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Congress Set to Fund ‘McCarthyesque’ Investigation of Alternative Media?

from The Daily Bell:

Republicans ready to launch wide-ranging probe of Russia, despite Trump’s stance …  Congress is doubling down on promises to investigate Russia, after President-elect Donald Trump dismisses evidence that Russia was involved. – Washington Post

In the new year, Congress may authorize and urge wide-ranging investigations into the alternative media under the guise of claiming that non-mainstream reporting cooperated with Russia in generating “fake news” that undermined US elections.

Within the context of legislative accusations, “fake news” is apparently not generated by the mainstream and can only be found in non-mainstream news and information. The result could be the hounding of the alternative media at the expense of the mainstream media.


Leading Senate Republicans are preparing to launch a coordinated and wide-ranging probe into Russia’s alleged meddling in the U.S. elections and its potential cyberthreats to the military, digging deep into what they view as corrosive interference in the nation’s institutions.

Such an aggressive approach puts them on a direct collision course with President-elect Donald Trump, who downplays the possibility Russia had any role in the November elections — arguing that a hack of the Democratic National Committee emails may have been perpetrated by “some guy in his home in New Jersey.”

The fracture could become more prominent after Trump is inaugurated and begins setting foreign policy. He has already indicated the country should “get along” with Russia since the two nations have many common strategic goals.

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