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December 2016 | The Real Money Show interviews Bo Polny

from Gold 2020 Forecast:

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3 comments to December 2016 | The Real Money Show interviews Bo Polny

  • silentp rick

    i call you out,
    i stand with jsnip4,
    you carry gods name in vane, deplorable !
    you dont have a clue what ‘shmita’ and jubilee are !!!
    if you had a clue you would stop using these terms,
    shmita ended september 2015, jubilee ended 23 sept 2016,
    but you still count on, you are a stupid joke man !
    as a Hebrew speaker and cultured person i can vouch to that fact,
    you have NO legal leg to stand on either, its why you made an ‘offer’ to jsnip4,
    while you call out jsnip4 on his saying ‘jesus? whats jesus?’
    well, its you that trash jesus ! and shmita ! and jubilee!
    you use these terms to manipulate others so to fleece them !!!
    you also manipulate / omit any and all past vids you posted, and comments like mine,
    when they dont perfectly match your commercial / personal pride, needs and greed !
    in fact after following your work since you turned up on the internet, makes me conclude
    that you are a remorseless conning sociopath ! suit me so i get the stage to prove it !
    and yes i may post this text on PMs related boards and sites,
    neither jsnip4 or me attacking god or jesus or religion !!! we are attacking YOU ! conman,
    your attempt to clear your self by claiming he attacked jesus is a typical and pathetic
    maneuver of a sociopath conman,
    if you want to change mine (and i’m sure some others) conclusion on this matter so far,
    1st enable the COMMENT section on your vids !
    2nd publish a real life testimonial, maybe in a vid, from just one or two, very happy
    subscribers you have, to tell the rest of us what gains they made and when using your info,
    not them fluffy lines you already have on your site, and dont even seem genuine to a backyard linguist…

  • silentp rick

    i will not listen to this rubbish !
    still using the ‘jubilee’ ? idiot, jubilee ended sept 23 2.5 month ago !!!

    ‘real money show’ ? but you pander to a fake ‘forecaster’ !!!
    shame on SGTReport too !

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Perhaps someday, we can look forward to a show where Bo Polny & Michael Snyder interview each other?

    Kind of like the movie “Deliverance”, but instead of ‘dueling banjos’, it will be ‘dueling bibles’.

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