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JS Mineset’s Bill Holter is back to break down the credit crisis that will lead us directly to a collapse of the entire banking system. But first, we set our sights on exposing the blatant censorship of the alternative media and TRUTH by Google, You Tube and the mainstream media which will label any views contrary to the State Department’s official narrative, as “fake news”. Thanks for joining us.

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  • Eric

    You send that many, don’t forget one thing. A good supply of body bags.

  • Eric

    If Gold goes to under $1,000/oz. I will be selling blood, semen, and the shirt off my back to buy as much as I can possibly scoop up. Love how the people are able to buy as much as they can, but the elite can’t even get $10 million worth for under $2,000/oz.

    Don’t see Trump being inaugurated. Don’t see Hillary in there either. Be prepared for craziness. Don’t react emotionally. Might not be as bad as everyone thinks.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    This feels like the calm before the storm. It has been like this for multiple years, but the tension is there.

    I think that tens of thousands or even millions of people have felt it for a long time & have been getting ready for trouble.

    Don’t let our guard down, don’t get discouraged or give up the ‘readiness’. All those people who poke fun at this “prepping & stacking” attitude, they don’t think we can become like Venezuela, Cyprus, Greece, Zimbabwe, etc.

    If we never fall down like those places, we will be blessed. How many people in those places WISH they were packed & stacked like SGT readers are? A filled up pantry is a type of insurance that lets you sleep well at night, and not have to worry about a “run on the grocery stores” leaving you starving to death.

    I do believe, we will fall just like Venezuela, and we will need a loaded gun in our pockets as we venture out of the house. I can really see it’s possible for many or most national currencies to collapse.

    Good luck to all of us.

    • Eric

      You’ll shoot your eye out.

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        @Eric, Nope, ain’t gonna happen (I hate GLOCKS, or any other gun that has nothing but a “trigger safety” on it.) I’m not even comfortable with a “striker fired” gun, I prefer a real “hammer” on them.

        That little PT22 (Taurus 22LR) with the TIP UP barrel, has a spurless hammer, has an thumb safety, AND, is double action only. The hammer cannot be cocked, it follows the slide down to the “non-cocked” mode every time. There is NO half cocked or full cocked position, and a floating firing pin too (of course).

        The tip up barrel, makes it easy, even for somebody with 10 broken fingers to load/unload.
        If my hands ever become too delicate or damaged, then the only other gun I’d be able to handle, would be a 22LR revolver. For now? I’ve got no problems handling just about anything commonly available.

        I wish that somebody made some 380, 9mm and 40 caliber guns with a tip-up barrel.
        And I’d like a black powder rifle with a 6-9 shot revolver type cylinder on it (repeater), but not the typical short PISTOL cylinder.

        Some shooting videos out there, (besides the super fast shooting of 12 shots from a revolver in 2.99 seconds), some guy hits the steel plate target and “pops” the ballon (bullet fragments) from a 9mm shooting on a 1000 yard range! Yes, 3000 feet away. He got it on this 2nd round. I think I heard him say he had to “hold over” something like 150 ft above the target? Wow.

        Black powder guns may become important if brass-cased ammo gets banned and dries up.
        Learning how to make the percussion caps is the only hard part.

        • mike

          There is so much ammo out there it is never going to dry up. You can always reload never ending supply of brass. Primers and powder is the only thing you need to stock up on and you have to have that anyway with black powder weapons.
          If you reload only reload .40 and .45…There is absolutely no savings reloading 9mm or 223 at best break even and waste a lot of time. 223 $199 for 1000 rounds +shipping 9mm $150/1000+ shipping.. Just buy steel case ammo.
          .40 and .45 you can actually save money reloading to make it worth it. For instance 1000 rounds of wolf .40 ammo is $229 +$20 shipping. You can reload .40 even buying once fired brass for around $170 for 1000 (save $79) and even less if you cast your own bullets.

          • Craig Escaped Detroit

            I actually used to do reloading of several rifle & pistol calibers, and did some of my own bullet casting for 9mm, 380, 44 mag as well as 36 & 44 round ball (black powder).

