days instead of truthful, honest and accurate reporting, are as bought and paid for as the politicians that they report on.

As with Mark Anthony Taylor’s attempts to expose precious metals rigging by Deutche Bank, so his attempts to expose Deutche Bank’s interest in a remain vote and interference in the governance of the United Kingdom was ignored. In an email sent to most the members of the Lawyers for Britain he wrote on the 22nd November 2016:

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