            But it is just so much easier to buy bulk quantities. Back then, it was my dream to get a self-indexing, multi-station reloading press, but they just kept getting more expensive until I gave it up.
            I still might get a few bullet molds (3, 4 or 5 cavity) for a few calibers, and a supply of casting materials. (Lead for black powder, and Linotype for smokeless).

            If North America becomes like so many other countries, then we could honestly see the instant disappearance of brass, powder, primers, ammo, etc. Just because all those things are widely available right now, is no guarantee that they will be available in future years.

            Never take things “for granted”. Never say never.

            • Eric

              In mike’s case, there is a major shortage of common sense.

              High levels of confidance coupled with high levels of ignorance is not a good combination.

            • mike

              I got a Lee Loadmaster (5 stage auto press) recently from came complete with the 223 dies for $189…So the dream is still in reach. It’s not a bad press and kicks them out quick. On amazon they were going for $240. I already had dies from my single stage press for .40 and 9mm. Awesome deal for a loadmaster. As far as brass goes I can collect as much as I want at my range.
              FMJ pistol bullets are super cheap from Rocky Mountain Reloading just as cheap as some lead cast/powder/plated bullets out there $75 for 1000 and free shipping. Rifle bullets are super cheap from Monmouth reloading..223 55gr Hornady $68 per 1000…Problem with 223 is 3.3 lbs of powder per 1000 vs 1 lb for 1000 .40 or 9mm. Primers Cabelas $21/1000 (on sale a few days ago)Sellier Bellot small rifle and pistol primers. The cheapest place I found for powder is powder valley.

              Eric your still a penis..Go back to Bangkok.

              • Craig Escaped Detroit

                I’ll have to take a look at the Lee progressive press. That sounds like a very good thing to have for the future.

                • Eric

                  Just stack more Silver coins and buy some more ammo.

                  Everything to mike is about price because he’s cheap.

                  Go re-read his post. He uses the word cheap every other sentence.

                  When you’re wealthy, you don’t concern yourself with price every 2 seconds. You concern yourself with value.

                  Unless you’re going into the ammunition business, focus on getting wealthy.

                  It’s not how much you spend. It’s how much you save.

                  Mike and Millicent are too dumb to know this.

                • KRELL427

                  Anyone who thinks their getting value at Walmart is brain dead. Cheap garbage that doesn’t last or perform is just overpriced garbage that will need to be replaced. The Chinese are laughing all the way to the bank. But what do you expect from Mike, the guy who struts around with his head up his ass who still believes that his shit doesn’t stink.

                • Craig Escaped Detroit

                  I did some reading of many reviews, critiques and information about some of the progressive reloading presses out there, as well as the manual “turret” presses, etc. I found the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly about the various models, novice users and experienced, mechanically capable users.

                  The quick & easy, is that for the bigger rifle carts, go for the better brands, but it would seem that for many pistol cartridges, the cheaper presses are good when used by intelligent, mechanically adept people.

                  A thought did come to my mind, “in this environment where jobs can be very hard to find, and then, most jobs pay less than $11/hour, etc”… “What are the chances of making and selling reloaded ammo for a living?”

                  Setting up and adjustments to the multi-station presses, can be a bit tricky, so for a “home job as income” situation, a person should actually have separate presses for each caliber and never have to swap dies, and re-make all the adjustments that wastes a lot of time, etc.

                  How good or bad are the outlets, gunshops, etc, who would buy ALL your output so that you could work at home, 4-8 hours per day, and earn more than $15 or even $25 per hour after paying all your “costs & supplies”?

                  If a person could find enough steady buyers, a person could make up several calibers, as well as casting bullets (and doing the “lube & resizing”) to be sold to other “reloaders” etc.

                  I wonder how much of a home machine shop would be needed to start production of “reproduction, black powder revolvers”? And if you offered a PAIR of barrels, one in the standard length, and the 2nd barrel, perhaps the carbine (18″) or longer to swap onto the same frame, would probably be a popular offering. I’m thinking the regulations for doing “reproductions” is a LOT easier to comply with.

                  Of course, when the SHTF, we might end up like Pakistan/Venezuela, and regulations at that point, may be pointless. But, it’s always important to make a living and put food on the table.

                  If a job cannot be found, then some SELF made business or trade may be what will save a few people from being homeless, etc.

                • mike

                  Eric I am very wealthy and one of the reasons is I do not waste money on things and have the time to really look for the best prices. My press has paid for itself 1000 times over.
                  When I was a kid I purchased 1 brand new vehicle from a lot and got to see it turn it’s first mile. I learned the minute I drove off the lot it lost a lot of its value and what a complete waste it was not to always look for the best deal. If you want a new car you buy last years model with 5k miles on it for a lot less. If you want a bullet press you find the brand you want and go looking. If you want to pay 1200 for a Dillon press + dies go right ahead and waste that money. If you want to buy preps and pay double for the exact same stuff produced from the same factory just relabeled then go right ahead. It is you that has the idiot bias and you that is the lemming by purchasing branded garbage at 10times the price. The Lee presses are not cheap garbage. The Lee Dies are the best in the business.

                • Eric


                  “I am very wealthy and one of the reasons is I do not waste money on things and have the time to really look for the best prices.”

                  I hope that us true and you are “very wealthy.”

                  Wealth can be defined a number of ways but it should be defined in abundance and not luxury.

                  noun: wealth

                  an abundance of valuable possessions or money.

                  Unless you have an abundance (a very large quantity) of Gold and Silver which is the purest form of “money” and/or highly liquid valuables that you can sell easily, a years worth of food, water, supplies, and a paid for roof over your head you are not very wealthy. I’m sure you think you are just like my parents think they own bonds, stocks, etc., but you are using the words “money” and “currency” interchangeably when they have completely different meanings.

                  “Current-Sea,” “Cash Flow,” Liquidity.” What do these words have in common?

                  hint: Admiralty courts and Maritime Law.

                  It is important that we use words correctly because the majority has been using them incorrectly and that is half the reason why things have gotten as bad as they have.

                  Certain preps I don’t mind paying up for. At this point however, I would rather liquidate some junk. Less is the new more. That’s one of the best things about Gold. I can pack 200 oz. in a small little box and pack a lot of “money” in a small space safe from Federal Reserve ensured destruction.

                  lemming – a person who unthinkingly joins a mass movement, especially a headlong rush to destruction.
                  “the flailings of the lemmings on Wall Street”

                  That’s why I stay out of Wall Street and stick with sound money and their principles.

                  But if you can whip out a ton (32,000 oz.) of reloads without it costing you much more than just time, go for it!

              • mike

                Krell the Lee presses are awesome and made in the USA…I think even though I ordered it from it came from opticsplanet. Anywhere you can get the same exact item for less is better period. So yes there is value from walmart sometimes. If I went straight to lee it would have cost $300 instead of $189..I dont mind saving $111 on anything. I guess I am cheap when it comes to stuff and look for the best value..That is smart in my opinion.

                Craig the Loadmasters are really awesome and for the money the best value.

                • Eric

                  Americans have a spending problem. They spend and don’t save. I hope you’re cranking out the ammunition reloads mike. Nothing wrong with reloading. It just reminds me of the time I tried to make my own beer. Spent a lot of time and money on that stuff. In the end it was far easier and cheaper to buy my own.

                  Storable food and Physical Silver. This is all one really needs. But they need a lot of it.

                  Guns and ammunition. Probably need a lot of those too.

                • mike

                  That is why I said 40 and 45 it is worth reloading.
                  I compare everything with the price of wolf ammo. In my opinion that is the best ammo. If a Russian factory can produce then ship half way around the world then charge a fraction of the price that tells me American made garbage is just that overpriced garbage. Reloading is only good for reloading .40..45 and some other less common calibers.
                  I agree not all calibers are worth reloading. And without a progressive press no calibers are worth reloading since it takes to long to produce.
                  I dont have a 45 but I do have a glock22 .40
                  Wolf ammo is 229+20 shipping. I can make 1000 rounds of .40 with FMJHP bullets for $150-170 in a few hours. That is a $60-100 savings over wolf and a better round.
                  9mm wolf cost 170 shipped so your not really saving money but you made a better round.
                  223 is the same deal compared to wolf. 223 bullets are cheap but the powder is what drives the price up since your using 3.5 times more powder than a pistol round.

                  223 free brass (Range pick up) $21 for primers (.02 round)Hodgdon H335 powder ($150/8 lbs $20.49 per lb shipped/w hazmat .07 round)Bullets $68 per 1000 .07 round. so in materials your at .16 a round compared to 21 cents a round for wolf. sounds like a deal but there is a whole lot of case prep with 223/ Trimming, swaging etc. Better off with buying wolf.
                  If you compare your reloads to brass cased factory 223 then yes it is worth reloading since people pay .50 to 1 dollar a round.

                  I am a blaster at the range and can easily go through 500 rounds of .40 in an hour. Shooting to me is extremely boring unless your blasting away. Even though shooting is boring it is in my opinion important to shoot at least once a week. The more you shoot the better off you are.

                • mike

                  I did forget to mention for $25 you can get a lee Bulge buster kit for reloads you plan on shooting in a glock. Takes the Glock Bulge out of the fired brass from the partially supported glock chamber. For safety sake I have a Lone Wolf barrel with a fully supported chamber in my Glock 22.

              • Ed_B


                Thanks for posting the names of some good on-line reloading suppliers. As a reloader myself, I look for good ones from which to buy. For me, reloading isn’t just about saving money, although one can do that at times. I shoot a lot of .357 mag, .41 mag, and .45-ACP rounds, so can save quite a bit there. I also shoot 9 mm but can’t save anything reloading that myself. I reload 5.56 mm and .270 rifle ammo more for accuracy and being able to tailor the rounds to an exact purpose rather than to save money. As an old retired guy I also enjoy tinkering with various loads and finding the perfect loads for various guns.

                Yes, I have a lot of purchased ammo, but still like to reload ammo as an activity that I find relaxing and enjoyable. Coupled with this is the thought that if the SHTF, buying ammo may not be possible for a while. I can easily see ammo being used as a barter item.

                I don’t reload for my shotguns, so have to buy ammo for them. I usually buy on-line from SGAmmo. They are good guys with quality products, fair prices, and fast delivery. Cheers.

        • Rdawg


          Beretta model 86 Cheetah offers a tip-up design in .380 ACP.

          • Craig Escaped Detroit

            I didn’t know (didn’t look well enough), that somebody was currently making a 380 tip up model, TOO bad it’s what I’d call “over priced”. Crap. $700.

            You’d think somebody would be making a “decent” one, for half of that price.

            In the “non tip up” models, there are a lot of good shooting guns out there, for $350 or even a bit less.
            Bersa Thunder.
            Taurus PT22 (tip up 22LR)
            Tanfolio EAA models
            And many others.

            But for the day, or the person who’s hands are too weak or damaged for standard slide models, it’s back to the revolvers again.
            S&W does make a modern 8-shot revolver.

            And, for those damaged hands, you could use “mild loads”.

    • Ed_B


      “I think that tens of thousands or even millions of people have felt it for a long time & have been getting ready for trouble.”

      Agreed. Many of us here and elsewhere have that tingling sensation that either someone is watching us to no good purpose or we’re getting that hair rising on the back of the neck sensation. While we can’t pin down the reason for this, it is too common these days to ignore. We can’t all be bonkers on this issue. For these very reasons, I stack and prep.

      Agree 100% on the full pantry approach. Best of all, there is ZERO downside to it. We’re gonna consume that food whether or not trouble comes our way and when we buy now instead of later, we eliminate a lot of the inflation that’s going to happen between now and then. So, the question of “WHY NOT?” remains. There’s simply no good reason not to have a stack of food and water readily available, JUST IN CASE. If it is not needed for hard times, we can just eat it as part of our regular diet. In short, there’s a lot to gain and nothing to lose. In spite of this, millions of our fellow citizens can’t seem to grasp this simple concept. I guess that they just don’t see the need. Problem is, by the time the need is obvious, it’s usually too late to do much about it.

      “I do believe, we will fall just like Venezuela, and we will need a loaded gun in our pockets as we venture out of the house.”

      Heh heh… and that would be different from today, how? Some of us already carry when we leave the house. Been a few “active shooter” incidents in our town lately and there is no way that I am gonna end up on the floor of a store or gas station with a gun in my ear and some low-life POS deciding whether or not I should continue to breathe. I am VERY happy to live and let live but others might not be, so I carry for their ‘benefit’.

  • Mickey Finn


    I go into SGT REPORT EVERY DAY…I Love sean, the TRUTH and despise Bastardisation of The Truth by Govt shadow banking and The Mainstream FAKE Media. If Google cuts the people of the world off , them the people of the world should refuse to use Google. Same applies to Facebook and ANYONE who tries brainwashing nonsense. Did they not learn from The French Revolution?? They lost their heads when they went too far.

  • Bill

    BILL HOLTER IS CORRECT-Im in Australia and deal with hundreds of people each week . All the Tradesman and General workers, hospital workers and people from all manners of sections of society are telling me they are watching and ready for change…they know they are being lied to and are only going to take so much.Theyll play the Law game as long as they get a fair shake, but I cannot see them being ripped off without tearing down the whole shebang, going nuts and going headhunting for their perceived justice.

    Just do what the Jews did in 2nd world war..hold Gold and silver and be a survivor so you can crucify the bastards when its all said and done.I can see why they want Killary to start WW111 to hide their crimes against humanity. BUT HOPW DO YOU HID COMMON KNOWLEDGE? After all it IS common knowledge workdwide now.

  • ecobel

    why not include in “fake news” the bullshit from Holder, Sinclair, Weir and Andy Hoffman . All
    the banks failing?, booming gold and silver??, chaos??, weak dollar?? dow crash?, overwhelming physical market??? They have a great gig, wrong on predictions…its manipulation, ponzi, bad guys and something other than being wrong!

    • KRELL427

      Yes all looks well in Fantasy Land.

    • Millicent

      “Holter” lives in a place called “Willieland” which is a suburb of “Williamsville”…

      • Eric

        Millicent = ignoramus retardatus.

        Jim Willie’s frustration with the ignorant morons is my top reason for listening to him.

        • Millicent

          Oh, we have word from Ericsburg which is located near “Stacktown” where no one ever leaves because they have too much to carry…

          • Eric

            As long as I never have to go to Millicentville where everyone is grouchy and can’t support their accusations or form a logical argument.

            In the words of Jim Willie, “I have a great life.”

        • Millicent

          That is why no one posts his nonsense any longer… because he has gone to insulting his listeners. Not a good way to sell newsletters. You two would make a great couple. Pinhead….

          • KRELL427

            just watch Walmart and many other big chain stores, because they order soo much product,their supplier’s can make a cheaper product specifically for them. Their products have slightly different item numbers and cannot be properly compared. Our Canadian stores are probably a lot worse than the US stores. For me Walmart they had the best price on Pennzoil 20W50 motor oil but they no longer carry it. Shop smart.

            • Craig Escaped Detroit

              @Krell427, I agree, SHOP SMART (shop “S” Mart).

              Gotta LOVE this movie (Army of Darkness). Still worthy after all these years.

              • KRELL427

                Will have to watch that movie again,

              • Eric

                Bruce Campbell is hilarious. And so is Sam Raimi. Always liked the Spider-Man movie he directed. But The Amazing Spider-Man flicks were better in my opinion.

                • Craig Escaped Detroit

                  Another GREAT (spoofy funny) movie, Spaghetti Western, SO well done. A great classic that SO many people never heard about.

                  Trinity is Still My Name (and the previous movie was called “They call me Trinity”)”

                  Another very good movie with Terrence Hill was called “They call me Nobody” (with Henry Fonda). Has some similar feel to “Once upon a Time in the West”.

                • KRELL427

                  Those trinity movies are hilarious.

                • Ed_B

                  “Those trinity movies are hilarious.”

                  That they are. I loved the scene where the young would-be gunfighter is drawing the gun of another man who wants to draw on him while juggling it and tossing it back into the guy’s own holster. Made me wonder just how many takes it took to do it that well. 😀

              • Hugo

                Thanks for the reminder of that movie Craig, have to watch it again soon!

                regards, Hugo

            • Eric

              I used to buy Mobil 1 from Walmart. It was the only thing I got from there and way cheaper than Pepboys. Haven’t been in one forever. I feel the same way about banks and voting as I do walmart. What if they gave a war, and nobody came?

              Support your local community. You’re keeping your wealth in the neighborhood.

        • Craig Escaped Detroit

          @Eric, I do get a laugh out of it, when Jim Willie rants about his “moron brother, sister & dad” (and other people) who don’t know shit about what is happening behind the market numbers, or the difference between legal tender, currency, money, gold, silver, etc.

          I’m sure we will all be hearing from some of our own morons who will be crying and complaining that they didn’t see it coming, or that we didn’t warn them in time, etc.

          • Eric

            I hear from them all the time.

            I hear about the weather. I hear about football. I hear about grilled cheese sandwiches. I hear about recounts. I hear about Social Security. I hear about a lot of dumb shit.

            Everytime I say, ‘SELL YOUR BONDS. BUY GOLD AND SILVER. What the hell do you need income for? You don’t buy shit!”

            6 years of this shit. FUCKING MORONS!!! You get what you deserve.

            4 simple words to remember…

            I TOLD YOU SO!
            I TOLD YOU SO!
            I TOLD YOU SO!
            I TOLD YOU SO!

            Nobody will get any sympathy from me.

          • Ed_B


            “… or that we didn’t warn them in time, etc.”

            Riigghhhttt… after warning them REPEATEDLY and getting nothing but scorned or ignored.

            BUT… when the S really does HTF, they WILL remember who has REAL money and they WILL be coming around to get some of it. HA! Fat chance.

          • Ed_B


            “I’m sure we will all be hearing from some of our own morons who will be crying and complaining that they didn’t see it coming, or that we didn’t warn them in time, etc.”

            No doubt. It’s almost funny when people totally reject good advice and then very conveniently forget that they got it at all. “Why didn’t YOU tell me?!”, seems to be the usual response to their screwing up… AFTER it is too late to do any good. I guess it’s just their way of putting blame onto others that rightfully belongs on them.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    This is gonna be how all those (know it all) MORONS will feel when the HARSH REALITY Slaps them back in the face much harder than they were expecting. They “dish it out”, but they won’t be able to “take it”.

  • Jack

    What happened to our alt-media? I do not see any creative ideas about how to improve our situation. All we do is putting daily news in language and worship gold. The purpose of a gathering should be development of a plan to improve our society. But all we do is digging in the daily trash. Sure, we got Trump elected, that’s good. But what are we going to do? We are wasting our time, thus helping the matrix. By matrix I mean banking-corporate-“can’t say what but you get it” cabal. For all these years of listening of our alt-media we learned all about our situation. Everything is sucks and getting worse every day . So, what’s next? What’s the purpose of knowing and understanding if we never get to implementation phase? Got Trivium? I think alt-media has stuck. It’s time to shift the gear. We need to discuss what to do, more often. Be creative. Free your mind. Sitting and hoping that matrix will “accidentally” screw up and allow you to escape by simply keeping some metals, is frankly stupid. Golden sheeple is still a sheeple. While you count ounces that you temporary possess at the moment, the matrix is counting the bricks taken out of foundation of our society. While matrix has us all, gold method is just a dream. Wake up!!!

    It will be a disappointing if our alt-media will turn simply into a salesman for the gold dealers. And unfortunately, this is what it’s beginning to look like.

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